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Best Safari Companies in Uganda | Top Uganda Tour Operators & Travel Agents

Safari companies in Uganda (Tour Operators in Uganda) are one of the most important parts of your Uganda safari to any destination.

The “Pearl of Africa” is crowned with significant places that attract tourists from near and far. The well-known home for half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population also boasts many other attractions. Hence, other than promoting Uganda Gorilla safaris, the country also hosts Uganda wildlife safaris for the large number of animals that she boasts. Uganda is also blessed with a wide number of bird species, landscapes, and cultures.

Even though a few tourists prefer self-help options through websites and travel apps to book these tours, many travelers attest to the fact that they find joy in using Uganda safari companies for their safaris in Uganda.

But, there are many Uganda tour operators that you can depend on as you safari Uganda, and choosing one will require some criteria to consider.

Choosing the best Uganda safari companies greatly depends on your personal interests and many other factors. Some of these factors include their experience, the kind of tours that they do, and their ability to promote Eco-tourism.

Therefore, with the desire to have an amazing safari holiday, choosing the right tourist companies in Uganda will guarantee you a lot of positive results.

By promoting sustainable tourism and Eco-friendly travel, organized tour companies will plan your tours and cater to even the small things. Uganda has both small and big tour companies that will make the most beautiful experiences come to life.

Let us hence dive into everything that you need to know about Uganda tour operators/Safari Companies in Uganda.

Is There Anything Like Top Best Uganda Tour Operators?

In your travel research, you may be looking for which tour company is the best in Uganda. However, various travel and tour companies in Uganda will give you a safari of a lifetime. Below are some of the top African safari tour companies in Uganda that you may consider.

Here are the best tour operators in Uganda.

  1. Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Safari Uganda Safaris
  4. Uganda Birding Safaris
  5. A Uganda Safari
  6. Gorilla trekking Uganda
  7. Gorilla Safaris and Tours
  8. Africa Safaris Tours

Who Is a Tour Operator?

A tour operator is either a person, a company, or a firm that plans travel itineraries and organizes safaris for travelers by selling the tour packages to the public directly. However, they can also use tour agents to sell for them the packages directly to travelers.

How Are Uganda Tour Operators Different From Tour Agents?

Tour operators are companies that design tour itineraries and sell them either directly to consumers or retail them through travel agencies.

On the other hand, travel agents sell tour packages directly to clients and they do not design them.

In another sense, you can refer to tour operators as whole sellers of tour packages and tour agents as retailers of tour packages.

Below are the major differences between tour operators and travel agents

They either sell tour packages directly to consumers or use tour agents to sell packages for them.They only sell tour packages to the consumer or the travelers.
Tour operators design tour packages.Travel agents do not create packages, but only sell them on the tour operator’s behalf.
They organize logistics, accommodation, and other tourist services.Their responsibility is to be the middleman between the tour operator and the traveler.


Therefore, even though a tour operator and a tour agent are both service providers in tourism, they are different in specialties. While a tour operator designs tour packages and itineraries and organizes tours, a travel agent will sell travel services on behalf of a tour operator.

When Does A Tour Operator Need A Tour Agent?

Tour operators need tour agents when;

  1. They are a specialized company concentrating on a travel niche.
  2. Tour agents are handling a traveler’s money directly.
  3. They are selling travel internationally.

The Types Of Tour Operators in Uganda

Uganda tour operators carry specialties in the travel industry. However, some tour companies may cut across in the operation of their Uganda safaris. This, thus, makes them tour organizations giving different travel services.

There are five types of tour operators in Uganda namely;

  • Inbound tour operators
  • Outbound tour operators
  • Domestic tour operators
  • Ground tour operators
  • Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs)
  1. Inbound Tour Operators

These are tour operators that market and sell tour packages in one country to travelers from another country.

They are also known as Incoming Tour Operators or Destination Managing Companies (DMCs). Meaning that they provide important and experienced travel knowledge about their local destination.

Consequently, they help international travelers or partners design suitable and safe itineraries.

For example, if a tour company in Uganda is planning a trip for travelers from Norway to Uganda, then this tour company is an inbound tour operator.

