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Katunguru Bridge Area in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

Katunguru Bridge Area in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda is the center of the Katunguru Bridge.

This bridge lies over the Kazinga Channel Uganda with an elevation of 951m above sea level.

The Kazinga Channel bridge was named after the native name of Lake George which is Lake Katunguru.

South of the Katunguru Bridge is the Katunguru Park Headquarters where visitors can also pay entrance fees to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The bridge is also a major fishing settlement for the local “Kitara” people of the park.

Their town can not be wilder than it already is since it is located inside the park.

The residents prefer fishing to farming. This is because the animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park that roam the region can eat their plants.

Likewise, the area has too much sunshine that does not favor the growth of many crops.

Katunguru Bridge Area is favorable for visitors who would like a budget safari and accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It holds many mid-range and budget lodges.

If you love arts and crafts, you can stop at the craft shop of the Katunguru Women’s Group which sells various handicrafts. For example, bracelets, baskets, and jewelry. The shop is just at the petrol station in Katunguru.

A Kazinga Channel boat trip around the Katunguru Bridge Area goes from Kasese District to Rubirizi District.

On this boat cruise, one can view the large school of Hippos, which are the major attractions of these waters.

However, boat trips from Katunguru have majorly two advantages

  1. You do not pay park entry fees.
  2. Visitors do a boat cruise on the small boats which gives them a closer and clearer view of many wildlife.

Underneath the bridge is a papyrus swamp that congregates different wading birds. Common examples are the Papyrus Gonolek and the Pink-Backed Pelican.

The Katunguru Bridge Area is a Uganda tour since it consists of the Kazinga Channel.

Thus, you can see the animal and birdlife of the Kazinga Channel in this area too.

Location Of The Katunguru Bridge Area In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

The Katunguru Bridge Area is located in the Ankole Sub-region of Rubirirzi District.

The area is on the South of the Kazinga Channel while on its North, lies the Equator along the Kikorongo–Ishaka Road.

Attractions Of Katunguru Bridge Area In Queen Eli

Katunguru Bridge Area accommodates many Uganda wildlife and birds that enhance thrilling Uganda tours.

Major Queen Elizabeth National Park wildlife in the Katunguru Bridge Area includes the;

  1. Hippos
  2. Cape Buffaloes
  3. African Bush Elephants
  4. Warthogs
  5. Nile Crocodiles
  6. Sitatunga
  7. Giant Forest Hogs

Major Uganda bird species to spot in the Katunguru Bridge Area are the;

1)    Pink-backed Pelican

2)    Gull-billed Tern

3)    White-winged Tern

4)    Pied Kingfisher

5)    Malachite Kingfisher

6)    Lesser Swamp Warbler

7)    Greater Swamp Warbler

8)    White-winged Warbler

9)    Carruther’s Cisticola

10)   Papyrus Gonolek


Kazinga Channel is another attraction at the Katunguru Bridge Area.

The wide 32km stream that connects Lake George to Lake Edward has a rewarding view of Uganda’s nature.

Activities  In  Katunguru Bridge Area In Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda

The major activity around the Katunguru Bridge Area is the Kazinga Channel cruise.

The boat trip is an opportunity to see the numerous Hippos on the channel and other animals that come to bathe or drink.

The locals in the area also carry out fishing as their major economic activity.

The best season to visit the Katunguru Bridge Area is in the dry seasons of January to February and June to August.

In this season, it is easy to view the animals that come to bathe and drink by the waters on hot days.

Lodges/Accomodation Around Katunguru Bridge Area


Buffalo Safari Lodge; the lodge is situated at the Katunguru Bridge near the Kazinga Channel.

Enshama Game Lodge and Camp; is also found in Katunguru along the MbararaKasese road.


Engiri Game Lodge and Camp; this lodge lies on the shores of the Kazinga Channel with a remarkable Uganda landscape.

The Kazinga boat tour is just a walk away from this lodge.

Tembo Safari Lodge; is strategically positioned to oversee the prestigious Kazinga channel.

Preparing For Your Boat Trip At Katunguru Bridge Area

The Katunguru boat trip is done on smaller boats. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of what you ought to carry and how you should dress up.


  1. Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers that keep you safe from insect bites.
  2. Also, wear light shoes preferably with rubber soles to be stable on the boat.
  3. A hat and sunglasses will protect you from direct sunlight.

What you should remember to carry;

  1. Carry a good camera for taking wildlife photos.
  2. Have a pair of binoculars to clearly view the distant wildlife.
  3. Carry a poncho or rain jacket in case it rains.
  4. A sunscreen lotion will protect your skin from being damaged by the sun’s rays.
  5. An insect repellent will keep insects away from you.
  6. Also, remember your snack and a bottle of drinking water.
  7. Lastly, have a bag to safely keep your belongings.

If planned well, the Katunguru Bridge Area in Queen Elizabeth National Park gives an incredible Uganda tour experience at a low cost.

Backed with the melody of the flowing waters of the Kazinga Channel Uganda, it is an adventure to witness!

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