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Midrange Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park- Standard Hotels/Accommodation

Are you interested in Midrange Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park/Standard Hotels Accommodations? Here is a complete List of ALL the best in Queen Elizabeth Park Midrange  lodges in Uganda

A mid-range hotel is a hotel that features moderate prices, services, and amenities. On a Uganda safari, a mid-range lodge gives you better services than the budget lodges, yet they are not as expensive as luxury accommodations. This can briefly answer the common inquiry of some visitors wanting to know the mid-range hotel definition.

Various Mid range lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park will give you memorable services and experiences at average costs as you safari Uganda. Below is a list of some of these cordial safari lodges in Western Uganda.

  1. Enganzi Game Lodge
  2. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge
  3. Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge
  4. Ishasha Jungle Lodge
  5. Baboon Safari Resort
  6. Kingfisher Lodge
  7. Enjojo Lodge
  8. Marafiki Safari Lodge
  9. Savannah Resort Hotel
  10. Buffalo Safari Lodge
  11. Lake Munyanyange Caves Lodge
  12. Kasenyi Safari Camp
  13. Park-view Safari Lodge
  14. Kikorongo Safari Lodge
  15. Elephant Hab Lodge
  16. Njovu Park Lodge

Below, we expound on these different mid-range lodges to choose from on your Queen Elizabeth safari. This is in terms of their location and environment, the accommodations they offer, facilities, and amenities.

1. Enganzi Game Lodge

Location And Environment

Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels
Enganzi Game Lodge

Enganzi Game Lodge is among the best Queen Elizabeth National Park midrange lodges It is at the East African rift valley escarpment called the Kichwamba Escarpment.

The lodge is built from local materials that let it blend with the nature around it. It sits on a hill overlooking the Eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Hence giving you the best views of the locale on your safari to Uganda.

Accommodation At Enganzi Game Lodge

Enganzi Game Lodge has five spacious thatched cottages that give beautiful views of the Park’s flora and fauna. Each cottage has comfortable beds, showers, and bathtubs of both warm and cold running water. Also, they have flush toilets.

There is electricity in Enganzi lodge, powered by hydro-power, and you can charge your gadgets in the rooms.

The roofs of these cottages are fashioned with dry banana leaves. Read More

2. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge is one of the oldest midrange lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Parkcreates the perfect base for your safari activities in Queen Elizabeth Park. It is designed with Eco-friendly bandas that are purposefully spaced to give you maximum privacy and enrich your Uganda safari holiday experience on your Queen Elizabeth National Park safari.Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

The lodge also strategically borders the Kazinga Channel to give you the picture-perfect Uganda wildlife-watching experience in your adventure. This makes it one of the best lodges in Uganda in the mid-range category.

Accommodation At Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge


  • The lodge has 12 self-contained bandas that are spaciously spotted within the indigenous bushes.
  • These rooms lay on raised wooden platforms, constructed from the perfect combination of canvas and local materials.
  • There are also big mosquito-netted windows to give you a 180 degrees view of the nearby nature. Moreover, every room has a private terrace overlooking the scenic seasonal River Kamera.
  • Every banda has an en-suite bathroom with running water for the flash toilet, hand basin, and the outside shower with 24/7 warm water. The outside shower also has 2 shower-heads for couples who would like a star-lit shower together.

Self-Contained Tent

  • There are two self-contained tents in the lodge, just a short distance from the main lodge. They are suitable for families because an extra tent can be put on the adjacent platform.

Non-Self Contained Tent

  • 10 non-self-contained tents offer budget-friendly accommodation.
  • The tents have comfortable beds, bedside tables, and power outlets for charging your gadgets.
  • All the tents are grass-thatched to create privacy and provide welcoming shade.
  • The tents share showers and flush toilets. Read More.

3. Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge

Location And Environment

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge is on the shores of Lake George, Muhokya sub-county near Kahendero Fishing Village. This safari lodge in Uganda was birthed from a love for nature and animal preservation.Ihamba Safari Lodge

The Uganda safari lodge will give you scenic mornings as you wake up to the unmatched views of Lake George and Rwenzori ranges.

An African touch of Ihamba’s architecture blends with the natural environment, making it a peaceful surrounding with the tranquility of an unspoiled Africa.

Accommodation At Ihamba Lake Safari Lodge

Ihamba Lakeside Safari Lodge has 10 cottages with single, twin beds, and family cottages. They all have cottage facilities, private decks, and indoor showers giving you comfortable encounters on Uganda safaris and tours.