  1. Outbound Tour Operators

They are tour operators that market and plan safaris for travelers from their country or destination to an outside country.

Here is a case in point: If a safari company in Uganda is marketing and organizing a safari for Ugandan tourists to Norway, then this company is an Outbound Tour Operator.

  1. Domestic Tour Operators

Domestic Tour Operators are tour operators who sell itineraries and plan tours for travelers within their own country.

Let’s say, a Ugandan tour operator is planning a tour for Uganda travelers within Uganda, this makes it a Domestic Tour Operator.

  1. Ground Tour Operators

Ground Tour Operators can also be called “Handling Agencies”. They plan and organize tours on behalf of either Inbound Tour Operators or Outbound Tour Operators.

This happens in case inbound or outbound tour operators do not have offices or travel agents in the destinations that their tourists are going to have tours from. In this case, they will consult with the ground tour operators to handle their trip and make sure that is goes well.

  1. Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs)

RTOs market and sell tourism products like accommodations, transportation, or destinations to other tour operators.

They, therefore, operate as wholesalers and get money by adding a percentage fee on the final price of the product or the service that the tour operator will sell to a tourist.

When Should You Use Each Of These Safari Companies In Uganda?

Depending on the type of safari that you would like to experience, you can use any of these types of tour operators. For travelers, you can mostly choose to use Inbound Tour Operators, Outbound Tour Operators, or Domestic Tour Operators.

  1. Inbound Tour Operators: You can use these tour operators when going on a safari to another country.

They have a better understanding of their local destinations and the services provided.

Therefore, they will take care of not just the bookings but also the smallest details that cover your comfort during the whole experience.

  1. Outbound Tour Operators: There are tour companies in Uganda that understand oversea destinations, and they can help you with your safari.

Outbound Tour Operators in Uganda are favourable to use when you have frequent international tours. They are suitable to use especially when you are a first-time tourist to a foreign destination but would like to use an easily accessible tour operator.

  1. Domestic Tour Operators: When you plan to have a tour in your home country, using a domestic tour operator will favor you a lot.

On the bright side, they are well acquainted with the knowledge of their destinations and they are also relatively priced.

Qualities Of Good Tour Operators In Uganda | What Makes A Good Uganda Safari Company?

Various factors make the best Uganda safari companies. They include the following;

  • A Good Tour Operator In Uganda Creates The Best Tour Packages And Travel Itineraries

By creating the best tour packages and travel itineraries, we mean creating tour packages that are in sync with the interests of the tourist during their Uganda tours and safaris.

The tour operator should also be flexible enough to adjust the packages and itinerary in case a traveler needs some changes.

This way, they will give the tourist a memorable safari experience and tour within Uganda, based on their preferred interests and other outstanding suggestions.

  • They Have Essential Communication Platforms

Good tour operators in Uganda have the best ways in which they relay their activities to travelers and outsiders. For example, they have information on their websites and social media pages.

On these sites, they will post important information like what their safari company is all about, their location, contacts, and the packages that they sell.

Most importantly, they allow favorable means of communicating with their clients and handling their travels with them. This could be through inquiries, making arrangements, and bookings.

  • The Operators Provide Reliable Information

This goes beyond writing blogs on websites or posting on social media platforms.  If the tour operator can give the right and reliable information to the clients when they inquire, then they are a good tour operator.

They should also be able to advise the traveler on different aspects that will make their Uganda tours and safaris better. These include among many others travel tips, weather, and climate, and the best accommodations, routes, and transportation.

  • Good Tour Operators Have The Important Skills Needed

There are various important skills that safari companies in Uganda need to have to enhance their travel activities. For example, ICT skills to help them with online marketing and bookings.

Public relations skills will enable the tour operator to build a good relationship between the company and the outside market.

They should also have time management skills that allow them to be time conscious about their work.  For example, they make bookings, check-ins, departures, and arrivals at the appointed time.

Other important skills that make good tour operators include interpersonal and communication skills, hospitality, and customer service skills.

This enables them to be more sufficient in their service delivery.

