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Safari Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park- Hotels/Accommodations

Recommended Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a custodian of various lodges owned and managed by different individuals or organizations. These vary from accommodations owned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the government, or those that are leased to private individuals or organizations.

With such a wide variety, it may be a bit challenging for some to make worthy decisions about which Uganda lodges to stay in to have a fulfilling Uganda safari.

As one individual yearns to stay by the water shores, another may prefer a lodge frequently visited by animals or one near a safari activity destination.

Below is a guide that shows features of the different lodges to choose from depending on the following preferences;

  1. Value for money.
  2. Unveiling views of nature.
  3. Nearness to an activity destination.

These lodges are categorized into the budget, midrange, and luxury categories. Let us explore these different lodges.

Recommended Budget Lodges

  1. Bull-bush River Camp

Bull Bush River Camp was formerly called the River Ishasha Lodge. It sits in a soothing environment in the heart of the Ishasha sector. Therefore, the lodge is favorable for travelers who would love the calming rhythm of nature.Bullbush-River-Camp-Ishasha-Queen-Elizabeth

More so, its bar and restaurant unveil majestic panoramic views of the Kigezi Wildlife Reserve.

The lodge is also a haven of various types of accommodation that are engaging to the interests of different guests. For example, there are the

  • Family cottages
  • Lazy camping rooms
  • The lion tree house

This would serve the need of visitors who wish to travel either as a family, in a group, or alone on their safari to Uganda.

Most importantly, this lodge is in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This proves viable for the tourist who wants to visit the rare Tree-Climbing Lions of Africa.

  1. Engiri Game Lodge And Campsite

This lodge basically welcomes any kind of traveler on a Uganda tour based on the various accommodation choices it has. Enjiri Game LodgeThere are the

  • Family cottages
  • Budget double rooms
  • Deluxe double rooms
  • Tents and a camping arena

Engiri Game Lodge is one of the places to fathom the richness of wild Uganda nature since the splendid savannahs and wildlife like Elephants surround it.

It is also one of the few lodges near Kasenyi plains, the famed spot for game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Also, it is close to the community boat tour on the Kazinga Channel.

  1. Elephant Home

Elephant Home is another destination to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the Uganda wildlife calls around you. From Hyenas and Lions in the night to the peaceful awakening by the songs of birds.The Elephant Home

This is a community-run accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park in which the hospitality of the staff will be one of the things to strike you.

The lodge will keep you busy with the different special safari activities it offers like the

  • Full-day culture package
  • Cotton growing tour
  • Vanilla farming experience
  • Kikorongo Village Walk
  • Muhokya Hill village walk
  • The Kikorongo bodaboda safari
  • Game drives on the Kasenyi plains
  • Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel
  1. Pumba Safari Cottages

Pumba Safari Lodge overlooks Queen Elizabeth National Park, giving amazing views of the plains and Elephants drinking from a waterhole. Pumba Safari Cottages

Other gains include the beautiful sunset and a professionally welcoming staff. The lodge exhibits an African architectural style since the cottages were designed with local craft materials for a traditional setting.

This lodge has five comfortably spacious cottages with single, double, and triple options.  Since the accommodation is near Kyambura Gorge, it will favor the visitors going for Chimpanzee trekking.

  1. Simba Safari Camp

This lodge sits on a hill, from where you can view Lake Kikorongo on the edge of the park. It relays pure panoramic views of the extensive savannah plains, Lake George, and the famed Kazinga Channel.

In fact, Simba Safari Lodge could give you the experience of a lifetime due to the neighboring activities surrounding it. It is the nearest accommodation to the game drive’s famous Kasenyi plains, but also easy access to the Kazinga Channel.

Simba Safari Lodge has 11 spacious well organized rooms, 4 dormitories, and a campsite. This is therefore a favorable place for every kind of traveler on wildlife safaris be it a family, groups, or lone backpackers.

  1. Topi Lodge

This lodge is the true destination for visitors that would like to experience the African culture to its fullest. The vicinity has enthralling African architecture and the furniture (chairs and beds) are dressed with kitenge materials too!Topi Lodge

Topi Lodge will give you luxurious accommodation at budget-friendly prices, hence offering you value for money.

Topi lodge is just next to the Southern gate of the park, just five minutes from the Ishasha sector. Hence a bonus for tourists who would love to see tree-climbing lions in this sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This lodge has spacious single, double and triple rooms which are self-contained and with a private veranda.

Enjoy the savannah wilderness of this territory surrounded by birds.

