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Best Congo Tour Operators, Safari Companies & Travel Agents

Congo Travel Agencies | Top Tour Companies In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Congo travel agencies are tour guides that show you the magnificent beauty of a single central African country in one stance.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has a long history of instabilities given that it was formerly ruled by the corrupt Mobutu Sese Seko. It was also one of the famous battlefields of the world war. This country has also been having civil wars that caused many of its settlers to become refugees in neighboring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda.

However, DRC is on the wings to stability and with the safe travel tips during your tour, you will have an ultimate African wilderness experience.

The country has unique beautiful ancient forests, rich minerals, wildlife, and over 200 tribes, hence a rich culture.

Congo Forest in DRC is the second largest forest in the whole of Africa extending up to Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, and Equatorial Guinea. This forest is enormously rich in a high number of forest bio-diversities like animals and plants, that is, over 600 species of trees and about 10,000 species of animals.

You will also be able to view the amazing African animals that are spread in the national parks designated by UNESCO.

The country is likewise a primate realm, having some of the endangered Mountain Gorillas that are endemic to the Virunga ranges. More so, Congo is the only place where you will find the Bonobo, which is believed to be the closest relative to humans.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is also famous for Mount Nyiragongo where you will view an active Volcano with a lava lake that last erupted in 2011.

With all these and more wonders of this country, Congo tourism is brightened with some of the best tour companies for an African safari in the country.

Let us look at the various things to learn about tour companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

List Of Tour Companies In Congo | Which Tour Company Is The Best In The Democratic Republic Of Congo

With the peculiar tourist attractions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the country has some peculiar attractions to offer. Therefore, choose one of the top African safari tour companies in Congo for an amazing African safari.

The reward of this natural land will reecho through the memorable tours guided by the travel agencies of Congo.

Below are some of the best and big tour companies that can lead you on your Congo tours.

  1. Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Africa Safaris Tours
  4. Congo Gorilla Safaris Tours


  1. Who Is a Tour Operator?

A tour operator is an individual or an organization that is responsible for creating tour packages and organizing tours for travelers.

  1. Difference Between Tour Operator And Tour Agent

Tour operators are groups that market and sell safari packages to both tourists and travel agents.

Travel agents however are persons or corporations that sell safari packages to tourists as they represent tour operators.

Below are the differences between tour operators and travel agents.

Tour operators sell safari packages to both tour agents and tourists.Travel agents sell safari packages to both tourists while representing the tour operators.
They build great tour packages and itineraries.Tour agents only sell packages to tourists but do not make them.
Tour operators work in a specific place.They work in many places.
They establish travel services for example transport, accommodation, and many others.Tour agents rarely prepare travel services.
Tour operators have a license for trading.Many lack trading licenses because they work as agents. However, tour operators cover for them.


Albeit tour operators and travel agencies are all in tourism, they function differently. The tour operators make tour packages and prepare tours for tourists while the tour agents sell tour packages on behalf of the tour operators.

When Do Tour Operators Need Congo Travel Agencies?

Tour operators need tour agents in the following circumstances.

  1. When they are working on a specific niche.
  2. When they sell and operate international travel.
  3. When travel agents directly hold and manage the travel costs of the tourists.
  4. Types Of Tour Operators In Congo

There are five types of tour operators in the Democratic Republic of Congo, namely;

  • Inbound Tour Operators
  • Outbound Tour Operators
  • Domestic Tour Operators
  • Ground Tour Operators
  • Receptive Tour Operators (RTOS)

Customers directly relate with the Inbound Tour Operators, Outbound Tour Operators, and Domestic Tour Operators. While other tour companies directly relate with the Ground Tour Operators and Receptive Tour Operators.

Let us discuss them below.

  • Inbound Tour Operators In Congo

Inbound Tour Operators in DRC sell and bring together safaris for foreign tourists coming to Congo. They can also be referred to as “Incoming Tour Operators”.

For example, tour companies in Congo that prepare safaris for travelers from Spain are Inbound Tour Operators.

They are usually experts in safaris in their destinations because of their location and a long stay in Congo.

  • Outbound Tour Operators In Congo

Outbound Tour Operators market and sell tours in foreign countries for their native people.

That is, if a Congo tour operator is preparing a tour for Congo travelers to Spain, then they are an Outbound Tour Operator.

  • Domestic Tour Operators In Congo

Domestic Tour Operators in the Democratic Republic of Congo sell Congo tours to their natives.

