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Tips When Travelling to Namibia, Tips for Traveling to Namibia, Travel Tips to Namibia Guide

Looking for a Namibia travel guide or Namibia travel tips? What do I need to know before going to Namibia? As you plan to visit Namibia, tips for traveling to Namibia/ travel tips to Namibia guide are of great help to you, and they are worth knowing for memorable Namibia safaris.

Namibia is a beautiful desert country in southern Africa (South West Africa), presenting lifetime safari experiences. Travelers taking Namibia safari tours will explore various amazing vast landscapes, towering sand dunes, as well as rich wildlife, which comprises the wildest animals on the African continent, including all the Big game.

All guests traveling to Namibia need these travel tips for Namibia! In this Namibia travel blog, we have summarized the essential information you should know as you come for your African safaris in Namibia. The key ones include; how to travel to Namibia, getting around, the top attractions and best things to do in Namibia, and how to stay safe while on your Namibia safari vacation.

Although there are numerous attractions in Namibia, never end your African safari in Namibia without exploring Etosha National Park, Great Fish River Canyon, Windhoek City, Walvis Bay, and the vibrant culture.

Below is all you need to know about Namibia travel tips!

Traveling to Namibia Travel Tips- How to Travel to Namibia?

Several visitors who travel to Namibia arrive by air and usually most of them fly first to Johannesburg within South Africa Cape Town and then connect to Namibia’s main airport (Hosea Kutako International Airport), 45km eastern Windhoek, using South African Airways.

The only direct flight to Namibia is from Germany & Frankfurt. There are no direct flights from Australia and North America.

From Hosea Kutako International Airport (Windhoek Airport), you’ll be picked up by your local tour operator in a comfortable safari vehicle to the next destination. Self driving in Namibia is possible since Namibia has good roads but, we don’t recommend them.

Traveling in Namibia Travel Tips, How Do You Get Around in Namibia?

How to get around Namibia? Public transport means are limited in Namibia therefore, most visitors who travel to Namibia usually travel by tour operators or in a rental car.

Local buses are slow and hardly go to tourism spots, for example, Etosha National Park, and Namib Desert.

Since Namibia is a vast beautiful country, there are international flights that can be used for short time travelers who are limited to road tripping/road trips.

Travelers interested in rental cars for road tripping are possible since Namibia roads are nice! Just be ready to sit for a few hours.

A few roads are tarmacked while most have gravel. You should use a 4WD vehicle while going for any off road desert adventure road trips.

Please keep in mind that, petrol stations (gas stations) in Namibia are sparse and you have to drive long distances. Therefore, you should always feel up when you find one!

Namibia Travel Requirements- What Are the Requirements to Travel to Namibia Travel Guide?

What documents do I need to travel to Namibia? Just like it is in most southern African safari countries, all travelers visiting Namibia should have some travel documents to enter this country.

Below are Namibia entry requirements:

  1. Valid Passport

A passport is a must-have travel document for all travelers visiting Namibia. Make sure it has a blank space for the visa stamp and it must be valid for 6 months from the date of your entry.

  1. Visa- Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Namibia?

Some nationals can enter Namibia without a visa! Among these include citizens from the US, Irish, British, Canada, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Singapore, South Africa, etc.

You should check first to see whether your nationality qualifies. A visa for Namibia costs 500 South African Rand Namibia.

Which countries can enter Namibia without a visa? For more info about Namibia visa visit; https://visaguide.world/africa/namibia-visa/.

You can’t get a Namibia visa upon arrival!

  1. Yellow Fever Vaccination Card

Travelers coming from infested areas with this disease must present a yellow fever vaccination card to enter Namibia.


  • Travelers entering Namibia from neighbouring countries on a road trip will pay 295 Namibian dollars, as of 5th, 12, 2019. You should pay cash for this, so be prepared.
  • You’ll further need a certified copy of vehicle registration papers, a motor insurance certificate as well as a ZA sticker if you are coming from South Africa.

14 Best Tourist Attractions in Namibia, Things to See in Namibia Travel Tips- What to See in Namibia?

Are you interested in what to see in Namibia or looking for Namibia tourist attractions? Travelers visiting Namibia for African safari tours will encounter numerous amazing attractions including some that can’t be found anywhere on the globe.

These are the best places to visit in Namibia:

  1. Etosha National Park

For game viewing lovers, visit Etosha National Park. This beautiful scenic park boasts rich wildlife counting most of the incredible wild animals in Africa.