  • They Are Available For Add On Services

Good tour operators make add-on services for their clients. For example, they will book for the safari activities, make hotel reservations and pick and drop off clients from the airport and hotels or lodges.

Among the activities, they can purchase Gorilla trekking permits, Chimpanzee trekking permits, booking for boat cruises, and many others.

More still, your operators go out of their way to take care of other details concerning your travels in Uganda.

  • These Tour Operators Have Knowledgeable And Experienced Tour Guides

One of the most important levels of travel is meeting a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide on your safari. They are part of the best experiences of a safari, especially because they provide direct service to the travelers while in the tour destinations.

Therefore, a tour company must have experienced tour guides from different backgrounds. This helps to take care of visitors from different tribes or nationalities.

Also, responsible tour companies will employ local guides so that they can support the local communities and promote responsible tourism.

  • They Give Value For Money

Best tour and travel companies in Uganda will strive to ensure that clients have the best experiences at an affordable price.

They will give value for money by suggesting the best services like accommodation and transportation that suits a traveler’s budget.

Also, they will offer important financial tips for tourists in Uganda like enlightening them on how to exchange their money.

  • Good Uganda Tour Operators Support Local Communities

Even though a lot of finances is provided to boost Uganda’s tourism, much of it may not support the locals directly. Therefore, good safari companies in Uganda will support these communities by

  • Encouraging safaris in remote areas.
  • Visiting and donating to indigenous tribes.
  • Employing local guides.
  • Encouraging visitors to buy souvenirs and other goods and services from the locals.

This way, they can share impactful tourism with the travelers, so they know the extent of their support toward these local communities.

  • They Also Promote Eco-Friendly Tourism

Eco-tourism involves visiting tourist destinations while stimulating the positive impacts of safari activities on the tourism sector.

These include keeping tourist destinations litter-free and using eco-friendly water bottles, packaging bags, vehicles, and clothing.

What Is The Responsibility (Functions) Of Safari Companies In Uganda?

Tour operators in Uganda handle a wide scope of responsibilities as per the nature of their work. They are the planners, itinerary creators, reservations managers, and many other responsibilities to make sure that they plan for good travels.

  • A Tour Operator Creates Tour Packages And Safari Itineraries For Their Customers

Tour operators in Uganda are responsible for making suitable tour packages and itineraries. In doing these, they attend to the interests of the traveler when they design packages through their wide knowledge of Uganda.

With the expertise and experience that they have in the field, their designed itineraries will provide packages that appeal to a traveler’s happiness and well-being.

  • They Plan And Arrange A Tour For Travelers

Tour operators also manage the whole process of planning tours for their clients.

From the moment when an inquiry is made to the end of the safari, a tour operator will handle all the dealings to make sure that the safari is successful.

They handle the bookings, transportation and other important things that you ought to do.

  • Tour Operators Give Travel Information Or Advice To Travelers

Tour operators in Uganda answer the questions of the client correctly and with expert knowledge.

They also provide the necessary information and helpful advice that a traveler may need during their safari.

In doing so, they make suggestions depending on available options that will favor better experiences and add value for money.

  • They Make Reservations For Customers

As part of their duty in planning and arranging tours for clients, tour operators also make bookings for accommodation and other services. They do this by making early payments for the services.

Hence, making the booking process easier for travelers.

  • The Tour Operators Deal With Travel Management

To make sure that proceeding tours are better and more successful, tour operators manage travels by tracking previous performances of their tours.

This way they can make important changes like reducing travel costs, polishing on previous travel mistakes, and tirelessly working toward making their services better.

They consequently make important changes and develop their strategies to create better future services.

  • They Sell And Market Travel Services, Products, And The Company

Uganda tour operators also carry the responsibility of marketing the tour company and the services that they provide.

In this way, they can help travelers easily find their tours through websites social media pages, and other tour agents.

Consequently, tourists can easily find them for their safaris and tours in Uganda.

  • The Operators Evaluate Service Options Available For Their Customers

As experts, tour operators will evaluate the service options available so that they can select for their clients the best services as they travel in Uganda.

This will most times involve the client so that they know every destination that they are going to.

What Is The Importance Of Safari Companies In Uganda?

