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10 Days Uganda Safari – Gorilla Trekking, Chimpanzees, Wildlife, Community Uganda Tour

10 Days Uganda Safari Tours – Overview

Your 10 days Uganda safari tour will majorly cover Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee tracking, game viewing, community tours, and a boat tour on Lake Bunyonyi.

The package commences from Entebbe, a city with Uganda’s most famous airport, that is, Entebbe International Airport. Entebbe is a peaceful town on the shores of Lake Victoria which is the biggest tropical lake in the world!

Next is a visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary before heading to Murchison Falls National Park, the largest and oldest Uganda national park with the strongest waterfalls in the world. Murchison is also home to 4 of the big 5 animals of Africa.

Your next destination will then be Kibale National Park, dubbed the primate capital of the world as it hosts over 1,500 Uganda Chimps and 13 other primates. In Kibale, you will track habituated Chimpanzees and also explore the Bigodi village.

Afterward, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s most famous safari destination will follow. This second-largest park in Uganda has a wide wildlife of Uganda, with over 95 mammal species including the peculiar tree-climbing Lions, and over 600 bird species.

Your following destination will then be the great home for almost half of the world’s Mountain Gorilla population, that is, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. According to the last census, Bwindi Uganda had over 459 Mountain Gorillas out of the estimated 1,063 in the whole world.

You will then take a thrilling boat ride on Lake Bunyonyi, the beautiful second-deepest lake in Africa.

Last but not least, you will visit Lake Mburo National Park for a game walk and finally travel back to Entebbe where it all started.

Book/Customize this adventurous 10 Days Uganda safari tour to suit your preference to have an ultimate Uganda wildlife experience at an affordable price!

10 Days Uganda Safari Tours – Prime Safari Activities

  1. White Rhino tracking on foot.
  2. Trekking with Gorillas in Uganda at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.
  3. Chimpanzee tracking at Kibale National Park’s forest.
  4. A cultural tour in Bigodi village.
  5. Viewing the tree-climbing Lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park.
  6. A boat cruise on the Kazinga Channel.
  7. Boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison Falls.
  8. A boat trip on the mesmerizing Lake Bunyonyi.
  9. Uganda wildlife safari game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park
  10. Visiting the top of Murchison Falls.
  11. Trekking safaris in Lake Mburo National Park.
  12. Crossing the Uganda Equator line.
  13. Viewing the scenic Uganda landscape and exploring the rural villages.

10 Days Uganda Safari Tours – Featured Parks/ Destinations

Day 1; Entebbe.

Day 2 & 3; Murchison Falls National Park and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Day 4 & 5; Kibale National Park and Bigodi village.

Day 6; Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda.

Day 7; Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Day 8; Lake Bunyonyi.

Day 9; Lake Mburo National Park.

Day 10; Entebbe.

10 Days Uganda Safari Tours – Prime Safari Highlights

Day 1; This is the arrival day at Entebbe International Airport from where your driver guide will drive you to your hotel in Entebbe.

Day 2; You will be driven to Murchison Falls National Park but with an en-route to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking.

Day 3; Have a morning game drive on the Savannah of Murchison Falls National Park. Also, enjoy a boat cruise to the bottom of Murchison Falls.

Day 4; Visit the top of Murchison Falls and then via Fort Portal Town, transfer to Kibale National Park.

Day 5; Do Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda in Kibale Forest and have a Bigodi community village walk in the afternoon.

Day 6; Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park and have a calming boat trip on the Kazinga Channel. In the evening you will enjoy a game drive on the channel track.

Day 7; Through the Ishasha sector which is the home of Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you will travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Day 8; Participate in Uganda Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and then connect to Lake Bunyonyi for a boat tour and a relaxing experience.

Day 9; Travel from Lake Bunyonyi to Lake Mburo National Park for an evening game drive.

Day 10; you will have a fascinating morning walking safari at Lake Mburo National Park, and then drive back to Entebbe through the Uganda Equator in Kayabwe.

10 Days Uganda Safari Tours – Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival In Uganda And Transfer To A Hotel In Entebbe

When you arrive at Entebbe International Airport, a hospitable friendly guide will warmly receive you. Thereafter, he or she will drive you to a relaxing hotel in Entebbe for dinner and overnight.

Entebbe is a beautiful, small peaceful town in Central Uganda that is about 40km to the South West of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It suitably sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, which is the largest tropical lake in the world. You can tour some near attractions if your flight arrives earlier in the day.

An example is the amazing leisure stroll at the Entebbe Botanical Gardens where there are over 300 exotic plant species, indigenous Uganda bird species, and the Black-and-White Colobus Monkeys.

Likewise, you can visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre to learn about Uganda’s native wildlife or purchase souvenirs in the local market. You can also visit Mabamba Swamp to see the rare shoebill and or Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary to have an up-close encounter with the Chimpanzees.

