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Zimbabwe Safaris, Zimbabwe Safari Tours, African Vacations

Zimbabwe safaris/Zimbabwe safari tours and African vacations to Zimbabwe offer a lifetime dream vacation to tourists to Southern Africa.

The nation was named after the great Zimbabwe, which was once the richest empire that supported almost the whole African continent. These great Zimbabwe ruins still lie in this nation, and you can explore them on your tours.

Zimbabwe currently dedicates 12% of its land to national parks and game reserves including its most famous attraction, the magnificent Victoria Falls which is one of the seven natural wonders in the world.

Victoria Falls tours involve fascinating river cruises on the Zambezi River to explore its best views, especially at sunset.

On the other hand, Hwange National Park which is the most famous of all the wildlife-watching destinations in the country will give a thrilling experience on the safari game drives.

A visit to Lake Kariba, the largest manmade lake in the world is similarly mesmerizing as you get to explore the country, its source of hydroelectric power, and various animals.

The beautiful rocky landscape of the Matobo Hills is another destination to launch into the great civilization history of the Shona from the 11th to the 15th centuries. Its ruins thus stand as the oldest and largest in South Africa.

Among many other experiences, wrap up your Zimbabwe safaris with the scenic canoe or walking safari at Mana Pools National Park to discover the Zambezi River.

Your adventure can also be tailor made to other destinations like South Africa in Cape Town and Kruger Park or Botswana’s Chobe River and park.

Select your Zimbabwe vacation packages today or book your tailor-made tours for amazing adventures in Southern Africa.

Are There Safaris in Zimbabwe? | Does Zimbabwe Have Good Safaris?

Yes, there are good safaris in this tourist destination in which you will get to view various animal life, nature, cultures, and other experiences in a true African continent.

Visit Hwange NP, Victoria Falls National Park, Matusadona National Park, and Matobo Hills for amazing safari adventures.

For better experiences, your tailor-made itinerary will take you to South Africa in Cape Town and other amazing places.

Tourist Attractions in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Safaris

The country boasts various attractions with the greatest attractions including Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Mana Pools NP, Matobo National Park, and Lake Kariba.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is among the largest and most spectacular waterfalls in the world, 1.7km wide. Victoria Falls thus even surpasses Niagara Falls on the America-Canada border in height and age, although they are both among the most beautiful wonders of the world to behold.

Victoria Falls hosts the Victoria Falls National Park which is more famous for Zimbabwe’s natural beauty of the well-nourished flora of rainforests than for its fauna.

Victoria Falls, one of the greatest natural wonders and also among the seven natural wonders of the world is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia with the former protecting 75% and the latter, 25 % of this most spectacular waterfall.

On your Zimbabwe tour at Victoria Falls, also a World Heritage Site and one of the seven wonders of the earth, you will participate in the local shopping of the artworks, carvings, and the curios of the locals.

The best time to visit Victoria Falls is from February to May when it is easier to get to the waterfalls.

Hwange National Park

With about 100 animal species and more than 400 bird species, Hwange National Park creates a captivating experience, more so at the great sight of more than 30,000 Elephants, and various Antelopes, Giraffes, and Zebras.

It is one of the greatest attractions for wildlife viewing during Zimbabwe tours, especially on the amazing game drives.

Game drives at Hwange Park are the best for viewing the big five like the Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes, and the Rhino.

The dry season most especially provides better views of the wildlife as they gather to drink from the water holes, especially Elephants.

The best time to visit Hwange NP is the dry season from around July to October.

Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park is 70km along the Zambezi River, thus offering the best walking safari and canoe ride for authentic wildlife viewing.

This World Heritage Site and one of the natural wonders in Northern Zimbabwe lies on the Southern banks of the Zambezi River.

The park is also a great place to view the big five, but it boasts higher numbers of Buffaloes and Elephants.

Matobo National Park

Even though this World Heritage Site has a lesser number of wild animals compared to other national parks, it is still worth visiting.