The bathrooms have large glass windows, giving striking views of Lake George.

Single occupancy cottage

  • This favors a single traveler who would love sole relaxation.
  • The single occupancy has both bed and breakfast and full-board rates and the full-board rate has all meals and lodge amenities.

Double occupancy cottages

  • These are stand-alone cottages that favor couples and co-travelers. However, you can also arrange it to suit triple occupancy.

Triple Occupancy Cottage

This is good for a couple traveling with a child. There is an extra bed that can be added to the double room depending on its availability. Read More

4. Ishasha Jungle Lodge

Location And Environment

Ishasha Jungle Lodge is 2km off the Katokye Gate along River Ntungwe in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This place is the paradise for every photographer in the Ishasha sector on a Uganda safari tour. It is also a stopover for a safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Scenic riparian forest vegetation and acacia savannahs girdle this lodge.

Accommodation At Ishasha Jungle Lodge

  • There are six cottages with 2 beds, en-suite with bathroom and shower facilities.
  • All the cottages have maximum privacy due to their wide spacing. This ensures a real sense of freedom. Read More.

5. Baboon Safari Resort

Location And Environment

This lodge is one of the Queen Elizabeth National Park hotels outside the park in Kyambura escarpment. It strategically provides views of the mystic Rwenzori Mountains.

This lodge provides the opportunity to see the variety of flora, and fauna in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Sometimes, Elephants graze just a few hundred meters away from your coffee table.

Accommodation At Baboon Safari Resort

  • The resort has 10 sumptuous en-suite canvas-and-wood suites.
  • All these 10 suites sit on raised platforms that provide stunning panoramic views of Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • The spacious tents and terraces have the elegant polish of mahogany floors.
  • Each tent has an open-plan sleeping and living area. There is also a bathroom shower, open-air bath, hand wash basin, and flushing toilet.
  • Every suite has a personal butler who responds to your needs each time you need him/her.
  • There is a comfortable sitting arena in both the living and the terrace areas to give you the true serenity of the lodge which you will appreciate.
  • Privacy is very well-catered for by the spacious distances between the suites. Read More

6. Kingfisher Lodge

Location And Environment

Kingfisher Lodge is another of the standard hotels in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Kichwamba. This lodge overlooks the park and has outstanding views of the Rwenzori Mountains, Lake George, Lake Edward, and the Kazinga Channel.Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

The lodge is 200m above the park and it stands on the edge of the Kichwamba escarpment. There is a cool pleasant climate at night and warm weather in the daytime.

Accommodation At Kingfisher Lodge

The lodge has 25 bandas including single, double, twin, triple, and family bandas.

  • 16 of these bandas overlook Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  • The family bandas have 2 bedrooms, 2 washrooms with showers and a sitting room. Read More

7. Enjojo Lodge

The name “Enjojo” means “Elephant” in the Rukiga language, and the lodge is one of the best mid-range hotels. This lodge was named so after an Elephant who gave birth to a calf on the construction site. Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

Location And Environment

The lodge borders the Ishasha sector in Queen Elizabeth National Park on 40 hectares of land. It provides a serene, comfortable environment amidst an acacia forest, scattered grassland, and lush vegetation with palm trees.

Accommodation At Enjojo Lodge

Thatched Cottages

  • There are 7 luxury thatched cottages in Enjojo Lodge, each with its own unique magical attraction and character.
  • 4 of these cottages are within beautiful vegetation with swaying palm trees. You can connect to them by the elevated wooden walkway to and from the restaurant.
  • 3 of the 7 cottages overlook an open grassland that is regularly frequented by Elephants. Each cottage has an en-suite bathroom with solar warmed and cold running water and an outdoor shower.
  • The spacious veranda has easy chairs on which you can unwind, and relax as you enjoy the African wilderness.

Enjojo Safari House

  • This house sits privately in a clearing at the rim of an acacia forest.
  • It is a perfect hideaway locale for families or a group of friends on a private break.
  • The house accommodates over 7 guests.
  • There are two spacious bedrooms each with an en-suite bathroom. The bathroom has water heated by the solar system and cold running water. There is also an outdoor shower.
  • One of the rooms has a queen-sized bed and single beds. Another has 2 double beds, each 140 cm wide, and 1 single bed.
  • This safari house has a beautiful thatched veranda with a large sitting area facing a grassland and with a private campfire. Read More

8. Marafiki Safari Lodge

Location And Environment

Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels
Marafiki Safari Lodge

Marafiki Safari Lodge is another od the new midrange lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park and a spectacularly positioned lodge, facing Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The awe-inspiring sun rises from the Kyambura Gorge silhouette resting on the distant shores of Lake George making it one of the best safari lodges in Uganda. Hence giving scenic views of the park.