Accommodation Options In Entebbe


  • Serena Lake Victoria Resort
  • Protea Hotel Entebbe
  • Hotel No.5


  • Boma Hotel Entebbe
  • 2 Friends Beach Hotel Entebbe


  • Airport Guest House

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

Activities and Services

  • Airport pick up
  • Transfer to a hotel

Day 2: Drive To Murchison Falls National Park And Enroute To Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary For Rhino Tracking At

Your second day of the 10 days Uganda safari tour commences at 6:00 am with a delightful breakfast at your hotel. Thereafter, you will have a 5-6 hour drive to Murchison Falls National Park, which is the oldest, largest, and one of the best Uganda parks. On your journey, you will see Uganda’s rural villages and lively towns before you stop at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for Rhino tracking.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is the habitat in Uganda to see, track, photograph, or film one of the big five African animals. An expert local ranger will guide you through a two-hour exhilarating Rhino tracking adventure on foot.

You will then have a delicious lunch at Kabalega Dinner before continuing to Murchison Falls National Park.

Murchison Falls National Park is 3,893 square kilometers and it boasts over 144 mammal species, 556 bird species, and very captivating scenery.

River Nile, which is the longest river in the world bisects the park into two. Passing through blossoming Savannah, with lush riverine woodlands at its borders, River Nile bursts through a small Rift Valley Escarpment to create the strongest waterfalls in the world.

You will reach the park in the early evening hours to relax, have dinner and spend the night.

Accommodation At Murchison Falls National Park


  • Paraa Safari Lodge
  • Bakers Lodge
  • Nile Safari Lodge


  • Pakuba Safari Lodge
  • Murchison River Lodge


  • Hornbill Safari Lodge

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Drive distance and Time

  • A distance of about 375 km for about 7 to 8 hours.

Activities and services

  • Rhino tracking at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Driving to Murchison Falls National Park

Optional Activity

  • Night Game Drive

Day 3: Morning Game Drive On The Savannah And Afternoon Boat Cruise At The Bottom Of The Falls

The amazing 3-4 hour game drive on the Savannah plains of Murchison Falls National Park occurs after your breakfast at 6:00 am.

On your adventure, you will enjoy the scenic view of the Savannah grasslands in the Northern section of the park. The sun will rise as you search for some Uganda wildlife like

  • Giraffes
  • Lions
  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Hyenas
  • Hippos
  • Warthogs
  • Buffaloes
  • Antelopes
  • Baboons
  • Patas Monkeys

On your safari game drive you can also enjoy birding as you take notice of the

  • Great Blue Turaco
  • Grey Crowned Crane
  • Goliath Heron
  • Saddle-Billed Stork
  • Ground Hornbill
  • Pel’s Fishing Owl

A thrilling 3-hour afternoon boat cruise on the great River Nile will lead you 45 meters below the Devil’s Caudron. After your day’s adventure, you will head back to your lodge for dinner and overnight.

Activities and Services for the day

  • Game drive
  • Boat cruise on River Nile

Optional things to do 

  • Night game drive
  • Spot fishing
  • Mubako village tour

Day 4: Visit The Top Of Murchison Falls And Then Transfer To Kibale National Park

After your delicious breakfast, you will have a drive to the top of Murchison Falls where you will have a scenic view from different vantage points, the strongest waterfalls in the world.

After this mesmerizing adventure, you will head to Kibale National Park on a drive of about 6 hours through the captivating Albertine Rift Valley through indigenous villages in Uganda.

On your journey, you will stop at the right time in Fort portal for lunch. Fort Portal is another scenic and beautiful cultural and historic town in Uganda. On a clear day, you can see the peaks of Mountain Rwenzori from this town. The town is also famous for its many tea plantations.

From Fort Portal, you will proceed to Kibale National Park, which has many tropical forests in Uganda.

This park is 770 square kilometers and is well-known for having the highest concentration of primates in Africa. There are over 1500 Chimpanzees in this park and 13 other primate species.

Arrival at your camp will be in the late afternoon when you will relax, have dinner and spend the night.

Accommodation Options At Kibale National Park


  • Crater Safari Lodge
  • Kyaninga Lodge
  • Primate Lodge Kibale


  • Chimpanzee Forest Guest House (cottages)
  • Kibale Forest Camp


  • Chimpanzee Forest Guest house (main house)

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Drive distance and time

  • The drive distance is about 366km for about 6 hours

Activities and Services

  • Visit the top of the falls
  • A drive to Kibale National Park

Day 5: Do Uganda Chimpanzee Trekking In Kibale Forest And Have An Afternoon Bigodi Community Village Walk

Your breakfast will be at 6:30 am after which your guide will lead you to Kanyanchu Visitor Center in Kibale Forest. It is from here that you will have an adventurous Chimpanzee tracking experience that begins at 8:00 am.