Safari companies in Uganda play very vital roles in supporting the ecological system of the country.

This can be seen through their contribution to the environment, the local people, tourists, and the government at large.

Importance Of Safari Companies To The Environment

Through promoting Eco-tourism and responsible travel, Uganda tour companies promote environmental protection in tourism destinations.

They promote the protection of biodiversity in national parks, wildlife reserves, and sanctuaries. In advocating for the protection of these inhabitants and the wildlife in them, they promote the protection of the environment.

Also, these tour companies uphold Eco-tourism by following Eco-friendly principles while on a safari. They make sure that travelers follow park rules and regulations which are set to protect the wildlife and their environment.

Some give Eco-friendly water bottles to travelers and others have contributed to projects like planting trees and donating toward the protection of the environment.

Importance Of The Uganda Safari Companies To The Local People

Likewise, safari companies in Uganda help the local population in various ways.

  1. They employ natives as guides and drivers and also offer various responsibilities to other people. This way, the locals can have a source of sustenance for themselves and their families.
  2. Safari companies encourage tours in remote destinations in Uganda. This way they help support infrastructure in those regions, create jobs for the locals, promote their culture, and give them new grounds for building relationships with travelers.
  3. Tour companies also market the products and handy crafts of the locals. In marketing these products on their itinerary, they help to bring market for the locals some of whom get money by selling their handy crafts. Many tourists buy them as souvenirs to remember their safari.
  4. The safari companies encourage travelers to donate toward community projects in their safari destinations. This consequently helps to build the communities.

Importance Of Uganda Safari Companies To Tourists

Tour companies are the channel through which tourists to Uganda have one the best moments of their life while visiting Uganda.

They help tourists in the whole tour process for example,

  1. Making reservations like accommodations.
  2. Arranging for transportation.
  3. Guiding them in the tour destinations.
  4. Giving them the necessary information.
  5. Making sure that they enjoy their experience most conveniently while in Uganda.

Importance Of The Safari Companies To The Government

Similarly, tour companies are of great value to the government in the following ways.

  1. They boost revenue for the Ugandan economy through taxes and foreign exchange.
  2. The tourism sector has promoted the development of infrastructure for example roads and accommodations that visitors use.
  3. Tour companies have created jobs for thousands of Ugandans, hence minimizing the unemployment rate of the country’s people.
  4. Safari companies in Uganda market Uganda to the outside world. This consequently attracts many tourists some of who venture into investments or donations that help to build the country.

Why Should You Use Safari Companies In Uganda For Your Uganda Safaris? | Why Do You Need The Services Of A Uganda Tour Operators When Planning For Your Uganda Tour?

The safari companies in Uganda will help you a lot when it comes to making your travels successful. While other travelers opt for self-travels, there are many inconveniences that you can avoid just by choosing the right tour operator for your adventures.

This makes them worthwhile to have and operate with whenever you have a travel. You will need tour operators for your safari to assist you with various issues as seen below.

  • They Have A Wide Knowledge About The Destination That You Are Going To

Tour operators will make your experience beautiful with the wide knowledge that they have about the destinations that you go to.

They are knowledgeable about the history, wildlife, people, cultures, the best service areas, and options that will make your safari more beautiful. This will consequently save you months of research and some uncertainties that come with online reservations.

Hence, you ought to use a safari company in Uganda during your safaris.

  • Tour Operators Set Competitive Prices For Their Products

Tour operators will usually set competitive prices by comparing their pricing with that of other tour operators. This is to enable them to have the same or a better position in winning over clients for safaris.

Hence, a traveler will benefit from this by being moderately charged for their safaris, depending on the safari itinerary.

  • With Tour Operators, It Is Also Possible To Deal With Even The Difficult Seasons

Since many are licensed and recognized to operate tours, they can avail you even what you would not acquire during your last-minute moments. For example, tour operators in Uganda can easily get you last minute Gorilla trekking permit or Chimpanzee trekking permit even in the peak season.

This could have been harder on your own, making your safari a bit challenging.

Also, they make sure that everything is well-prepared for you during your travels in and around the country.