The lodge is designed with local materials that are hand-crafted by local artisans from the community.

The surrounding Marafiki safari lodge has a variety of wildlife to spot on your safaris in Uganda. These include the Elephants that roam about the vicinity’s grassland, the birds that sound inspirational morning calls, and the semi-aquatic Hippos of Lake George.

Accommodation At Marafiki Safari Lodge

There are private spacious bandas with raised wooden floors built from eucalyptus gum poles and canvas. This allows you to roll up the walls and enjoy breathtaking views over the lake and the game park.

An en-suite bathroom in the open will allow you to have an open-air shower and be amazed by the true African morning as the sun rises over the lake. Also, showering in the evening will give you beautiful views of the moonlit sky and the stars just before your dinner by the campfire.

For the more adventurous tourist, three luxury safari tents are beautifully furnished to give you beautiful park views. For budget visitors, there is a luxurious timber cabin for 16 people in 4 spacious dormitories.

In summary, there are

  1. Safari tents; this tent has a view of Lake George and the park. It is en-suite with a double bed.
  2. Semi-lux cottages; these are en-suite cottages with a double bed. They have the park view and the view of Lake George.
  3. Family cottage; the beautiful family cottage has a park and a Lake view. It is en-suite and accommodates a family of four, having a double bed and twin beds.
  4. Safari cottages; this accommodates 3 visitors and suites budget travelers. It has both the park view and the views of the Rwenzori ranges. The cottages are en-suite and have double beds. Read More.

9. Savannah Resort Hotel

Location And Environment

Savannah Resort Hotel is a perfect place for visitors who are on a Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda safari and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

The hotel is just 8km away from Queen Elizabeth National Park and 43km away from Bwindi National Park.

This makes it a suitable position to explore 2 of the rarest animals in the world, that is the Tree Climbing Lions of Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi.

Accommodation At Savannah Resort Hotel

Savannah Resort Hotel, being one of the best Queen Elizabeth National Park hotels has;

  • 32 grass-thatched bandas; these include single, double, twin, and triple bandas and they all have en-suite facilities.
  • 10 standard rooms; each with a private balcony and en-suite facilities.
  • 2 deluxe suites. Read More

10. Buffalo Safari Lodge

Location and Environment

Buffalo Safari Lodge is one of the Uganda lodges in the Katunguru bridge area near the Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Queen Elizabeth National Park Lodge is 1km away from the Kasese-Mbarara road and it is among those with the best safari in Uganda. Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

With the tranquil environment around the lodge, there is an impressive view of both plants and wildlife of Uganda like Elephants, Hippos, Buffaloes, Warthogs, and various bird species. Hence, providing one of the best Uganda wildlife safaris on your Uganda Safari tours.

This Queen Elizabeth National Park accommodation has a lounge that will give you remarkable views of Lakes Edward and George.

Accommodation At Buffalo Safari Lodge

There are both standard and deluxe cottages in the lodge, making a total of over 18 rooms that can accommodate 20 or more guests having Uganda tours and safaris.

The accommodations include,

  1. Deluxe double/ twin rooms; the rooms are large with 770sq.ft and they have a beautiful bathroom of Danish stumped floors, a low flush toilet, Walmart, and a bidet complete with shataf. The three bath options are the bathtub, the bronze shower, and the instant water heater.

They also have a Queen-size bed, sitting area, mural painting decor, and a private balcony for sun-downer drinks.

  1. Deluxe single rooms; have a large living room of 770sq. ft. and they have a splendid well-furnished bathroom with a Danish stumped floor, Walmart, and a low flush toilet. The bathroom is designed in a way that it gives bathtub showers, bronze showers, and instant water heaters.

These deluxe single rooms also have a balcony overseeing the park with a mural painting decor.

  1. Standard double/twin; they dot all over the lodge’s property, overlooking the Savannah plains of the park. Privacy is maximized by their spacing and each room has a private balcony.
  2. Standard single; this overlooks the Savannah plains and covers an area of 400sq. ft. The room has a private balcony and has double or single beds and electric-powered instant water showers.
  3. Family cottages; these two are in the quiet bushes and shrubs of the Savannah sitting on a space of 3500.sq ft.

Each cottage has four interconnecting rooms with a private corridor and a large bathroom of 150sq.ft. Each has king-size beds of 5x7ft. Read More.