That is, if a company in Congo is organizing Congo safaris for their native travelers, then it is a Domestic tour operator.

  • Ground Tour Operators In Congo

Ground Tour Operators are also called “Handling Agencies”. This is because they help distant Inbound and Outbound tour operators to handle their tours on their behalf.

Such circumstances usually happen when the tour operators do not have offices in one of the destinations that they sell or when the company seeks authentic tours through local partners in the tour region.

For example, a tour operator in Spain selling the Democratic Republic of Congo will have handling agents in Congo. These ground agents will operate their tours and make sure that they go on well.

  • Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs) In Congo

Receptive Tour Operators simply market tour services to tour companies. Thus, they only work with tour operators and not the tourists themselves.

They mostly sell accommodations and transportation. Therefore, they get a percentage of income from the amount that the tour operator charges the customers.

  1. Qualities Of Best Congo Travel Agencies

As many tourists strive to get a good tour company, they look for the ones with amazing qualities. Some of the qualities of good tour operators include the following.

  • Good Tour Operators Create Good Tour Packages And Itineraries

Organized Congo tour companies make tour packages and itineraries that suit a traveler’s needs for the tour.

They do this through wide research about the available safari activities and how to blend them to create the perfect experience for travelers.

  • The Tour Companies Have Functional Communication Platforms

Easy communication through websites and social media pages is an important aspect to note.

From these platforms, you will be able to find important blogs about tours, and packages, find out more about the company, and be able to get their contacts.

A communication platform, therefore, proves the existence of a company and the safaris that they prepare.

  • The Congo Travel Agencies Provide Reliable And Up To Date Information

Congo travel agencies will avail reliable information on their communication platforms. This could be through their social media and websites.

Reliable information creates trust between the organization and the tourists who are the clients.

Also, the safari operators of Congo provide the right data for inquiries for a tour. This could also be in the sense of travel tips and advisory.

  • Good Congo Tour Operators Have The Needed Skills For Operating Safaris

The needed skills for a tour operator in Congo include among others

  • Time management skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Public relations skills
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Computer skills

These skills will enable the operator to operate smoothly while preparing and running their tours.

  • Good Congo Travel Agencies Also Give Add-On Services To Tourists

Add-on services are extra facilities and amenities that safari operators give both in the preparation and during the safari of the travelers to make it successful.

For example, making bookings for transport, accommodations, and permits for the tour activities.

Add-on service, thus, is an opportunity to give customer care to tourists.

  • Good Tour Companies In The Democratic Republic Of Congo Have Knowledgeable And Experienced Tour Guides

Tour guides share a big part in giving tourists their most memorable experiences while for their safari activities. Thus, they ought to be knowledgeable and well-experienced in their role of providing information and the best experiences for travelers.

Tour agents also employ the locals and natives as guides because they have the best experiences and this also helps to support the local communities.

  • Congo Tour Operators Provide Value For Money For The Safari Companies

To provide you with value for money, the Congo tour operators will suggest the best tourist destinations, accommodations, and other services at valuable prices.

They will also give the necessary financial tips to the tourists as they are traveling to their destinations.

  • Good Congo Tour Operators Support Eco-Friendly Tourism

Eco-tourism stimulates the advantages of tours and reduces their risks to wildlife, communities, the environment, and tourists.

Tour companies should strive to promote ecotourism to protect the environment and the locals.

Companies do this by giving travelers reusable water bottles and organic packaging bags and do not expose the environment to substances that decay.

  • They Support Local Communities

Supporting the locals that live around the national parks is another quality of a good tour operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The operators will make Congo tour packages that involve visiting the local communities, hence making a percentage of their trip go toward supporting them.

Congo being a multi-tribal country is rich in cultures for the experiences of the local people. Tourists more over buy handicrafts and gifts from the products of the locals hence supporting their livelihoods.

The tour operators also support these local communities by employing them as drivers, guides, or porters for the tourists.

This consequently helps to support their livelihood and increase their finances.

  1. What Do Tour Operators Do? | What Is The Responsibility Of Congo Travel Agencies?

Congo tour operators perform a lot of responsibilities as seen below.

  • They Create Tour Packages And Itineraries For Tourists

The travel agencies create catchy tour packages that travelers will be pleased to book for the amazing experiences that are ahead of them.

Also, the tourists upload these packages on their websites and social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many others.

To make the packages, the tour companies must have the best knowledge and understanding of the tourist destinations that they visit.