  • Using a Tour Operator Is Time Saving

Using a tour operator will help you reduce a lot of hustle and time wastage.

While you would have personally done the bookings, bought permits, and prepared for the journey, a tour company comes in handy to do all that in the shortest time possible.

This is because they have easy access to lodges, logistics, and other services for the destinations that you will be visiting.

  • There Is Security Guarantee With Tour Operators

In case of any emergencies, the tour company can re-schedule your safari for your convenience. This saves a lot if you had prior booked with a lodge or hotel, most of which do not refund your money.

Many tour operators in Uganda allow free consultation, and fair cancellation policies and are also fully recognized by government bodies.

This, thus, gives them the accreditation and confidence that they will handle your safari with ease.

  • Tour Operators Will Also Give You Access To Prime Tourist Attractions

The services that tour operators provide go beyond what you may have achieved and later experienced if you were alone. They will take you to the best places to experience your dream adventures.

With scanty or inexperienced knowledge about your tour destination, it may be a bit challenging to navigate to the right prime tourist destinations for the experiences that you crave to have.

This easy access to prime tourist destinations also comes with easy logistics to those destinations.

  • The Tour Operators Will Also Avail To You All The Travel Advice Needed For Your Safari

As you go on a safari, there are important aspects that you ought to know to make a safari go on smoothly. Your tour operator will be able to avail you of all the knowledge that you need every step of the way.

They will give you knowledge on packing tips, tips for the solo traveler, knowledge about the country and its people, the weather and climate, and every other thing that you are to expect on the travel.

  • They Will Give You After Sales Services

It is also important to have a tour company handling your safari because they will go out of their way to make sure that you are well during your travels.

Some of these services include being available for you even after working hours and easily contacting them in case you get an emergency. Some operators even have the courtesy of preparing a surprise in case of an occasion like a birthday or an anniversary.

Is It A Must To Use A Uganda Tour Operator For Your Safaris To Uganda?

No, it is not a must to use a tour operator for your safaris in Uganda because many visitors have managed to travel to Uganda without a tour operator. However, this can be quite smooth when you know what you exactly want, familiar with the destinations, and when the itinerary is a bit simple.

Yet, using a tour operator will not just save you days and hours of extensive research, but will also avail comfort assurance. Tour operators are knowledgeable about the destinations that you are going to.

More so, they will narrow down the service options and will set a favorable itinerary to suit your preferences.

Therefore, even if self-tourism is possible, using a tour operator will guarantee you a lot of security and ease with your safari.

  • Is Self-Tourism Cheaper Than Using A Tour Operator?

Self-tourism is cheaper than using a tour operator for your safari. You can make online bookings and a simple itinerary for the safari.

Nonetheless, this is favorable for frequent travelers who have mastered the areas in their travel destination quite well and can deal with the obstacles that come along the way during their adventure.

But, even though a tour operator is a bit high priced, their services cover many risks that a self-tourist would have faced. They simplify your travels and make them more memorable.

Tour operators, who are experts in the field, will easily find you better deals, take care of the smallest details, and be your advocate.

Consequently, you may end up spending less with them for the value of the money that you will receive.

  1. Do Tour Operators In Uganda Do Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism?

Yes, many tour operators in Uganda mind responsible tourism that promotes sustainability and environmental protection.

They promote eco-tourism by stimulating sustainable tourism to benefit not just the client and the company but also future generations.

The safari companies in Uganda work in line with the environmental regulations of the Ugandan government to promote responsible travel and sustainable tourism.

For example, through the Conference of Parties (COP) and other conservation bodies, there are standing policies that protect Ramsar sites, biodiversities, and the environment to regulate climate.

Through all of these, tour operators in Uganda have followed suit and greatly contributed to the way travelers see Uganda’s ecology. They use ecologically thoughtful transportation means, accommodations, and even water bottles.

Therefore, a great percentage of their trips go directly to environmental conservation.

The tour operators have sensitized tourists to activities that help promote eco-tourism.

Even so, more developments are being put in place to ensure that the tourism sector rises to a greater level of sustaining the environment.

  • What Is Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism?