In Etosha National Park, you will do game drives, looking out for Cape Elephants, Giraffes, Gemsbok, Springboks, Buffalos, Lions, Leopards, Zebras, and Black Rhinos as well as birds, etc.

The dry season yields lovely game viewing tours in Namibia Etosha National Park.

  1. Great Fish River Canyon

Among the beautiful places to visit on Namibia safari tours is the Great River Canyon. It’s ideal for photography in Namibia- a desert country.

The Great Fish River Canyon is one of the biggest gorges on Earth. Nature lovers are free to take hikes along several beautiful trails in this canyon.

  1. Windhoek City

Namibia’s capital is Windhoek City. It’s the starting and ending point of most safaris in Namibia. Travelers undertaking Windhoek city tours usually explore the National Museum of Namibia as well as the Independence Memorial Museum.

For a great experience as you explore Windhoek City, never miss reaching the Balcony of Love at Namibia National Museum where you have great views of Windhoek City.

  1. Namibian Desert

The Namib Desert is the world’s oldest desert. It’s a coastal desert within Southern Africa stretching 2,000km along the Atlantic Ocean coastline of Namibia, Angola, & northwest of South Africa.

Within the Namibian Desert, you can enjoy hiking sand dunes, guided desert bush walks, sky diving, as well as sand boarding, etc.

  1. Cape Cross Seal Colonies

Cape Cross Seal Colony is among the unique and amazing attractions in Namibia.

This Cape Cross Seal Reserve holds over 200,000 Seals and watching these incredible creatures is a memorable experience you shouldn’t miss!

Views of the Seals are endless and there is a wooden board where you will walk from enjoying close encounters with the Seals.

  1. Damaraland Nature Reserve

Damaraland Nature Reserve is a geological wonder holding lovely ancient rock art and a breathtaking wild landscape. Damaraland is famous for holding Africa’s largest population of free roaming Black Rhinos and the famous Namibia’s desert Elephants.

  1. Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is a must not miss destination for all nature lovers on African safaris in Namibia. Skeleton Coast is found in Southern Namibia along the coast Atlantic Ocean.

Its weird name “Skelton Coast” arises from the numerous shipwrecks that have existed over the years!

The beach on this mysterious coast is a graveyard of whales and other desert life. Their blenched bones are littered all over the golden sand and the scenes are worth exploring.

  1. Quiver Tree Forest

The Quiver Tree Forest is a famous en-route stop for travelers on road trip to Southern Namibia. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Namibia. A Quiver tree is a beautiful unique plant species between a tree and a flower.

This area is ideal for photo shooting by travelers on Namibia tours.

In the early days, Bushmen could use branches of Quiver trees to make quivers thus, the name Quiver trees.


  1. Namib Naukluft National Park– great site for climbing sand dunes in Namibia.
  2. Tropical of Capricorn– the ideal place for taking amazing pictures
  3. Himba Village- here, you’ll enjoy memorable cultural tours with the Himba people
  4. Namib Desert wild horse of Aus
  5. The Ghost Town
  6. Classic incredible cars in the desert

Best Things to Do in Namibia Travel Guide – What to Do in Namibia

Within the South of Africa, Namibia- offers one of the best amazing safari adventures every safari goer undertaking African safaris should try out.


  1. Wildlife Viewing Tours in Namibia

Game viewing safaris in Namibia mostly take place in Etosha National Park. On this adventure, you take a game drive and look for incredible wild animals such as Cape Buffalos, Elephants, Giraffes, Leopards, Springboks, Zebras, etc.

Game viewing safaris in Namibia are also possible in Damaraland Nature Reserve where you search for the desert Elephants and Black Rhinos.

  1. Explore the Fish River Canyon

Exploring the Fish River Canyon ranks top among the best things to do in Namibia. Apart from taking fantastic photos, hiking lovers are free to take memorable hikes within this stunning natural wonder- Africa’s largest canyon.

The lovely views of the Great Fish River Canyon make it one of the best hiking destinations in South African nations!

  1. Hiking Sossusvlei Sand Dunes Within Namib Naukluft Park

Adventurous travelers on Namibia safaris shouldn’t miss a hiking experience in Sossusvlei Sand Dunes- deep in the Namibian Desert- the world’s oldest desert. The wonderful sights of these huge red dunes are best explored by taking a hike. Some dunes are about 400m high.

In most cases, travelers visiting Namibia are interested in hiking Big Daddy, Big Mama, or Dune 45.