  1. Irungu Forest Safari Lodge

Irungu Forest Safari lodge is an ideal destination for visitors who love sights and sounds. The broad views of the scenery and the rare sound of animals are something to look out for. This lodge is indeed a fascinating option for a tour of the Kazinga Channel on your Uganda safari tour. Irungu-forest-safari-lodge

It is an eco-friendly lodge that treasures your privacy with widely spaced cottages. The various cottages at this campsite include the

  • Double Safari Cottage
  • Executive Family Cottage
  • Deluxe Single Cottage
  • Deluxe Double Cottage
  • Single Safari Cottage
  • Deluxe Twin Cottage
  • Family Safari Cottage

This wide variety will give you the choice of accommodation you want depending on your safari budget or the number of people that you are traveling with.

  1. Kabatooro Guest House

Kabatooro Guest House is one of the lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park with the most charming African designs. It is just 5 minutes away from the Kabatooro gate and visitors are very much in awe of the surrounding wildlife of Uganda that makes various sounds through the quiet nature. For example, the trumpeting of the Elephants and the calls of the birds will enlighten your African atmosphere in the lodge.

More so, this lodge is just near Lake Katwe and the Kasenyi plains. This favors visitors on game drive adventures and crater lakes tours in Queen Elizabeth National Park. In addition, its nearness to the park makes the park entry fee a bit cheaper.

Apart from the boat cruise and the game drives around the lodge, there are also various things to enjoy at this lodge including

  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Art gallery visits
  • Movie nights and other evening entertainment

The various accommodations in this lodge to choose from include

  • A family room
  • Dormitory
  • Double room
  • Tent
  • Single room
  1. Craters Campsite And Country Lodge

This lodge was named so because of the 52 crater lakes in Bunyaruguru near it. Furthermore, unique vegetation such as mosquito-repelling trees, acacia trees, fig-trees, and wonderfully managed lawns are a friendly surrounding.

Also, the birds are a wonderful alarm in waking you in the mornings of your Uganda safaris and tours while in this lodge.

Hence, travelers with the desire to see and experience the crater lakes of the park while enjoying nature itself will be elated by Craters Campsite and Country Lodge.

Accommodation options in the lodge include cottages and bandas.

  1. Mweya Hostel

Mweya Hostel is an enticing facility run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and it is also called the Mweya Institute of Ecology. It is near the famed luxurious Mweya Safari Lodge and has remarkable views of the Kazinga Channel. Watching the animals on these shores is the icing on the cake of the beautiful views already. They include Elephants, Warthogs, and different Antelopes. The sunrise is also a fulfilling sight in the wild hostel.Mweya Hostel

Mweya hostel is a favorable place for tourists who would love to take a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel and the game drives in Kasenyi and Mweya Peninsula.

The accommodations offered in the lodge include

  • Self-contained rooms
  • Non-self-contained rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Dormitories
  1. Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp

Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp sits on the peculiar Kyambura escarpment offering unmatched views of the Rwenzori Mountains.

The African touch to its architectural design supplements its affordability for budget travelers.

Uganda animals like Elephants and Warthogs are common creatures in the lodge’s area. Accommodations in this lodge include tents, cottages, and bandas.

  1. Tembo Safari Lodge

Tembo Safari Lodge is one of the most famous budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda due to its strategic location. It oversees the Kazinga Channel, giving you supreme sceneries of these shores with various wildlife.

The peculiar accommodations that this lodge offers include the

  • Tembo cottages.
  • Double or twin rooms.
  • The standard single rooms.
  1. Kazinga Channel View Resort

Kazinga Channel View Resort is a lodge situated near the Kazinga Channel. This will give you beautiful views of the channel and the wildlife around it as you view from the beautiful shores around it.Kazinga Channel View Resort

Accommodations in Kazinga Channel View Resort include self-contained rooms, spacious block houses, bandas, cottages, and a camping ground.

  1. Forest Hog Safari Camp

Forest Hog Safari Camp is 2 kilometers away from Katunguru park game. The lodge also gives remarkable experiences at the Kazinga Channel.

This camp has standard single rooms and standard double rooms.

  1. Kitandara Hippo Hill Lodge

Kitandara Hippo Hill Lodge is a favorable lodge for Uganda birding safaris due to the many birds that stay in the area.

The lodge sits on a hill on top of the Katwe Crater Lake and overlooks the Kitako and the Kabalazimu Islands. Hence, also a beautiful place for crater lakes tours in a drive at the Katwe-Kikorongo area.

Crater lakes in this region also provide breathtaking views of the flamingos, Lake Edward, and the peaceful sunset.

Kitandara has 10 tents with luxury services at a budget price.

