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Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda Entrance Fees

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda entrance fees are required as you visit the park on your safari to Uganda.

A Queen Elizabeth National Park entrance fee is also called a conservation fee as it is used for conservation projects in the park.

The park entrance fee is paid at every entrance gate of the park, for example

  1. Kabatoro entrance gate
  2. Katunguru entrance gate
  3. Ishasha entrance gate

Below are the entrance fees to pay on a Queen Elizabeth National Park safari for the different categories


  • Foreign non-residents USD 40
  • Foreign residents USD 30
  • East African Citizens UGX 20,000


  • Foreign non-residents USD 20
  • Foreign residents  USD 10
  • East African Citizens UGX 5,000

Ugandan pupils or students in groups                           

USD 3,000

Tertiary, Institutions, and Universities                          

UGX 5,000

Uganda Wildlife Clubs                         

UGX 2,000

Kindly take note of the following,

  • Before you pay Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda entrance fees, you ought to have valid identification. This is to help the concerned know whether you are a foreign non-resident, foreign resident, or East African citizen.
  • You can also decide to pay annual entrance fees, but only foreign residents and East African Citizens can pay for this. However, only foreign residents with a working permit of more than 1 year are allowed to pay the annual entrance fee.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park also charges entrance fees for motor engines.

Annual Queen Elizabeth National Park prices for entrance

Family with a maximum of 4 children800600,000
Corporate Pass (10 pax)1,5002,500,000
Safari Guide200,000
Taxi Driver150,000
Tour company DriverFree

Below are the park entrance fees for motor engines in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Saloon cars4020,000
Minibusses, Omni-buses5030,000
Pick-ups and 4WD car5030,000
Tour Company vehicles and 4-wheel drive15030,000
Buses and Lorries200200,000
Delivery vehicle per entry20,000
Construction Equipment350500,000
Over landers150100,000
school buses50,000
Boats up to 15 seater100250,000
Launches over 15 seater200350,000
Launches(MFIFT boats up to 15 seater5050,000
Launches(MFIFT launches over 15 seater)100150,000

Below are the landing fees for aircraft

Gliders, Microlights1020,000
Up to 3 seater2040,000
4-6  seater3060,000
7-14 seater4080,000
15-20 seater50100,000
21 seats and above60120,000
Parking fees for each day10,000


Below are other things to take note of before paying park entrance fees at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  1. The park entrance fees apply to every individual on a Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda safari.
  2. These fees are charged every 24 hours, therefore staying for extra hours in the park after 24 hours is considered an extra day.
  3. Entrance fees for motor engines are charged differently from the individual park entrance fees.
  4. Children are between 5 to 15 years. Those below 5 are exempted from paying the park entrance fees.
  5. The park entrance fee is also not applicable for the safari activities in the park, for an example boat cruises, game drives, or birding.
  6. Vehicle and boat entrance fees are also charged every after 24 hours.
  7. Motorcycles, trailers, vehicles carrying inflammable goods, heavy trucks, and many others are not allowed inside the park unless they are making deliveries in the park or they have express approval from the executive director.
  8. En-route pilots are not charged park entry fees if they stay for less than 2 hours.

Importance Of Paying Park Entry Fees In Queen Elizabeth National Park

There are various reasons why you should pay park entry fees for Queen Elizabeth National Park and they include

  1. Conservation

The park entrance helps in conservation projects in the park to improve on the preservation strategies for the wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  1. Improve visitor’s experience

Also, conservation fees adds revenue to the projects that the management uses to build infrastructure, and make other improvements for a better tourism experience.

  1. Support local communities

The local communities also gain from the park entry fees when they are paid to be guides or give any other assistance to the tourists.

  1. Enables you to enter the park

By paying park entry fees, you can enter the park to enjoy your safari activities for example game drives, boat cruises, and nature walks.

Why Visit Queen Elizabeth Park

  1. Wildlife

Queen Elizabeth National Park has a wide range of animal life with over 95 mammal species that you can view through the game drives, boat cruises and nature walks.

  1. Hippos

The park protects the highest concentration of Hippos in the whole world. You can see these semi-aquatic creatures while on a boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel.

  1. Birds

Queen Elizabeth National Park also hosts the highest bird checklist in Uganda with over 600 bird species. Hence a good spot for your birding safaris. It was in fact named an important Birding Area by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The park entrance fees in Queen Elizabeth National Park are one of the conservation strategies of the park. This fee is paid to the Uganda Wildlife Authority and therefore is required of every individual before encountering their adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Park Entrance Fees In Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. What is the mode of payment for the Queen Elizabeth National Park entrance fee?

You can pay park entrance fees in Queen Elizabeth National Park through credit cards and Mobile money that applies to both MTN and Airtel networks. While paying at the gate you can only use either of these two options because cash is not allowed.

However, those with cash can pay it directly at the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices.

  1. Is there proof that you paid the park entrance fee?

Yes. After your transaction, you will be given a receipt that you must keep with you at all times for verification.

  1. Does booking a lodge inside the park save you from paying park entrance fees for the rest of your stay?

Visitors pay park entrance fees every after 24 hours whether they live inside the park or not.

  1. Is park entrance fees applicable to all National Parks in Uganda?

Yes, it is. For every national Park that you will safari in Uganda, you will be required to pay park entrance fees.

Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda entrance fees are just one of the various protocols to follow while you safari Uganda. However, there are also various other guidelines to follow while in the park.

These directions are put in place to make both you and the animals comfortable in the beautiful wild.

Below are the various rules and regulations to follow while at Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. Ensure that the making of campfires is only on designated sites while in the park. This is to prevent the risk of setting the animals’ habitats on fire.
  2. Drive in the right tracks of the park to avoid unnecessary destruction of the vegetation. This is to also keep you from unreasonably paying fines for paying park fees.
  3. While driving, do not sound the motor horns because they stress the wildlife in the park.
  4. Drive at the recommended speed which is less than 40km/hr.
  5. Firearms and ammunition are not allowed inside the park.
  6. The park management only allows driving in the park between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  7. It is advisable not to bring your pet inside the park.
  8. Do not litter in the park.
  9. Avoid picking flowers or destroying any vegetation in the park.
  10. Keep all your official receipts for inspection.

While in the park, you will engage in various activities depending on your itinerary

Some of these activities include;

  1. Game Drive
  2. Boat Cruise
  3. Birding
  4. Community Tours
  5. Lion Tracking
  6. Nature Walks
  7. Hippo Census
  8. Mongoose Tracking
  9. Chimpanzee Tracking