  • The Congo Tour Operators Are Responsible For Marketing And Selling Tour Services

Marketing and selling tour packages, safari activities, and the tourist destinations of the company is also an important responsibility of the Congo travel agencies.

Therefore, makes tourists buy the packages when they find them on market.

The tour companies also market and sell accommodations and transportation services.

Thus, marketing tour products and services engage the tourists who later purchase them.

  • Congo Travel Agencies Also Make Bookings For Clients

The tour operators make bookings for tourists as they prepare for their tours.  For example accommodations, transportation to different tour destinations, and purchasing permits for safari activities.

Consequently, they make travel easier, more enjoyable, and more memorable for tourists.

  • Congo Safari Companies Provide Travel Advisory For Tourists

The travel advisory is vital in making beautiful experiences for travelers. It enables them to have easier and more enjoyable experiences.

These include among many

  • Packing tips
  • What to wear for a safari
  • How to interact with the locals
  • Health tips for a new environment
  • Safety travel tips

The travel advisory also involves giving the travelers value for money through suggesting for them affordable places as they safari Congo.

  • Tour Companies In The Democratic Republic Of Congo Gauge Service Alternatives For Travelers

This mainly depends on the budget of the travelers and the experiences that they want to have.

They will therefore weigh the available service options and with the involvement of the tourists, will choose for them the best.

  • They Handle The Tours Of The Travelers

Congo tour operators are in charge of managing and conducting the tours of the tourists as planned in the itinerary.

Through the help of the drivers and the guides, they see to it that the safari is a success from the beginning to the end.

The operators make their bookings, transportation, the purchasing of permits, and other needs of the tourist.

  • Congo Travel Agencies Are Also Responsible For Travel Management

Travel management is the development of a tour company in terms of service to the clients or tourists.

Tour operators in performing tour management learn from their past errors to make future tours even better.

It is a necessity because it enables a company to provide better services in the future thus making better experiences for them by tracking their performances.

  1. What Is The Importance Of Congo Travel Agencies?

Congo travel agencies are important to the environment, the locals or the native people, travelers, and the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Let us look at the importance of these safari operators to the different beneficiaries.

Importance Of Congo Tour Operators To The Environment

Congo tour operators are part of the agents for environmental protection in the following ways.

They use Eco-friendly tour essentials during their safaris; some operators provide reusable water bottles and organic packaging bags to lessen the risks that come with littering.

They also follow rules and regulations in the Congo tour destinations; these rules and regulations protect the environment and the wildlife, in and around the tourist destinations. A few of the rules and regulations include

  • Driving on the right track
  • Avoiding eating or drinking near wildlife
  • Avoiding litter in the parks
  • Keeping communication minimal
  • Driving at the recommended speed

Congo tour operators support Eco-tourism; they support environmental conservation by sensitizing local communities, writing blog posts about environmental conservation, and using Eco-friendly products.

The Congo tour operators likewise donate toward environmental conservation; through communities and projects that support environmental conservation, many tour operators have donated toward the conservation of the environment.

Importance Of Congo Safari Companies Toward The Native People

Tour companies are also important to the Congo locals or communities as seen below.

They encourage cultural tours; cultural tours are meant to bring tourists to visit the local communities and learn of their ways and practices. They organize tour packages consisting of cultural tours and community visits.

Consequently, they pay to visit these communities hence improving the livelihoods of these people, marketing the communities worldwide, and also increase on their development.

The tour companies market local products and services to tourists; locals make handicrafts, and other items and also provide various services to tourists.

Therefore tour operators encourage tourists to buy these products by marketing them in packages and itineraries.

Some of the locals participate in making bowls, baskets, bracelets, bags, and clothes that tourists can buy as souvenirs to remember their travels. More so the tour operators also market these products on their websites and social media pages.

Congo tour operators similarly donate to local communities; they donate to projects, and communities so that their livelihoods are supported. The operators also inspire other tourists to donate so that they can leave impactful travels.

Operators employ local communities as tour guides and drivers; employing locals in the tourism sector not only creates authentic tours but also helps them to make a living. Therefore, your operators employ the locals as guides, drivers, private chefs, or porters.

Importance Of Congo Travel Agencies To The Tourists

Tourists have also found great importance in using tour operators as seen below;

Tour operators reply to the inquiries of travelers;

The operators will answer the inquiries correctly and skillfully so that tourists can get the correct information about their travels.

They book tour services for travelers; for example accommodation, transportation, permits for different activities, and any other requirements.

The tour company also guides tourists on their Congo tours; the operators will ensure that they take the tourists through their tour destinations. They will guide them with the correct knowledge about the plants, wildlife, physical features, cultures, and many others.