At 7:00 am, expert local rangers will give a briefing about the activity and thereafter lead you on foot for this sensational search for the habituated Chimpanzees.

These Chimpanzees that live in groups of over 10 to 100 are much smaller than their Gorilla cousins. However, they are not least in being charming, expressing, or intelligent.

Tracking the Chimps will take about 2-6 hours depending on how near or far they are. Chimpanzee trekking at Kibale National Park has a 95% success possibility of meeting these primates. It, therefore, gives a way higher chance of meeting these primates than what any other Chimpanzee trekking destination in Uganda or Rwanda could offer.

Upon finding a Chimpanzee family, you will spend one hour with them and take as many photos as you like.

After lunch at your lodge, you will have a guided cultural walk in Bigodi village. The village path will lead to a primary school and homesteads where you will attend to the stories of an old man locally called Mzee. You will afterward head back to your lodge to relax, have dinner and spend the night.

Meal plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Activities and services

  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Bigodi Village Walk

Day 6: Transfer To Queen Elizabeth National Park, Have A Boat Trip On The Kazinga Channel, And A Game Drive

After a delicious relaxing breakfast, your scenic journey to the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve will take about 2-3 hours.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular safari destination in Uganda covering an area of 1978 square kilometers. This park portrays a very beautiful wide range of Uganda’s landscape comprising extensive Savannah, shady humid forests, fertile wetlands, and sparkly lakes. These are habitats to the diverse wildlife of over 95 mammal species and over 600 Uganda bird species.

Your arrival for lunch and some relaxation at your lodge will be just in time before you continue for the afternoon boat cruise on Kazinga Channel. Kazinga Channel is a 32km long stream that connects Lake George to Lake Edward.

The channel carries the highest concentration of Hippos in Africa, but it also hosts large herds of Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, Nile Crocodiles, and water birds.

This adventurous cruise will pass through local fishing villages in the park and relay to you the marvelous African day.

Following the boat cruise will be a scenic game drive on the channel track then going back to your lodge for a calming dinner night.

Accommodation Options in Queen Elizabeth National Park


  • Mweya Safari Lodge
  • Kyambura Gorge Lodge


  • Enganzi Game Lodge
  • Kasenyi Safari Camp


  • Pumba Safari Lodge
  • Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge

Meal plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Drive Distance and Time

  • 120km in about 2-3 hours

Activities and Services

  • Transport to Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • A boat cruise on Kazinga Channel

Day 7: Travel To Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Through Queen Elizabeth National Park’s Ishasha

Through the Ishasha sector, you will travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

But first, you will have a safari game drive in Ishasha to look for the rare tree-climbing Lions who lazily doze their day away on the fig trees. The trees are also a good perspective for viewing the numerous Uganda Kobs which are their preys. You will also see Buffaloes, Elephants, Topis and a wide range of the birds of Uganda.

After the game drive, you will then exit the park from the South through the rolling hills, traditional homesteads, and lovely panoramic views.

Somewhere en route, you will have a lovely lunch before you can continue to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site covering 321 square kilometers and lying at the edge of the rift valley.

The park has some of the oldest and most biologically diverse rain forests of Africa that are covered with mist. This forest has over 400 plant species and it is home to almost half of the world’s remaining Mountain Gorilla population, which is about 459 as of the last census.

Bwindi also protects over 120 Uganda mammal species, and 351 bird species, counting all the 24 Albertine Rift endemic birds.

You will reach the park in the evening hours so you can relax and prepare for the famous Gorilla trekking adventure for the following day.

Accommodation Options At Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


  • Haven Lodge Buhoma
  • Gorilla Forest Camp
  • Buhoma Lodge


  • Gorilla Mist Camp
  • Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge


  • Trekkers Tavern Ruhija

Meal plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Drive distance and Time

  • Your distance will be approximately 130-220 km for over 4-7 hours

Activities and Services

  • Search for tree-climbing lions
  • Drive to Bwindi

Day 8: Participate In Uganda Gorilla Trekking And Then Connect To Lake Bunyonyi For A Boat Tour

On your eighth day, you will experience the famous Uganda activity that many have dubbed a “life-changing experience”. You will get to meet Africa’s gentle giant apes of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

A delicious breakfast at 6:00 am will be followed by a briefing from an expert local ranger at the headquarters of the park before your activity.

Gorilla trekking through the dense forest will begin at 8:00 am and you will meet lots of butterflies, beautiful birds, and rare Monkey species. Trekking these Gorillas will take between 2 to 8 hours and it can be strenuous because there are steep trails, humid air, and dense vegetation.

Nonetheless, you will forget all the pain upon meeting a family of these rare, endangered Mountain Gorillas. You may find them playing, napping, eating, or grooming.