  1. Skydiving in Namib Desert

Skydiving in Namibian Desert is one of the unforgettable experiences you should try out on your Namibia safaris and tours. You will enjoy the adrenaline rush and breathtaking scenery of sand dunes while skydiving.

Though skydiving looks to be one of the scary things to do in Namibia, it’s worth undertaking! You can include it also on your Namibia itinerary.

  1. Explore the Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is a must visit destination in Namibia. This scary name of this coast arises due to its being a graveyard for Whales & wildlife in the desert. Blenched bones are littered all over this golden beach.

On this wildest part of Africa, predators like Lions and Hyenas can be spotted on rare occasions.

  1. Birding in Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay is home to one of the biggest colonies of Flamingoes on Earth. Pelicans and other bird species are common as well. For a remarkable tour, you can take a Walvis Bay boat cruise to see Dolphins as well as other sea creatures.

  1. Taking a Desert Bush Walk

One of Namibia’s most amazing safari adventures is undertaking a desert bush walk. This experience can’t be done in other African countries such as Botswana, South Africa & Zimbabwe.

On this scenic bush walk, expect to encounter some unique desert wildlife such as insects, plants, and reptiles.

A desert bushwalk is one of the things you really shouldn’t miss while visiting Namibia.

  1. Visiting Local Communities- Himba Village

Visiting Namibia Himba Village is one of the best cultural experiences in South African countries. The unique locals of Himba Village (Himba People) will fascinate you! Their cultural values, traditions, and beliefs are incomparable to any in Africa.

These wonderful people have stayed here for about 300 years.


  1. Exploring Windhoek city
  2. Search for Desert Elephants in Damaraland Nature Reserve
  3. Visiting Cape Cross Seal Colony
  4. Visiting the Quiver Tree Forest
  5. Taking amazing pictures at the Tropical of Capricorn
  6. Sandboarding
  7. Explore Ghost Town
  8. Visit the wild horses of Aus

Accommodation in Namibia Travel Tips- Where to Stay in Namibia Travel Guide?

Namibia offers a wide range of accommodation options. On your vacation, you can camp in the wilderness, or stay in safari lodges, hotels, or guest houses. They are found in most safari destinations of Namibia.

The above are categorized into 3 categories; budget, mid range, and luxury facilities. Since Namibia is a sparsely populated desert country, most of the accommodation is found in major towns (main towns) and cities such as Windhoek City and Swakopmund.

Remember that your lodging in Namibia can serve as much more than just a place to sleep at night!  It will also serve as your starting point for exploring the area. Some accommodations even provide tours or a special spot from which to enjoy the sundowner.

Safari Pack List for Namibia Safari Tours- What Should I Pack for Namibia Travel Tips?

This packing list for a Namibia trip will save you from carrying unnecessary weights as you safari to Namibia.


  1. Good camera
  2. Hiking boots
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Safari hat
  5. Insect repellent
  6. Sunscreens
  7. Comfortable safari clothes- neutral colors such as grey, brown & khaki are ideal
  8. Safari bag to keep your daily essentials such as camera, travel documents and binoculars
  9. Personal toiletries for example a travel towel
  10. A headlamp
  11. Basic first aid kit having pain killers & bandages
  12. Charger for your phone & camera
  13. Warm clothing- ideal during the wet season
  14. Binoculars- are of help during bird watching
  15. Travel documents such as travel insurance, air tickets, passports, & important contact numbers. Travel insurance helps to cover in case of a bad occurrence on your vacation
  16. Bottled water. Your bottled water should be in a metallic can
  17. Camping gear if you to go camping
  18. A cell phone
  19. Small notebook

Currency of Namibia Travel Tips- What Is the Currency of Namibia?

The currency in Namibia is the Namibian dollar and its foreign exchange rate is similar to the South African Rand. Therefore, it’s possible to pay for items or make transactions in Namibia using the South African Rand but, you will get your change in the Namibian dollar.

In Namibia, you can also find British pounds, US dollars, and euros, especially, around tourism destinations and other standard lodges and shops. Keep in mind that there are limited transactions in remote areas. So, it’s best to exchange into local currency (Namibian dollar) for easy transactions in remote areas.

Are ATMs Available in Namibia? | Can I Use My Debit Card in Namibia? | What Credit Cards Are Accepted in Namibia?

ATMs are available in Namibia but, they are found mainly in big towns.

Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are also widely accepted in most standard lodges, restaurants as well as shops however, there are those in rural areas that don’t. Thus, it’s wise to carry some catch with you.

Travelers on self driving in Namibia/road trip to Namibia should keep in mind that credit cards are not accepted at petrol stations (gas stations).