Besides, they also give travel advice to the tourists during their tours; Travel advice helps to make travels comfortable and memorable for the tourists. They will give the tourists important information about what they are supposed to take care of.

Importance Of Congo Safari Companies To The Government

The tour companies in Congo are also important to the government in the following ways;

Tour companies boost the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo; from the revenue paid by the tour companies and the foreign exchange that they create, the tour operators boost the economy of the Congo government.

They create employment opportunities; Congo tour operators help to reduce the burden of the country by reducing unemployment levels. They employ workers in the tourism industry like drivers, guides, reservations managers, or operations managers.

Tour companies promote infrastructural growth; in their need to provide good services to travelers during their safaris, tour companies have helped in developing infrastructural growth when the roads and accommodations are built.

The tour companies also market Congo to the outside world; the tourism industry helps to market Congo to the world hence inviting visitors to do tourism and also invest in the country.

  1. Why Should You Use Congo Travel Agencies For Your Congo Safari Holidays?

Using tour agents for your tours is more comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable. These are the top reasons why you should use them for your tours.

  • Tour Operators Are Knowledgeable About The Tour Destinations In Congo

With their long experiences working in the tourism industry, the tour companies provide knowledgeable, up-to-date information about the safari destinations that they handle.

Thus, they will provide the necessary knowledge about the destinations without having you do a lot of research.

These companies know a lot about Congo’s wildlife, cultures, comfortable accommodations, good transportation options, and many other things to do while on your safari.

  • Tour Operators In Congo Will Offer You A Fair Price For Your Tours

Self-tourism is cheaper, but the value for money that the tourists offer covers a multitude of services that could be more expensive if you purchased them on your own.

Your value for money also comes with the quick arrangements that the tour operators will give you and the guarantee of safety.

  • Tour Operators In Congo Deal With The Hard Time

If you miss an important factor of your tours, tour operators can easily solve it just in time.

For instance, in case you need an urgent permit, your tour operator can help you get it even at the last moment. This is because they have available contacts for them to easily purchase the permits. It also applies to any of the services.

  • Congo Tour Operators Assist With Time Saving

Saving time is another reason to use a tour operator for your tours in Congo because by saving time you also save resources.

First, they will avail you with information that would take you hours to search about. Your tour operators will also have planned moments and routes for your tours and your safaris.

They can also get you the needed permits easily and make for you fast bookings so that your tours are successful.

  • Congo Travel Agencies Are A Security Guarantee For Travelers 

A safety guarantee is another reason you should use Congo tour operators. Booking and cancellation policies are most times more favorable with the companies. This is because some will refund a percentage of your income while others will help to postpone your tours in case of an emergency.

Additionally, tour operators will use their wide knowledge to choose for you the best places for your tours since they have the experience.

  • Tour Companies In Congo Will Give You Access To The Best Tour Destinations

When they know the experiences that you would like to have, these tour companies will take you to the best places.

They will choose the best destinations for adventures, cultural tourism, or wildlife tourism. They will do this easily because of the wide knowledge that they possess and the long experiences that they have.

  • Congo Tour Operators Provide The Needed Travel Information For Tours

Travel information while going to Congo will enable you to penetrate through the country’s beauty with much ease and comfort.

Your Congo tour operators will likewise avail you of the necessary knowledge for your tours and travel. They will give you general knowledge about Congo and its people, safety tips, health, and other important travel tips.

Consequently, your journey will be easier and more convenient for the tours and the travel.

  • Congo Safari Companies Provide After-Sales Services For Congo Tours

After-sales tour services are a great opportunity to show visitors the hospitality of the local tour operators.

Many of the after-sales services are not mandatory, but out of love for the tourists, tour companies provide them for the clients.

For example, the companies are available after working hours and tourists can reach them through calls, or emails.

  1. Is It A Must To Use Congo Travel Agencies For Tours?

With successful previous travels, it is not an obligation to use Congo travel agencies for your tours. Sole travelers have booked tour services for themselves online like accommodation, and transportation, and even gotten permits for themselves.

Self-tourism is favorable for those who are at least familiar with the areas that they are going to visit in Congo and also if they have a well-structured itinerary that they will use.

However, tour operators are favorable to use for the safari, especially if the traveler is a first-timer. They will avoid many mistakes and consequently have the best tour experiences on their African safaris in Congo.