Responsible travel or sustainable tourism is tourism that upholds ecological and social, or cultural standards without putting the environment and its wildlife at risk.

Responsible travel or sustainable tourism, therefore, stimulates the advantages of Uganda tours and safaris on the wildlife and the environment.

  • What Are Tour Operators in Uganda Doing To Promote Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism

Uganda tour operators are following different strategies that protect the environment and its wildlife, plus local communities and their economy. They include

  • Using Eco-Friendly Resources For Tourism

Many tour operators in Uganda have adapted to using eco-friendly materials in the need of transitioning to sustainable tourism.

These include eco-friendly vehicles, water bottles, accommodations, and packaging bags.

Consequently, this has reduced the stress of its impact on the environment and the wildlife in tourist destinations. It also helps to maintain the beauty of an area to attract more tourists for future tourism.

  • Encouraging Tourists To Follow The Rules And Regulations Of Tourist Destinations

All of Uganda’s national parks, reserves, and other tourist destinations have rules and regulations that help to support eco-tourism. Some include driving on the right tracks, avoiding noise and anything that causes fires and paying conservation fees.

Tour operators encourage travelers to follow these rules and regulations that drive toward the single goal of protecting the environment and its inhabitants.

Subsequently, wildlife, vegetation, and the locals are left in the peace of their environment. Also, it enables the traveler to appreciate and contribute toward sustainability.

  • Encouraging Safaris Even In The Low Seasons

While the peak safari season is better for experiencing the rich wild, there is high congestion in the various tourist destinations in Uganda. This consequently causes more stress on the wildlife and the environment than there is in the low seasons.

Uganda tour operators have therefore not just encouraged safaris in the peak seasons but also the low seasons. And, they have created very memorable and valuable experiences for clients in this period on top of enjoying a calm, green environment.

  • Encouraging Travelers To Donate Toward Supporting Sustainable Tourism

One of the activities that helps support responsible travel and sustainable tourism is a donation. Tour operators in Uganda have encouraged tourists to donate to this true cause.

There are communities, schools, non-profit organizations, and wildlife and cultural groups in the tourist destinations that you go to.

By donating, the tourists strengthen their personal values by giving more impact. It also helps to strengthen communities in various destinations.

  • Going For Trips In Remote Destinations

Encouraging tourists to go for tours in village destinations often enables them to appreciate the cultures, ways, and beauty of the local people.

Tour operators have encouraged this by building tour packages and itineraries that take tourists to these deep indigenous destinations.

By doing so, there is less stress in the cities due to congestion and its effects and more appreciation for the beautiful, quite remote villages.

  • Supporting The Local Businesses And Treating The Locals With Kindness

Many tour operators in Uganda take travelers through the experience of supporting the businesses of the local communities to promote responsible travel and sustainable tourism.

They encourage tourists to buy souvenirs, handicrafts, food, and drinks from the locals to sustain them in their areas. Tourists, on the other hand, can create a positive impact on the environment with their enriching services.

  1. How To Choose Good Tour Operators in Uganda for Your Uganda Safaris?

There are various important aspects to consider while choosing good tour operators in Uganda for your safaris.

Let us look at them below;

  • Does The Tour Operator Have The Knowledge Of Your Ideal Destination?

Knowledge about a tourist destination relays much about the experience of the tour operator. The tour operator should be able to sell what they know and what they have seen and experienced.

A traveler planning a safari should therefore feel free to confirm this because this aspect enables the tour operator, out of experience to choose favorable options for the traveler.

  • Mind The Payment Methods Of Your Tour Operator

It is important to know the best ways to pay for your safaris while coming for a tour in Uganda.

The most ideal way is to pay through a bank account registered in the company’s name. This is to avoid falling into any fraud or uncertainties.

You may use money gram or Western Union only when you are sure about the company and if you have traveled with them before.

Otherwise, payment methods should be favorable and comfortable for you.

  • Consider The Booking And Cancellation Policies Of The Uganda Safari Company

Booking and cancellation policies of any Uganda Safari Company are one of the ways in which you can choose your favorable tour company.

Many of the booking and cancellation policies of the Uganda tour operators construe with the Uganda laws.