What Is the Best Currency to Use in Namibia? | Can I Use US Dollars in Namibia?

The Namibian dollar is the official currency of Namibia therefore, all travelers visiting Namibia should mind exchanging their foreign currency for example US dollars into Namibian dollars for easy transactions.

The US dollar is limited to transactions, especially in remote areas! It’s widely accepted only in most hotels as well as standard shops and lodges.

Tipping in Namibia- Do People Tip in Namibia? | Is Tipping Customary in Namibia?

Although tipping in Namibia is not mandatory, it’s customary, especially in tourism areas, for instance, lodges, and hotels. Also, tour guides are tipped commonly. Giving a tip is a way of appreciating the good service rendered to you.

Therefore, we advise you to carry some cash with you (small notes) which you will tip people, like hotel staff for doing laundry service for example. To you this might be little but, it does a lot in the daily lives of these people as most people are underpaid!

Just do it out of your heart. You might not tip for bad service.

Cost for Namibia Safaris- How Much Does Namibia Safari Cost? | How Much Does It Cost to Go to Namibia Safari?

Various factors such as the duration of your vacation, group size, activities you’ll do, and accommodation class you will use among others greatly influence the cost of Namibia tours.

An average great trip to Namibia costs:

Safari CategoryPer Person- Per dayGroup- Per day
Budget Namibia tour$225$175
Mid range great trip to Namibia$225$175
Top luxury safari$1,075n/a

How Much Money Should I Bring to Namibia?

It’s not wise to travel with huge cash on you while traveling for a safari in Namibia. Within this dry desert country (Namibia), you will find ATMs and banks where you can withdraw money from.

In a day, you need about 200 Euro on average. It’s possible to withdraw cash upon arrival at Windhoek airport in Namibia.

Safety in Namibia Travel Tips- Is Namibia Safe for Tourists? | Is Namibia Safe for Foreigners? | Is Namibia Safe to Visit?

Are you wondering how safe is Namibia or is it safe to travel to Namibia as a woman? Within nations in South of Africa, Namibia ranks among the safest countries to visit, welcoming all visitors from all parts of the globe.

This desert country is politically stable & petty crime rates are low.

Even though Namibia is safe, you should be vigilant on your Namibia safari vacation. Just follow the same safety measures you would follow in your country.


  • Avoid walking at night within Windhoek mostly on lonely streets- nights are prone to crimes.
  • Don’t drive at night in remote areas as well as urban areas.
  • While self-driving in Namibia, drive defensively being worried about potholes, and stray livestock.
  • Don’t swim in lakes or rivers without guidance from locals. Some might have Hippos or Crocodiles
  • Don’t leave any eats in the tent, Baboons usually raid tents. Keep your eats with lodge staff
  • Never approach potentially dangerous game animals on food without an armed ranger
  • LGBT people have limited protection in Namibia so, travelers interested in same-sex affairs must act discretely while in public.
  • Lock your vehicle if unattended to and avoid living valuables in the car visible
  • Get travel insurance before your travel to Namibia.

Healthy in Namibia Travel Tips

Namibia travel guide on health!


  • There is a risk of Malaria in Northern Namibia. Therefore, while visiting this area you should carry insect repellent with you or have anti-malarial medication.
  • HIV/AIDS is low in this desert country in comparison with other African states, for instance, South Africa. It’s wise still to avoid taking part in activities that expose you to HIV on your Namibia tour
  • A Yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for people coming from infested countries
  • The sunlight is much during dry months within this dry desert country. Therefore, move with a sunhat, sunscreens, and sunglasses
  • Have a shawl to protect you from dust if you are to take a road trip to explore the desert
  • We recommend you get vaccinated for Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Hepatitis A as well as Typhoid. Talk to your doctor about this!

More Common Questions About Namibia Travel Tips

  1. Best Time to Visit Namibia- Best Time to Go Namibia Travel Tips- What Months to Go on Safari in Namibia?

When to visit Namibia? Best time of year to visit Namibia!

Namibia safari tours are open year-round but, the dry season which runs from June to October, is the ideal time to travel to Namibia. In most national parks, including Etosha National Park, wildlife viewing is more amazing.

Game animals usually feed around water holes and are easy to spot during game drives in Etosha National Park.

However, keep in mind that Namibia experiences its busiest travel periods during the dry season, and lodges can be busy as well as parks.

In Namibia, the wet season includes November to May and it’s the low season. The wet season is ideal for budget safaris in Namibia.