Matobo National Park is a reserve for viewing both the White Rhino and the Black Rhinos.

More so, this park consists of the scenic Matobo Hills and a dramatic landscape with the highest concentration of the Verreaux’s Eagle in the whole world.

Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba, the largest manmade lake in the world is the source of Hydroelectric power in Zimbabwe.

A boat cruise on the lake will enable you to see Hippos, Nile Crocodiles, and Waterbucks, among others.

Zimbabwe Tours Things to Do

Zimbabwe Safaris

Below are some of the major activities that you can do on your tailor-made Zimbabwe tour.

Game Drives

Game drives are one of the activities to do on your tours to Zimbabwe. A game drive safari in the country will give you the chance to awe at the amazing big five animals like the White Rhino and Black Rhino, Lions, Leopards, Elephants, and Buffaloes.

Your tour can also be tailor made to experience this activity in destinations of South Africa like Kruger National Park and other reserves in Cape Town.

Canoe Rides on Zambezi River

The Zambezi River cruise, especially on your Mana Pools exploration allows you to look at nature and animals like Hippos, Elephants, and Zebras among others.

Scenery Viewing

Tourists can participate in watching one of the seven wonders of the world, the outstanding Victoria Falls during their tours in Zimbabwe.

The great sight of this natural wonder will give you an amazing view of nature and everything that it holds.

Wildlife Camping

Zimbabwe is one of the great destinations to do a bush camp in awe of nature.

You will listen to the chirps of the birds and the sound of other animals in the bush during your camping adventures.

Cultural Tours

Visit the local culture in the country and get to experience an amazing Africa by learning about their ways, food, and traditions that are centuries old.

Food Tours

On your Zimbabwean adventure, get the chance to go for a food tour in the streets and restaurants so you can have a taste of the local cuisine like the maize meal and Nhedzi which is a wild mushroom soup eaten by the local people.

Other safari activities to add to your tailor-made vacation packages include Horse riding, Golfing, and Fishing on “The Little England” of the Matobo Hills, Bungee Jumping, White water rafting, and volunteering.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe? | Which Month Is Best for Zimbabwe Safari? | Which Is the Best Month to Visit Zimbabwe? | What Is the Best Time of the Year to Visit Zimbabwe and Why?

The dry season of July to September is the best time to visit for your Zimbabwe tours. These months are the middle and end of the dry season, but the best for wildlife viewing.

Wild animals gather around the water halls and the vegetation becomes lesser thus providing better views of the wildlife.

The dry season is also the Southern Hemisphere winter; thus mornings and afternoons are quite cold, especially during game drives. Thus, carry warm clothes.

Your tour can also be tailor made to suit traveling in the wet season from around November to March. In this period, wildlife viewing is also quite good in addition to the lush green vegetation. Moreso, service costs in the national parks usually reduce during this season.

Since this dry season is also the best to visit South Africa in Kruger National Park and Cape Town, your adventure can be tailor made to suit this.

Is Zimbabwe a Cheap Country to Visit?

Compared to other countries in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is quite cheaper to visit.

However, the prices of some goods may be slightly higher due to the economic inflation in the country.

Depending on your tailor-made tours, budget lodges will cost about $ 20 to $ 40 per night.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Zimbabwe Safari? | How Much Does a Safari Cost in Zimbabwe? | How Much Is the Tour in Zimbabwe? | How Much Is a Safari in Zimbabwe?

The cost of a Zimbabwe tour depends on various factors with some major ones including the season for your Zimbabwe tours, how long you are staying, transportation, activities, accommodation, and extra costs.

Let us look at the various determinants for your tour to this destination below.

The Season for Zimbabwe Tours

The dry season from around July to September is usually the high season, thus higher costs on services like accommodation, especially at Victoria Falls.