However, before beginning to plan for your safari, you should be comfortable with them in case of any emergencies.

  • Is Your Tour Operator Authentic?

The authenticity of a company includes its recognition by a government body or its registration for legal functioning.

An authentic tour operator in Uganda should be;

  • The Safari Company Should Be Officially Registered With The Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB)

When a Uganda tour company is registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), it shows that the company exists and has a trading name.

Therefore, this is a guarantee that the company is trustworthy to operate your Uganda safaris.

  • It Should Be Certified By The Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)

A tour company in Uganda that is certified by the Uganda Tourism Board operates legally according to the Uganda Tourism Act (2008).

They are therefore recognized by the Tourism Ministry and their full operation is known by the concerned authorities.

Therefore, if a tour company carries certification from the Uganda Tourism Board, they operate legally and you can trust them.

The Company Should Have Affiliation With A Government-Recognized Organization

In Uganda, the most recognized association that brings tour companies together is the Association for Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

These associations offer various tour services to tour operators for sustainable travel accommodations, logistics, and unity among themselves.

  1. Consider The Tour Operator’s Response Time to Your Inquiries

While this quality is important for giving the tour company more chances of keeping a client, it also makes the customers feel valued and well-appreciated.

If the tour operators do not reply immediately, at least they should be able to leave you a notification that states when they expect to reply.

  • Does Your Tour Operator Have a Sound Business Profile on the Web and Updates on Social Media Sites or Platforms?

A website or social media pages will enable you to easily access the company’s profile, information, products, and services anywhere.

Consequently, you can know their dealings, and easily choose the best tour packages for your safari.

More so, you can also have general knowledge about the company and see its location, updates, and new things.

  • How Experienced in the Tourism Business Is Your Tour Operator? | Does Experience of Uganda Safari Companies Matter?

The experience of the tour company should be one of the criteria for choosing a suitable safari company.

This is because their experience determines a lot when it comes to comfort and doing everything well and on time.

It also contributes to determining the smoothness of the events during a safari.

  • Mind The Price Factor

Many tour companies in Uganda will set competitive prices for their tours depending on the tour package and the itinerary.

Therefore, a good safari will be fairly charged depending on the services of a tour operator.

Most importantly, the price for a safari of any tour company should avail the value for money for the safari.

This could go on to evaluating the service options for the safari and choosing the best services for the safari.

  • Consider The Companies’ Reviews or Recommendations

Families and friends will always recommend for you the best safari tour companies according to how they were treated in their previous safari experiences.

When they do, consider choosing the tour company that they used for their adventures because chances are they will give you good services.

  • How Is the Tour Operator’s Seamless Booking Experience

You can also consider the easiness with which to book the safari while making your bookings.

Whether the booking is through email, phone, or online, it ought to be seamless and take care of the right details.

The booking should not seem like it is taking forever, and while it takes place on direct channels, a client should feel like they do not need to book anywhere else.

A seamless experience should not just end with the booking process but should also go to the whole safari experience. These include pick-ups, transportation, check-ins, check-outs, and the safari activities being performed.

  • Consider The Tour Packages the Tour Operator Is Offering to You

Looking through the tour packages and the safaris will make you settle for the package that offers the tours that you would like to experience.

You can likewise opt to make research about the places on the package, the activities on the safari, the routes on the itinerary, and the time of travel. This way, you will be able to see if you are choosing the right tour package for the right experience.

  • Does Your Tour Operator Give You Sensitive Advice of Your Destination?

One other way to ensure that you are choosing the right Uganda tour operator is if they give you sensitive advice for your travels.

To make your adventure smooth all through the experience, your tour operator will advise you on even the smallest details like,

  • Important things to park
  • Important documents to carry
  • How to dress for a safari activity
  • Tips for solo and female travelers
  • Community and cultural tips
  • Health tips
  • A general brief about the country
  • And many other important things
  • For You to Choose a Good Tour Operator, Inquire with More Than One Tour Company

Inquiring about a safari with more than one tour company will give you various options to choose from when planning for your Uganda travels.

Depending on the services, the different choices, or the most favorable options, you can narrow down to the company that will handle your Uganda safari.

