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Kasenyi Plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda – Mweya Kasenyi Sector

Kasenyi Plains in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is also called the Mweya Kasenyi Sector. It is one of the best Uganda tours and safaris destinations in Queen Elizabeth park, especially for seeing African wildlife in Uganda.

Kasenyi’s topography is a flat open savannah plain in the North East of Queen Elizabeth National ParkIt sits on an elevation of 930 m above sea level.

On the West of the Plains is the beautiful escarpment with the perfect vantage point.

It brings to clear view of the savannahs, Lake George, and Mweya Peninsula; the vision of a stunning Uganda landscape!

Kasenyi plains create an awe-inspiring Uganda scenery with its dominating moist short-grass savannah dotted with solitary Euphorbia trees.

Its terrain also spreads with candelabra shrubs, low clumps of bushy thickets, and some acacia trees. 

The vast Uganda vegetation in Kasenyi Plains is an important breeding ground for the numerous Uganda Kobs occupying the area. Note that the Uganda Kob is Uganda’s national animal that appears in the court of arms.

Thousands of Kobs congregate here, accompanied by big herds of Cape Buffaloes, Bushbucks, and several Warthogs. Hence, creating the perfect spot for wildlife safaris in Uganda.

Kasenyi plain is also home to the 3 resident Lion prides, its main tourist attraction. This answers the curiosity, “Are there Lions in Uganda?”!

The Lions commonly lurk around the Uganda Kob breeding grounds, looking for which one to devour.

Their presence is often revealed by the male Kobs who have a high whistling alarm call!

Huge dark African Bush Elephants also stride across the game drive tracks and provide dream photos for visitors on wildlife tours in Uganda.

Birds of Uganda like the White-Backed Vultures and White-Headed Vultures also frequent the Kasenyi plains.

These Uganda birds can be seen circling or perched purposely in a tree, possibly indicating a Lion kill.

Other grassland birds also stay in the Kasenyi plains and they inspire Uganda birding safaris.

The main and most famous activity in this region is the safari game drive through the bushy plains.

It runs East from the Kasese-Ishaka Road to Kasenyi fishing village on the Western shore of Lake George.

Queen Elizabeth National Park lodges around the Kasenyi plains are very rewarding.

You literally spend a moment of your life between the voices of a wild Uganda.

The rumblings of ambling Elephants and Hippos feeding in the night can be heard in the quiet distant backgrounds. Let alone the peaceful flowing waters of the Kazinga Channel.

Visit the Kasenyi plains for these exhilarating experiences!

Location Of Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda – (Mweya Kasenyi Sector)

Kasenyi Plains is in the Rwenzururu sub-region of the Kasese District.

It is about 49 kilometers from the district headquarters on the South East to the North East of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The plains lie on the West shores of Lake George on the starting point of the Kazinga channel.

Mountain Rwenzori ranges lie on the North West of Kasenyi plains about 15km to 20 km.

On the other hand, the Escarpment lies on its West while Lake Edward is on the South West.

Attractions In Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park – (Mweya Kasenyi Sector)

Kasenyi plains has a boundless distinction of attractions spread both within and around the savannahs.

Uganda sightseeing within the plains is an experience that every tourist should create.

The plains majorly embrace the

  1. Wild animals in Uganda Africa
  2. Uganda birds

Below, let us look at these attractions.

Wild Animals of Uganda’s Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park (Mweya Kasenyi Sector)

These open savannahs are ripe with wide-ranging Uganda wildlife. They give a mesmerizing Uganda wildlife safari done on a safari game drive.

You can find both Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife carnivores and herbivores in the Kasenyi plains.

While the plain is a breeding ground for the Uganda Kobs and other antelopes, it is also a preying ground for Uganda lions.

There is more to see on your Uganda wildlife safaris. Below, we list major animals found in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kasenyi sector.

1. Lions

2. Uganda Kobs

3. African Bush Elephants

4. Leopards

5. Spotted Hyenas

6. Side-Striped Jackal

7. Side-stripped Jackals

8. Cape Buffaloes

9. Bush bucks

10. Topis

11. Deffasssa waterbucks

12. Serval Cats

Birds In Kasenyi Plains (Mweya Kasenyi Sector) | Birds In Uganda’s Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park 

The Kasenyi plain also hosts an interesting selection of grassland birds of Uganda. Hence, providing a suitable arena for birding in Uganda.

Scavenging birds like vultures seek the area for dead meat while predators like eagles hunt for small mammals.

The following is the major Uganda bird list to behold in the Kasenyi plains.