June- September is a winter month in Namibia. Nights normally become severely cold and overnight frost occurs in the desert and inland areas.

  1. Official Language in Namibia – What Language is Spoken in Namibia?

English is the official language of Namibia but, German, Afrikaans, as well Oshiwambo dialects are spoken by locals.

Oshiwambo is a commonly used language in Namibia. The English language is spoken by about 3% of the population. Most people speak either Afrikaans or German.

  1. Namibia Food and Drinks- What Kind of Food Do They Eat in Namibia?

The traditional cuisine of Namibia is hardly served to visitors. Most restaurants serve mostly European dishes. German dishes and seafood are rare in most restaurants and hotels. The food is hygienic and well prepared just like in Europe therefore, don’t worry about stomach problems.

If you are a vegetarian, it’s wise to book in advance your accommodation. Most vegetables are just shipped into this country and they are relatively expensive.

Namibia being a German colony, the beer in this beautiful country is good. Most visitors take Hansa and Windhoek. The wines in this desert country are imported from South Africa.

You should purify water before drinking and travelers on self driving in Namibia should use a cool box.

  1. What vaccinations Do You Need for Namibia? | What Injections Do I Need for Namibia? | Do I Need to Take Malaria Tablets for Namibia?

The WHO and CDC recommend most visitors visiting Namibia take vaccines for Diphtheria, Meningitis, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A, Mumps & Rubella. Rabies, Typhoid, and Hepatitis B are also advised vaccines. Shots normally last for 2 years.

Get medical advice from your doctor.

  1. How Many Days Is Enough in Namibia? | How Many Days Do You Need in Namibia?

How many days do you need to see Namibia? You can take a road trip across central Namibia for a week. During this time, you can decide whether to spend more time on the coast, go on a safari in one of the parks, explore the enormous sand dunes of the desert, or make a quick journey to neighboring South Africa. The choice is yours but, we are by your side to guide you.

Travelers can also spend about 3 weeks on their Namibia safari vacation.

  1. Is Namibia Good for Tourists? | Is Namibia Good for Safaris?

Yes, Namibia is a wonderful destination for safaris in Africa. This beautiful vast desert country boats amazing wildlife, lovely desert scenes, and extremely amazing wild rugged landscapes, to mention but a few.

The top things to do in Namibia include; classic game viewing tours in Etosha Park, sky diving in the Namib Desert, visiting the Great River Canyon, and Walvis Bay, etc.

  1. What is Namibia Best Known for? | Why Do Tourists Visit Namibia? | Why Do Tourists Like to Visit Namibia?

Namibia is best known for its incredible wildlife as well as a beautiful, unique landscape, for instance, the Namib Desert- the oldest desert in the world. In this desert country, you will enjoy striking views of the enormous sand dunes, Fish River Canyon, and Walvis Bay, to mention but a few.

If you are a wildlife lover with an upcoming trip to Namibia, consider visiting several national parks however, Etosha National Park offers the best experience.

  1. What Is the Dress Code in Namibia? | What Should You Wear in Namibia?

There is no dress code in Namibia! Namibians dress in both traditional tribal clothing and Western apparel. Therefore, travelers visiting Namibia are free to wear anything casual in Windhoek, the capital.

While on safari expeditions in Namibia, you should put on eco-friendly clothes in brown, khaki, and grey colors.

  1. Does Namibia Have Good Internet? | Is the Internet Good in Namibia? | Is There WIFI in Namibia?

Namibia’s internet is good. You will find internet/Wi-Fi in most standard lodges, hotels, and malls, as well as restaurants you will use on your Namibia safari tour. Note that, most rural areas (remote areas) in Namibia, especially those around parks feature experience poor internet.

  1. What Is the Best Way to Tour Namibia?

For adventurous lovers, the best way to explore Namibia is by self-driving (rental cars are available). We recommend self driving in Namibia in a 4WD safari vehicle, even having a car guard and spare tire. This beautiful country boasts an extensive network of paved arterial roads & well-maintained gravel routes.

Although self-driving in Namibia is possible, it’s better to travel with a tour operator for the best experience. These guys have great knowledge about Namibia safari tours.

In summary, this Namibia travel blog has brought you most of the Namibia travel tips every traveler visiting Namibia should know! To mention but a few, it holds a guide on how to travel to and within Namibia, the best time to visit, unique places to visit, and top things to do in Namibia. More still, it holds health and safety travel tips in Namibia to mention but a few.

Talk To Our Namibia Travel Expert For Any Inquiries!