Meeting the largest primates in the world will leave you with an awe-inspiring feeling, more so even because they have a very familiar character to that of humans. You will actually feel like you have known them for your entire life.

You will spend one hour with these primates, after which you will have your packed lunch and then head back to the park center where you will be awarded a Gorilla tracking certificate.

With the wonderful fresh memories of the Gorilla experience, you will be driven to Lake Bunyonyi a beautiful gem in the tropics of Kigezi Island. The beautiful scenery of Lake Bunyonyi will blow you away, especially as you continue on a thrilling boat cruise to explore the 29 Islands on the lake.

Accommodation Options At Lake Bunyonyi


  • Birdnest @ Bunyonyi


  • Lake Bunyonyi Rock Resort

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Drive distance and time

  • About 55-85 km for 1-3 hours.

Activities and services

  • Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
  • Boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi

Day 9: Travel From Lake Bunyonyi To Lake Mburo National Park For An Evening Game Drive

Day 9 will begin with a relaxing hearty breakfast before you progress on a 4 hours drive to Lake Mburo National Park in the North East.

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest Savannah park in Uganda with an area of 260 square kilometers.

The park holds over 350 bird species, and 68 mammal species, for example

  1. Impalas
  2. Leopards
  3. Leopards
  4. Jackals
  5. Buffaloes
  6. Hyenas
  7. Hippos
  8. Crocodiles
  9. Many Antelopes

The charming safari game drive at Lake Mburo National Park will take about 4 hours through small indigenous villages, rolling hills, and plantations of coffee and bananas.

En-route will be at Igongo Cultural Center in Mbarara town from where you will enjoy your delicious lunch. This destination features a five-star hotel, a craft center, a top restaurant, and one of the best museums in Uganda.

You will then carry on to the park as you view the herds of the Ankole cattle on the way to the park entrance. Check in at your lodge for a rest before you can go for an evening game drive.

After your game drive, you will return to the lodge and freshen up for a marvelous farewell dinner that will wrap up your African safari to the pearl of Africa.

Accommodation Options At Lake Mburo National Park


  • Mihingo Safari Lodge


  • Rwakobo Rock


  • Eagles Nest Mburo

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Drive Distance and Time

  • About 199km for about 3 to 4 hours

Activities and Services

  • A drive to Lake Mburo National Park
  • An evening game drive at Lake Mburo National Park

Optional Activities

  • A night game drive
  • A night game drive on Lake Mburo

Day 10: Relish The Morning Walking Safari At Lake Mburo National Park And Then Drive Back To Entebbe

Lake Mburo National Park offers the best walking safaris in Uganda. At 6:00 am you will have a beautiful breakfast and thereafter will be led to a knowledgeable local park ranger.

With him, you will search for and encounter Zebras, Impalas, Waterbucks, Bushbucks, Elands, Topis, and various birds.

Kindly note that the place is safe and there are no lions or Elephants to worry about.

Following your nature walking safari will be the 3-4 hours journey back to Entebbe. There will be an en-route stop at the Uganda Equator line at Kayabwe where you can stand on both sides of the world with each leg on either side; one on the Northern hemisphere and the other on the Southern hemisphere.

As you take photos at the equator, this is also a beautiful site to buy souvenirs to take home as a mark to remember your 10 days Uganda safari tour.

Your driver guide will then proceed with you to Entebbe and you will arrive at around 8:00 pm. Depending on the time of your flight, your guide will proceed with you to the airport or a hotel in case you have a late flight.

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast

Drive distance and time

  • The distance is about 240km, which is about a 3-4 hour drive.

Activities and services

  • Morning walking safari
  • A game drive back to Entebbe
  • Photo shoots at the Equator in Kayabwe

Optional Activities

  • A cycling tour at Lake Mburo National Park.
  • Ankole Community Tours

The End Of Your 10 Days Uganda Safari Tour

10 Days Uganda Safari Tours – Safari Inclusions

  1. A permit for the Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari
  2. Chimpanzee tracking permit
  3. Full board accommodation for your safari
  4. Transportation in a 4×4 safari van or 4×4 Land Cruise with all having pop-up roofs and AC.
  5. Fuel
  6. A professional driver guide who speaks English. However, a guide who speaks another foreign language can be arranged on request.
  7. Park entrance fees for the national parks and protected areas to be visited.
  8. Activity fees for the mentioned safari activities.
  9. Bottled water while on the safari.
  10. Airport transfers.

10 days Uganda Safari Tours – Safari Exclusions

  1. General tips for driver and site guides, plus the service staff in the lodges.
  2. Other personal drinks like beverages.
  3. Laundry services.
  4. Visas.
  5. Domestic flights are only arranged on request.
  6. Optional activity fees.
  7. Other extras that are not mentioned in the itinerary.

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