The tour companies will likewise take to the best destinations in and around the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Is Self-Tourism Cheaper Than Using A Tour Operator For Your Travels?

Self-tourism is cheaper compared to traveling with a tour agent for Congo travels. If one can make their bookings and an itinerary, then they have a cheap self-tour to the destinations that they go to. However, this is ideal when you are knowledgeable about the destinations that you are going to and more so when you have an itinerary that is simple and well-structured.

Nonetheless, tour operators are the best to use for your safari as they will give you the best experiences with much less of your effort during the tours.

More so, they are licensed and so they will save you from risks such as poor experiences and fraud.

  1. Do Congo Travel Agencies Support Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism?

Tour operators in Congo do responsible travel and sustainable safaris to preserve the environment.

The companies do a lot of stuff to support tourism to make sure that they are prevented from destruction and also extinction.

Different bodies have been set up to help support the environment in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • What Is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is tourism that is done toward protecting wildlife, the environment, communities, and tourists to promote them for future generations.

What Are Congo Travel Agencies Doing To Stimulate Sustainable Tourism

Congo tour operators do a lot of things to promote sustainable tourism and these include;

  • Congo Tour Operators Create Safaris In The Low Seasons

Tourism in the low season brings in few tourists because it is mostly wet, but there is nice scenery and a chance of viewing the wildlife animals.

Tourism in the dry seasons brings in a lot of tourists who may sometimes stress the environment and the wildlife. Therefore the tour operators will encourage and bring in tourists also in the wet season to help balance this and protect Congo’s beautiful nature.

  • The Operators Use Eco-Friendly Products For Their Safaris

Eco-friendly products avoid risking the environment’s safety for example Eco-friendly water bottles, organic bags, and accommodations.

They minimize the outcomes of environmental degradation to the environment.

  • Tour Operators Follow Rules And Regulations In Tourist Destinations

The rules and regulations the wildlife, environment, tourists, and natives from the risks in the tour destinations.

By following these rules and regulations, tourists promote sustainable tourism.

  • The Congo Travel Agencies promote Safaris In Remote Destinations To Stimulate Sustainable Tourism

Promoting tours in remote destinations helps reduce the high population and its effects on the cities.

The remote areas boast of rich culture, unique communities, and people to explore Congo with.

  • The Tour Companies Donate Toward Sustainable Tourism

Various Congolese projects promote sustainable tourism. Hence, tour companies and travelers donate toward them to help reduce the impact of environmental degradation.

The tour operators and tourists donate toward projects promoting environmental conservation for example wildlife tours.

  • The Tour Agencies In Congo Support Local Businesses In The Tour Destinations That They Go To

Tourists buy the products sold by the locals such as souvenirs for their tours. These local communities sell items like belts, baskets, beads, and clothes that these local communities sell.

Also, tourists can buy edibles like fruits for their tours and use services like accommodation in the local communities.

  1. Professional Guide On How To Choose The Best Congo Travel Agency

Choosing a top Congo tour company for your tours can sometimes be challenging. Every tourist hopes for the best experiences and memorable safaris.

Below is a list that you can use to choose the best tour companies in Congo.

  • The Safari Company Should Be Knowledgeable About The Tour Destinations They Visit

Established knowledge from the tour operators is something that you can consider for tours and safaris in Congo.

This knowledge should include a physical familiarity with the areas that they are going to tour during the safaris.

The knowledge will enable the tourists to make lovely tour packages and itineraries for their tours.

  • Know The Payment Process The Tour Operator Uses

The right way to pay for a tour in Congo is through the bank account of the tour company registered in its name.

Other methods of payment may be questionable and hence risky, especially if you are not familiar with the organization. The payment method should therefore be comfortable for the tourist.

  • Consider The Booking And Cancellation Policies Of The Congo Safari Companies

Booking and cancellation policies may include what will happen in case you need to cancel your trip or if they have a free consultation policy.

Does the company give you back a percentage refund or do they help to plan for you another trip?

  • Take Note Of The Authenticity Of The Top Safari Companies In Congo

The authenticity of organized tour companies is inclusive of their trading license, registration, or relationship with a government-recognized body.

  • The Congo Travel Agencies Should Be Registered

A registered company in Congo authenticates its activities. Therefore, the tour companies of Congo should be registered with the Democratic Republic of Congo Bureau. This will enable the company to legally operate in the country and be recognized by the authorities.

It will also enable it to be licensed and therefore legal to operate the tours for tourists. Registration shows that the company is not just known by the tourists, but also by the government legally.