  1. Lake Chibwera Camp

This is a camp run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and it is on the outskirts of the park in Katunguru. The lodge embraces an African style in the way it was built with local African materials.

Also, Lake Chibwera Camp rests near River Chibwera hence portraying beautiful views of the shores, the riverine forests, and the extensive savannah vegetation.

Accommodation in these premises is bandas.

  1. Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge

This lodge has a beautiful atmosphere that you can tour with the help of a guide. Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge sits on the Western edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Accommodation in this lodge includes

  • Standard single rooms
  • Deluxe double rooms
  • Deluxe twin room
  • A family room
  1. Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp

The Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp is by the Ntungwe River with remarkable views of the river and an Elephant track for viewing the enormous Elephants.

Accommodation in the Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp includes tents and camps.

Recommended Midrange Lodges

  1. Savannah Resort Hotel

Savannah Resort Hotel is the perfect spot for tourists visiting both Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. This is because it is just 8km from Queen Elizabeth National Park and 43km from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Hence, favoring visitors who want an experience of the two rare animals in the park, that is the Tree Climbing Lions of Queen and the Mountain gorillas of Bwindi.

The different accommodations in these lodges include

  • 32 single, double, twin, and triple en suite bandas that are grass-thatched.
  • 10 ensuite standard rooms with private balconies.
  • 2 deluxe suites.
  1. Marafiki Safari Lodge

Marafiki Safari Lodge is a viewing platform for travelers who love nature. This lodge has undisturbed views of Lake George which holds the sunrise from the Kyambura Gorge silhouette.Marafiki Safari Lodge

Also, local artisans from the community designed the lodge with local materials, giving it the unique ambiance of an African touch. Moreover, you will easily spot and hear various birds and animals in the lodge area. These include Elephants and the Hippos of Lake George.

Accommodations in this lodge include

  • Safari tents
  • Semi-lux cottages
  • Family cottages
  • Safari cottages
  1. Buffalo Safari Lodge

Buffalo Safari Lodge is in the Katunguru bridge area near Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The peaceful setting around the lodge gives the most out of the animals like Elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos, and Warthogs. The lounge will also give you unspoiled views of Lake Edward and Lake George.Buffalo Safari Lodge

The different accommodations in this lodge include

  • Deluxe double rooms
  • Deluxe single rooms
  • Standard double rooms
  • Standard single rooms
  • Family cottages
  1. Enganzi Game Lodge

Enganzi Game Lodge sits on the Kichwamba escarpment, overlooking the Eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is an amazing source of the wild views of the plains. The lodge was also built from local materials to make it blend with the surrounding nature.Enganzi Game Lodge

Accommodation at Enganzi Game Lodge includes five spacious thatched cottages with amazing views of the park.

  1. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge is an eco-friendly lodge creating a beautiful base for various safari activities. The lodge will enrich your Uganda safari vocations with its strategic location, bordering the Kazinga Channel.

From here you can view the wide range of animals by the shores, hence a sanctuary for those who would love to enjoy nature.

Accommodation at Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge has 12 self-contained bandas overlooking the Kimera River.

There are also self-contained tents and non-self-contained tents.

  1. Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge is one of the most recommendable lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It lies in the Muhokya sub-county near Kahendero Fishing Village on the shores of Lake George.Ihamba Safari Lodge

The lodge will brighten your mornings with the views of Lake George and the Rwenzori ranges. This lodge also reflects an unspoiled African environment with its beautiful architecture.

Accommodation options for you at the Ihamba Lake Safari Lodge include

  • Single occupancy cottage
  • Double occupancy cottages
  • Triple occupancy cottage
  • Family cottages
  1. Ishasha Jungle Lodge

This lodge is a home for every photographer, given the spectacular riparian forest and the acacia vegetation that encircles it. Nature lovers are bound to connect with this place!

Ishasha Jungle Lodge is just 2km away from the Katokye Gate along River Ntungwe in the Ishasha sector. Additionally, it is an amazing stopover for a safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

This makes it possible for you to encounter 2 of the rarest animals in the world. These are the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and Tree Climbing Lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Accommodation options in this lodge include en-suite cottages and tents that maximize privacy for visitors.

  1. Baboon Safari Resort

Baboon Safari Lodge is another wonder in the Uganda wild! The lodge sits on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth Park, presenting mystic views of the Rwenzori ranges. Also, the chance to see the vast flora and fauna of the park is a guarantee, you will now and then see Elephants grazing just a few kilometers away from the park.

The amazing accommodation in this lodge include

  • En-suite canvas and wood suites.
  • Spacious tents and terraces.

Furthermore, there is the maximization of privacy in these lodges given the reasonable spacing between them.