The dry season months of May and September are also the peak for wildlife viewing thus similarly making the costs of the tour relatively higher than the wet season of November to March.

The wet season has a low number of tourists thus it is quite cheaper. Some lodges close during this wet season but the ones that stay open usually have lower prices. More so, viewing wildlife in this wet season is also good.

How Long You Are Staying on Zimbabwe Tours

Longer stays on your Zimbabwe safari means higher costs, especially on the park entrance fees, accommodation, and safari activities.


Transportation costs in the country are quite expensive because of the poor roads and the big size of the country.

If travelers are to go to remote areas like the Hwange and Mana Pools National Parks, then most tourists will need their tours tailor made to use air transport which is more expensive than road transport.

Many travelers connect to Victoria Falls from Johannesburg in South Africa or to Harare from Cape Town.

Safari Activities

There are various touristic activities to do on a Zimbabwe safari including game drives to see the various wildlife, a canoe ride, or a walking safari in Mana Pools Park along the Zambezi River.

No matter the activity that you choose for your safari, it will all come with costs for your Zimbabwe safari.


The accommodation class that a traveler chooses to use also affects the price of their safaris. A traveler who chooses luxury accommodation will have more costs than one who sleeps in a budget or midrange accommodation.

Extra Costs

Travelers will also have extra costs on their international flights, tipping, buying local items, and participating in other add-on activities like bungee jumping, and white-water rafting.

Thus, depending on the above factors, the common 7-day midrange safari to this country on a private tour will cost about USD 2000 per person, and luxury at about USD 3000.

Accommodation/Lodges in Zimbabwe


There are various accommodation options ranging from budget to midrange and luxury to choose from for your safari.

The government mostly provides budget cottages, but you can also find privately owned accommodation facilities with better services.

Below, we look at the various accommodation and lodges in the Zimbabwean tourist destinations.

  1. Victoria Falls Hotel.
  2. Singita Pamushana Lodge.
  3. Little Ruckomechi.
  4. Bumi Hills Safari Lodge.
  5. Caribbea Bay Resort.
  6. Changa Safari Camp.
  7. Little Ruckomechi Camp.
  8. Batonka Guest Lodge.
  9. Gorges Lodge at Victoria Falls.
  10. Ilala Lodge Hotel at Victoria Falls.

Zimbabwean Travel Information and Tips

  1. You will require a visa to travel to this nation. Many countries can purchase it on arrival with cash of about USD 30 to USD 45.
  2. Some travelers may want to know “Is tipping customary in Zimbabwe?”. Tipping is allowed and is also very much appreciated by the locals. You can give between USD 5 to 10 depending on what you have.
  3. Internet access in this tourist destination is better in the urban regions than in the rural areas. Thus, your cell phone network will also be better in the urban than in the rural ranges.
  4. The toilets in the country range according to the area. Flushable toilets are in the urban areas and high-end lodges while the squat toilets are common in the rural areas. Move with your toilet paper and soap as most of these rural areas do not provide them.
  5. Likewise, make sure that your luggage is light to avoid carrying unnecessary items. Pack light clothes, mostly those for the dry season as there is a lot of heat.

You can also pack warm clothes for the morning chill and cold late afternoons. Have sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide hat, good trekking shoes, a rain jacket or poncho, your camera, and pair of binoculars.

  1. Stick to bottled water and do not drink tap water as it may be dangerous for your health.
  2. Credit cards can only be used in the country by fewer tour destinations. You can carry physical cash of the US Dollars, or the South African Rand as the Zimbabwean Dollar is unstable due to inflation. ATMS are also only common in urban centers.
  3. If you can, purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance will help limit the health costs in various countries in case of any health emergencies during your travels.

Top 10 Zimbabwe Tours & Vacation Packages 2023/2024 – 234 Reviews | Zimbabwe Tour Packages | What Are the Best Vacation Packages to Zimbabwe?