  • Consider The Maximum Number of People A Tour Operator Takes on a Safari

Considering the average group size that a tour operator considers will also determine a lot when choosing the ideal Uganda tour company for your safari.

In case you plan to travel with your family or a group of friends, choosing a tour company that travels with a large group will be ideal.

  • Mind If Your Uganda Tour Operator Runs Their Tours as Opposed To Outsourcing The Service

It is important to choose a tour company that operates their personal tours and not give them to another company.

Unless a company is connecting to ground tour operators or travel agents, outsourcing may be inconvenient.

By handling their own safaris, safari companies can meet the right needs of the traveler. This is because, from the booking process, the tour company understands their client.

  • The Tour Company Should Have A Clear Traceable Location

If a company has a traceable geographical location, it is easy to contact the management and find them in case of any emergencies.

It also builds trust and confidence when the clients know that the company exists somewhere physically.

  • Find Out If the Tour Operator Offers Safari/Trip Insurance for Their Customers

When choosing a safari company to handle your safaris, find out whether they offer travel insurance to clients. This will help you to guarantee safety if there are any emergencies.

However, in case the company does not have insurance it is advisable that you travel with your own.

  • Is The Tour Operator Abiding with the Standard Operating Procedures for Covid-19?

Even though the covid-19 cases have reduced, some destinations still follow the Standard Operating Procedures to help keep the spread of the disease at bay.

Therefore, the company that you choose should mind the client’s health by emphasizing the standard operating procedures for covid-19.

Even so, they can provide important caution against catching other diseases like diarrhea and malaria.

  • Does The Tour Operator Support Local Communities?

If the tour operator that you are choosing can support the local communities, chances are they promote eco-tourism which is the intent of every traveler.

They set and promote impact tourism to the destinations that they visit by supporting local communities through their businesses and donations.

Therefore, choosing a company that promotes such values is important, for they also match the values of many travelers.

  1. Should I Use Tour and Travel Companies in Kampala or Anywhere Else in Uganda for My Uganda Trip?

The goal is to choose the best tour operator in Uganda no matter their location. However, the location of most tours and travel companies in Kampala Uganda makes them more famous than those that are upcountry and in other places.

However, this does not mean that there are no good tour operators upcountry.

  1. Is It Viable to Use One Or More Safari Tour Companies for Cross-Boundary Safaris?

The best option is to use one tour operator for cross-boundary safaris. It is easier to travel to other destinations because most safari companies have ground tour operators in different countries.

Also, using more than one tour operator for cross-boundary safaris is quite expensive and time-consuming.

  1. Is It Better to Use Specialized Companies or General Companies for Safaris in Uganda?

The question of whether to use a company that has a special niche or one that does every kind of tour depends on the tour experiences that you want to have. Both the specialized and generalized companies have their advantages as we see below.

Advantages Of Specialized Tour Operators

  • They give you the best experiences that are in sync with your tastes and preferences on your safari.
  • Specialized companies will offer better prices.
  • They will give you the best expert travel advice since they are specialists.
  • Specialized companies will also save a lot of your time because they are trained in their field of operation.

Advantages Of General Companies

  • They can handle more than one type of adventure and hence can offer different experiences in one itinerary.
  • Generalized safari companies have a wider scope of knowledge about tours. Hence, they are reliable for various travel deals.
  • They offer their clients a wide range of tours to choose from.

Therefore, depending on the safaris that you are undertaking, either the specialized companies or generalized companies can make your safari memorable.

When Should You Use Specialized Companies or Generalized Companies?

Specialized companies are best to use when your goal is to experience a specific tourism product mostly as a research project or leisure. For example, wildlife tourism, medical tourism, beach tourism, or cultural tourism.

For those going for tours that combine wildlife, culture, or any general adventure, it is better to use the generalized companies as they will give you the experiences of a lifetime.

A tour and safari in Uganda, Africa is one of the experiences to live as a traveler. Choosing the best safari company to guide you in the adventure will make the experience more than just an experience. It will be a combination of an African safari and an interaction with natives to guide you in the adventure. Book your safari today to get this experience.