The lodge has a restaurant, a bar, and a swimming pool and they do special barbecues.

  1. Kingfisher Lodge

This lodge is another place to encounter the kingly richness of African nature. Kingfisher lodge gives views of the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Edward, Lake George, and the Kazinga Channel.

Being on the Kichwamba escarpment, this lodge stands 200m and relays a lovely climate at night and warm weather during the day.

Kingfisher Lodge is rich in a variety of accommodations including 25 bandas which are single, double, twin, triple, and family.

16 bandas overlook Queen Elizabeth National Park while the family bandas are away from the ridge.

The lodge also facilitates among many things a bar and restaurant, a swimming pool, a craft shop, a sauna, and a steam bath.

  1. Enjojo Lodge

Enjojo lodge is a peaceful lodge that was named after the “Elephant”. This is because an Elephant gave birth to a calf on its premises when the lodge was being constructed. Therefore, “Enjojo” means “Elephant” in the Rukiga language.

This lodge stands amid an acacia forest, scattered grassland, and beautiful surrounding vegetation with palm trees. Hence, the perfect place for folks who love nature as they safari Uganda.

Accommodation options in Enjojo Lodge include

  • Thatched cottages
  • Enjojo safari house
  • Self-contained tents
  • Non-self-contained bamboo huts and tents
  • Camping

This gives you a variety of accommodations to choose from while on your Uganda safari tours.

  1. Lake Munyanyange Caves Lodge

This lodge is one of the beautiful places to enjoy a birding adventure on Lake Munyanyange which hosts a variety of bird species like the Lesser Flamingoes.

Lake Munyanyange is also a beautiful spot for nature recreation and crater lakes tour since it is located in the North East of Lake Katwe.

Accommodation options at Lake Katwe include 15 cottages which are divided into

  • Twin room
  • Double room
  • Quadruple room
  • Triple room

All these accommodations have viable services, facilities, and amenities to make your stay at the lodge memorable.

  1. Kasenyi Safari Camp

Kasenyi Safari Camp is a fulfilling place for tourists on wildlife safaris in Uganda. In the plains, you will spot Elephants, Buffaloes, Hippos, Lions, Antelopes, Hyenas, and Warthogs.Kasenyi Safari Camp

The accommodation options in Kasenyi Safari Camp include 8 spacious tents with living rooms and private decks. Nights in the lodge fly away peacefully with only the howling of the hyenas and the roaring of the lions.

This lodge is well-equipped with facilities, services, and amenities which among many are

  • Free internet and breakfast
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Laundry services
  • Hiking
  • Car hire
  1. Parkview Safari Lodge

This award-winning safari camp near Queen Elizabeth National Park overlooks the panoramic beautiful Bunyaruguru hills. Parkview Safari Lodge Kyambura

Its architectural design is a mixture of modern and local materials, giving it a blended touch of traditional African and modern combinations.

Lodging options in Parkview are high-end en-suite cottages with a wide range of facilities, services, and amenities.

More so, the various activities in the lodge like birding, bicycle tours, canoeing, and fishing are so memorable.

  1. Kikorongo Safari Lodge

The Kikorongo Safari Lodge stands on the vast beautiful landscape of the park. This gives it unmatched views of Lake Kikorongo, Lake George, and the Kazinga Channel. More so, there are memorable photographic experiences created by the park’s location at the equator.

The accommodations to find at the Kikorongo Safari Lodge include 15 cottages grouped into the

  • Tented luxury cottages
  • Edge luxury intimate cottages
  • Rift valley tent camp area

Hence providing you with a wide range of accommodations to choose from.

  1. Elephant Hub Safari Lodge

This lodge stands in Kyambura Gorge, the only place in Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can find habituated Chimpanzees. The environment will also reward you with other wildlife to see like the Velvet monkeys and Elephants that roam about the lodge’s premises.

Elephant Hub Safari Lodge blends with the natural environment through its unique architectural design comprised of wood and grass-thatched roof.

Accommodation options to choose from in this lodge comprise single, double, triple, and family groups.

The lodge’s nearness to the Kyambura Gorge will give you the opportunity to a shorter distance if you would love to do,

  • Chimpanzee trekking.
  • Nature Walks.
  1. Njovu Park Lodge

Njovu Park Lodge is in Katwe village, just 2km after the Mweya main gate.

This lodge will excite lovers of nature and scenery for its lake, sunrise, and sunset views. It is indeed a beautiful spot for sundowners. Lake Edward is just 9 minutes away, Kazinga Channel is just 11.3 km away and Kyambura Gorge is just 24.5km away from the lodge.