1) Palm-nut Vulture

2) Hooded Vulture

3) African White-backed Vulture

4) Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture

5) Lappet-faced Vulture

6) Brown Snake Eagle

7) Wahlberg’s Eagle

8) Bateleur

9) Long-created Eagle

10) Martial Eagle

11) Grey Kestrel

12) African Crake

13) Black-bellied Bustard

14) Temminck’s Courser

15) African Wattled Plover

16) Crowned Plover

17) Senegal Plover

18) Kittlitz’s Plover

19) Rufous napped Lark

20) Flappet Lark

21) White-tailed Lark

22) Brown-backed Srub-Robin

23) Zitting Cisticola

24) Croaking Cisticola

25) Grey-capped Warbler

26) Black-lored Babbler

27) Grey-backed Fiscal

28) Black-headed Gonolek

29) Black-crowned Tchagra

30) Fork-tailed Drongo

31) Pin-tailed Whydah

32) Grey-crowned cranes

33) Red-throated spurfowl

34) Yellow-throated longclaw

Other Attractions of Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda 

The Kasenyi Fishing Village on the West shores of Lake George.

This is a place to learn about Uganda’s culture and the traditions of the fishermen.

That is, from the way they fish, to how they prepare the delicious fish snack of an African taste.

Kazinga Channel on the South West of Kasenyi Plains

This 32km freshwater stream connects Lake George and Lake Edward.

It is a wildlife-filled passage through which Lake George pours its water into Lake Edward.

Kazinga Channel hosts among many animals the large mass of Hippos and many wading birds.

The Kasenyi Airport on the East shores of Lake George.

This is a civilian airport which is one of the landing points of visitors to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It is about 250 kilometers, West of Entebbe International Airport by air.

Things To Do In Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park – (Mweya Kasenyi Sector)

A safari game drive is a major activity in the Kasenyi plains. The other activities here are lion tracking and a boat cruise along Kazinga Channel.

1. Safari Game Drive in Kasenyi Plains

Being a wildlife magnet, Kasenyi plains is the game drive hub of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kasenyi game track runs through the bushy plains to the East.

It runs from Kasese-Ishaka Road to Kasenyi fishing village found on the west shores of Lake George.

The game drive in Kasenyi is a four hours excursion that occurs in the morning from 6:30 am to 10:30 am.

Night game drives are discouraged in the Kasenyi plains to allow the lions to rest.

This is since visitors on safari game drives and lion-tracking activities flock to the area in the daytime.

The thrilling big game viewing, birding, and game photography are all part of the Kasenyi game drive.

2. Queen Elizabeth National Park Lion tracking in the Kasenyi Plains

Kasenyi plains are the only place in Queen Elizabeth National Park where visitors do lion-tracking.

Lion tracking is a research activity in which visitors closely study the behavior of the lions and record their observations.

To contribute to the conservation of these lions, the findings of trackers are kept in the database for further observations.

3. Boat Cruise in the Kasenyi Plains

Since Kasenyi is adjacent to the Kazinga channel, visitors can also do a boat cruise along it.

You can view the large hippo school, wading birds, and elephants bathing by the stream.

Best Season And Time To Visit The Kasenyi Plains In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda – (Mweya Kasenyi Sector)

You can have a Uganda tour in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kasenyi plains any season of the year.

However, the dry months of June to September and December to February are the best!

In this season, tracks are dry, and you can easily see the animals that are active during the day.

Additionally, the weather is generally suitable for visitors.

How To Get To Kasenyi Plains (Mweya Kasenyi Sector)

You can reach the Kasenyi plains either by air or by road.

By Air from Entebbe International Airport is approximately one and half hour’s flight to Kasenyi Airport.

From the airport, you will be picked up by either a guide or your hotel pick-up service.

They will guide you on how and when to go for a preferred activity in the Kasenyi plains depending on your itinerary.

By Road from Entebbe to Kasese

The convenient route is through Entebbe-Kampala, Kampala-Mubende, Mubende-Fort Portal, and Fort Portal-Kasese road which takes about 8 hours.

Accommodations/Lodges Near Kasenyi Plains (Mweya Kasenyi Sector) in Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are many hotels in Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Kasenyi plains.

The following are the closest to the plains, providing a clearer vision of the Uganda landscape of this place.

Luxury Accommodations/Lodges

Elephant Plains Lodge; this is on the North East Escarpment of the Albertine Rift Valley.

From here, you can have a tremendous view of the open Kasenyi nature and Lake George.

Park View Safari Lodge; is an award-winning accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  It has both modern and African settings.

The lodge gives a better view of Lake Bunyampaka in the Kasenyi Uganda terrain.

Midrange Accommodations/Lodges

Kasenyi Safari Camp is in the North of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

It is strategically suited on the starting point of the game drive tracks to Kasenyi plains.

Some wild animals also pass near it as they roam in the wild.

Kasenyi Wild Game Lodge; the lodge is strategically between Lake Bunyampaka and Lake George.

It is one of the hotels in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda that provides a beautiful landscape view.

The lakes, the savannah plains, and the Rwenzori ranges are all within eyes reach.

Budget Accommodations/Lodges

Simba Safari Camp; is situated on a hill and is the closest lodge to the Kasenyi plains.

It gives a beautiful viewing platform for the savannah plains and their wildlife. You can also view Lake George and the Kazinga Channel.

Kasenyi Lake Retreat & Campsite; this lodge is located on the shores of Lake George.

It provides memorable nature experiences in peaceful wild Uganda.

Kasenyi plain is one place to see African wild animals during your wildlife safari in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Book a safari with us now and get to experience wild Uganda like never before!

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