11. Lake Munyange Caves Lodge

Location And Environment

Lake Munyanyange Caves lodge is in Queen Elizabeth National Park, on the North East of Lake Katwe. The accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a beautiful spot for nature relaxation and birding on Lake Munyanyange, which is a famed migration sanctuary for the Lesser Flamingos.Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

Accommodation At Lake Munyanyange Caves Lodge

The accommodation options include

  • Twin room
  • Double room
  • Quadruple room
  • Triple room

There are over 15 cottages at this Eco-lodge in Uganda with the family cottages overlooking the beautiful lake.

Each cottage has beautiful furnish, beds fitted with mosquito nets, a bathroom with both warm and cold showers, and flush toilets with free toiletries.

The cottages have large sitting areas on verandas for scenic panoramic views. Read More.

12. Kasenyi Safari Camp

Location And Environment Kasenyi Safari Camp

Kasenyi Safari Camp is one of the popular midrange lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It sits on the edge of Lake Bunyampaka in the Kasenyi savannah in North Eastern Queen Elizabeth National Park. The camp is beautifully thatched with a raised dining. Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

Animals flood the camp area both during the day and at the night, for example, Lion Prides, Buffalos, Hippos, Elephant, Water-buck, Leopard, Kob, Hyena, and Wart Hogs.

Accommodation At Kasenyi Safari Camp

This lodge has eight spacious tents all en-suite with bathrooms, spacious living rooms, and private decks. The night in this lodge is calm and there are sounds of howling Hyenas and roaring Lions.

This proves how these lodges are eco-friendly while they unleash a beautiful Africa at your sight. Read More.

13. Park View Safari Lodge

Location And Environment

Park View Safari Lodge is an award-winning safari lodge on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park. It overlooks the panoramic views of this beautiful park, giving beautiful views of the Bunyaruguru hills.Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

The architectural structure of the lodge is a mixture of modern and local materials, reflecting a unique environment.

Accommodation At Park View Safari Lodge

  • Executive high-end cottage in full board, half board, and Bed and breakfast. These 5 en-suite cottages give luxury accommodations with a living room, and an indoor, and outdoor balcony. The master bedroom has a large king-size bed, with a private bathroom. Read More

14. Kikorongo Safari Lodge

Location And Environment

The lodge was established in April 2018. All the cottages are beautifully placed on the landscape. This gives beautiful views of Lake Kikorongo, Lake George, the famous Kazinga Channel, and the vast Savannah landscape. The lodge moreover, sits on the equator and the staff aims to give you tangible memorable experiences.Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

Accommodation At Kikorongo Safari Lodge

The cottages here are divided into the sunrise and sunset wing, and you stay in a cottage according to your preference.

The lodge has 15 cottages which are grouped into;

  1. Tented Luxury Cottages

Has a comfy four-poster bed with a spacious en-suite bathroom and a wide private deck for captivating views.

  1. Edge Luxury Intimate Cottages

These are self-contained rooms at the rim of the property and they have special views of Lake Kikorongo and Lake George. The cottages have cozy four-poster beds, an en suite bathroom, and a large deck with beautiful views.

  1. Rift Valley Tent Camp Area

This is at the bottom of the lodge and sits between two escarpments with breathtaking views. The cottage has a comfy four-poster bed, wide shared bathrooms, and a large private campfire for evening relaxation. Read More

  1. Elephant Hab Safari Lodge

Location and Environment

Elephant Hab Safari lodge is on Kyambura Gorge, the famed spot for spotting the only habituated Chimpanzee family in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

There are herds of Elephants that visit the lodge premises and many velvet monkeys that come around, especially during mealtime. However, it is advisable not to feed them.

This lodge is designed with wood, canvas, and grass-thatched roofs that blend with the environment. Read More

  1. Njovu Park Lodge

Location And Environment

Njovu Park Lodge is one of the new midrange lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park/hotels located in Katwe village, 2km after the Mweya main gate. The lodge is an important hub for beautiful park views like the lake, the sunrise, and the sunset. Hence, making it the perfect spot for sun-downers.Midrange Lodges In Queen Elizabeth National Park, Accommodation - Hotels

This lodge is 9 minutes on foot away from Lake Edward, 11.3 km away from the Kazinga Channel, and 24.5km from the Kyambura Game Reserve.

Accommodation Types At Njovu Park Lodge

There are 9 air-conditioned rooms at Njovu Park Lodge which are the,

Standard double/Twin rooms

These rooms are 82 sq ft and either has one double bed or two twin beds. This can accommodate a couple or a family traveling together. Read More