The lodge has standard double or twin rooms with various services and amenities like the restaurant, room service, free parking, and breakfast.

Best Luxury Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

  1. Mweya Safari Lodge

Mweya holds a record as the oldest lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Its strategic location in the Northern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is a plus when considering activities like

  • Game drives
  • Boat cruise
  • Nature walks
  • Mongoose tracking
  • Crater lakes tours
  • Birding

Nature views in this lodge will include the running Kazinga Channel and the Rwenzori Mountains.

The different rooms in Mweya Safari Lodge include

  • Thirty-two (32) Standard Rooms
  • Twelve (12) Deluxe Rooms
  • Two (2) Suites
  • Tents and cottages

The cottages are grouped into the;

  • Presidential cottages
  • Queen’s cottages
  • Family cottages

All these accommodations have luxurious amenities, services, and facilities for the betterment of your stay.

  1. Jacana Safari Lodge

This lodge was once recognized by the New York Times as one of the places that you should visit before you leave the earth.Jacana Lodge

Jacana Safari Lodge is mirrored as the birthplace of safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This peaceful accommodation lies amidst the Maramagambo Forest and it sits on a raised platform to make it look like a tree house.

The lodge faces the shores of the largest Crater Lake in Uganda, which is the Nyamusingire crater.

Accommodations here include twelve (12) exclusive luxurious cottages with lovely amenities, services, and facilities.

For those with a longing interest to live in the thrilling forests in the bush, then Jacana Safari Lodge is the place for you.

  1. Ishasha Wilderness Camp

Ishasha Wilderness Camp is a place for visitors with a passion to experience the wildlife of Uganda. This lodge sits along the Ntungwe River in the Ishasha sector giving amazing views of the Buffaloes, Elephants, and various primates drinking by the shores.

Lodging choices at the Ishasha Wilderness Camp include

  • 10 luxury en-suite canvas-tented rooms.
  • Tent-styled rooms overlooking the river Ntungwe.

Wonderful amenities like a bar, restaurant, campfire, gift shop, and free- Wi-Fi are important aspects of this lodge.

  1. Elephant Plains Lodge

This lodge sits high on the Western escarpment of the Albertine Rift. The lodge is 941 meters above sea level on the North Eastern part of the park. Hence, one of the perfect places to see the strikingly beautiful landscape of the park.

From the savannah grasslands of Kasenyi plains to the shores of Lake George there are also captivating views of Lake Kikorongo. More so, all rooms in the Elephant Plains overlook Lake Kikorongo hence giving you beautiful views of both the lake and wildlife around it.

Elephant Plains Lodge is a perfect lodge that will easily connect you to safari activities like

  • Game drives on Kasenyi plains.
  • Boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel.
  • Crater lakes tour in the Katwe area.

This lodge offers

  • 6 spacious double/twin en-suite cottages.
  • 2 spacious family cottages.
  1. Mazike Valley Lodge

“Mazike” means “ape”. The lodge is in Kyambura Gorge (the valley of apes) which is the only place in Queen Elizabeth National Park to do Chimpanzee trekking. This reveals why the lodge was named so.

The lodge is in the Eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and has

  • 8 private and exclusive cottages with amazing banana or papyrus roofing.
  • There are also 4 cottages on every side of the guest house.
  1. Queen Elizabeth Katara Lodge

This lodge will satisfy you with amazing views of the savannah plains, Lake Edward, Virunga ranges, and the Rwenzori ranges. The lodge is just 16km from the Katunguru gate in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth Katara Lodge has 7 regular cottages and one family cottage. All these cottages avail amenities and services like

  • A restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A gift shop
  • Laundry services
  1. Kyangabi Crater Resort

Kyangabi Crater Resort is a beautiful place for tourists to relax as they enjoy the pure nature of Uganda.

The resort has 32 rooms categorized as family rooms, double rooms, and twin rooms.

Kyangabi Crater Resort has various facilities, services, and amenities like

  • Restaurant and bar
  • Bakery
  • Craft shop
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Free WI-FI
  1. Kyambura Game Lodge

This lodge is also one of the lodges situated in the Albertine Rift Valley and it overlooks the expansive Queen Elizabeth National Park.

With the local materials in its design, this lodge will deliver the setting of an African home in the sensational woods.

The lodge has 7 thatched, self-contained cottages with remarkable facilities, services, and amenities like the

  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool
  • A private garden
  • A fire pit
  • Bar and Lounge

The variety of Queen Elizabeth National Park lodges is a gem in helping you select the best among the many. This will depend on your safari activities or the nature that you prefer to experience during your Uganda safaris and tours.