Below, we look at the best tailor made and most reviewed Zimbabwe vacation packages to choose from. Likewise, we are flexible enough to create tailor made Zimbabwe vacation packages to suit your taste and style.

  • 4 Days Victoria Falls National Park.
  • 6 Days Classic Hwange Tour.
  • 6 Days Tour and Vacation Package – Victoria Falls & Hwange NP
  • 7 Days Tour Adventure – Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, Game Viewing in Matusadona & Mana Pools Park
  • 8 Days Vacation Package Tour – Game Viewing in Matobo & Gonarezhou National Park, Matobo Hills, Rhino Trekking, Historical Tours.
  • 9 Days Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Matusadona Safari.
  • 11 Days Vacation Package Safari Zimbabwe & Mozambique.
  • 14 Days Zimbabwe, South Africa (Kruger NP, Cape Town), and Botswana safari (Chobe River).
  • 15 Days Zimbabwe and Botswana Ivory Route (Chobe River).
  • 16 Days Victoria Falls, Botswana, South Africa (Kruger NP, Cape Town), and Namibia.

Tour Operators for Zimbabwe Tours

Looking for the best tour operator for your tours? contact the official business tour operators below for the best experiences. With professional flexibility to make your Zimbabwe vacation packages tailor made, a unique experience awaits.

  1. Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd
  2. Africa Safaris Tours

Frequently Asked Questions About Zimbabwe Safaris

Is Zimbabwe Good for Safaris?

Yes, this tourist destination is good for safaris as it is a good place for game viewing, and scenery adventures because of its natural beauty in the landscapes, the welcoming people, and favorable climate.

Why Do Tourists Visit Zimbabwe? | Why Do People Visit Zimbabwe?

Tourists visit this country to explore Victoria Falls, view the animal life, visit the local people, and generally have an authentic African tour.

Being in the region of South Africa, Kruger National Park and Cape Town will give you similar experiences.

What Is Safari Like in Zimbabwe?

It is fascinating! Through your game drive tour in Hwange National Park, you will look for the big five such as the Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant, and Buffaloes.

Likewise, visit Victoria Falls for a memorable nature walk or explore Kruger and Cape Town in South Africa.

How Many Days Should I Spend in Zimbabwe? | How Many Days Do You Need in Zimbabwe?

Have at least 7 days to 10 days’ vacation packages in this destination to fully have a general exploration of the Victoria Falls, Hwange NP, and Matusadona National Park among others depending on your tailor-made itinerary.

What Animals Will I See in Zimbabwe

This nation is a great place for wildlife viewing. Through the game drive adventures, you can have the best views of the big five in Hwange NP, especially during the dry season. These are the Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, and Rhinos.

In addition, the great sights of the Wild Dogs, and various Antelopes like the Impala, Bushbuck, and Waterbuck will also leave you in awe.

While at Mana Pools NP, there are incredible sights of Hippos and Crocodiles in the Zambezi River

Matobo NP is your best bet to easily spot the White Rhino and also stand a chance to see the Black Rhino. The Black Rhino is quite shy, and they usually stay in the thickets.

Is Zimbabwe Safe for Safari?

Zimbabwe tours are very safe, even though the country had a chaotic past. Follow the safety instructions given to you by your guide and you will be good to go.

Your guide will also make sure that you have an amazing trip by even finding you the best accommodation facilities for your various safari experiences.

What Is the Best Way to Travel to Zimbabwe?

The best way to travel to this destination is by air transport, especially if you are from another continent. African countries both in Southern Africa and in other parts of Africa can also use air transport.

Various travelers fly in from Johannesburg in South Africa to Victoria Falls or Cape Town to Harare.

However, if you are traveling within the country, it is good to hire a car for self-drive.

Need Help Planning a Tour?

Inquire and book your vacation packages with the best tour operators in the official business for your Zimbabwe safaris to experience your dream vacation in Southern Africa.

Explore Zimbabwe today for the best safari experience!