  • Tour Companies In Congo Should Be Affiliated To An Association Of Tour Operators

These Congo tour associations unite the tour companies under one umbrella and a common one includes

  1. Association des tour operateur et agences de voyage en RDC (ATOAV-RDC)
  2. Consider The Time They Take To Respond To Inquiries

Time can also be considered as you choose the best tour operators for your Congo safaris.

The operators can at least communicate the time at which they hope to get back to you with an inquiry. By doing this, you value the client and give them the best that you can about the information that they want through emails, social media, or websites.

  • The Congo Travel Agencies Ought To Have A Business Profile On Their Communication Platforms

A business profile can be a website or social media page. It is one way in which the tourists can get to know about the company and what they do.

Building a reliable and trustworthy profile on social media pages will increase the levels of inquiries hence the number of bookings for a safari.

Companies can communicate through their blogs, itineraries, tour packages, reviews, and posts on social media.

Searchers will also learn of the authenticity of the tour companies by looking at the companies and bodies that they partner with or the associations that they affiliate themselves with.

  • Know The Experience Of The Company

A company’s experience comes with the years that they have spent in the industry or the qualifications of the employees.

This is because more years of experience is more years of perfection in operating tours. Also, the experience can come from the reviews that they receive on their media platforms from previous clients.

  • Consider The Cost Of The Tour

The cost of a tour is reliant on the package and the itinerary that you choose for the tour.

Therefore, get one that provides value for money as they create the best experiences for you.

  • Read The Reviews Of The Previous Clients

The reviews from previous clients can say a lot about what you can expect from a safari with a safari company.

If the former tourists appreciate the tours, then chances are you will have a great tour with them and the opposite is true unless they improve on their service provision.

The reviews can come through different social media pages, trip advisor platform, or families and friends.

  1. Take Note Of The Seamless Booking Experience Of The Congo Safari Companies

Even if the booking is through email, social media, or calls, it should be easy, comfortable, and fulfilling for the tourist.

This seamless booking experience should likewise be with other services like accommodation and transport.

  • Consider The Tour Packages Of The Tour Company

Tour packages should be engaging and suit the tourist’s expectations and interests.

Therefore tourists should be able to look through it all and choose the one that is best for them.

  • Do The Congo Travel Agencies Give Necessary Travel Information And Tips?

The important travel advisory and tips for the tours in Congo are an aspect you can consider when going for a safari in Congo. The Democratic Republic of Congo has a history of both external and civil wars hence the tour company should be able to advise you on the,

  • Safety precaution tips
  • Healthy tips
  • Important documents to carry for Congo tours
  • How to dress for the tours
  • Precautions for female and solo travelers
  • And other important things to consider
  • Make An Inquiry With Many Safari Operators In Congo

Inquiring with various tour operators will allow you to pick one that you find favorable for your tours.

You can consider their service delivery, the tour packages that they make, and many others.

  • Consider The Maximum Tourists That The Congo Safari Companies Travel With

Knowing the number of tourists that the company travels with will enable you to get one that suits the types of tours that you want to have.

For example, if you plan to travel with a group or a family, then it will be easier to book with a tour company that can make group tours. Therefore, you should consider the number of tourists that they take.

  • Select A Tour Company That Makes Their Own Tours

Even though it is a rare occasion to find a tour operator that outsources their tours to other companies, it is important to choose a tour company that makes their tours.

This proves their authenticity and their trustworthiness.

  • Choose The Tour Operator That Has A Traceable Physical Location

A company’s physical location also proves its authenticity because some registration requirements for a company demand that it has a physical location.

Also, it helps to know where to find the company in case of any emergencies.

  • Does The Company Have Travel Insurance?

An insured company guarantees safety in case there are any emergencies to handle during your tours.

Therefore, you can inquire whether the company has travel insurance. In case they do not, then you are advised to travel with your own travel insurance for safety.

  • Does The Tour Company Follow Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures?

Most Covid 19 regulations may have been lifted, but some destinations still follow these Standard Operating Procedures to keep you safe.

Therefore if they are mindful to keep health standards to protect the tourist, then you can use them. The tour company should likewise advise the tourists on how they can keep safe from contracting other tropical diseases.

  • Does The Congo Tour Company Do Responsible Tours?

Responsible tourism promotes the advantages of tours on the communities, environment, wildlife, and tourists.

Therefore, responsible tourism puts first the safety of the environment, wildlife, and communities. Doing responsible tours means that you can book with the company because they work by the standards of ecotourism.

Supporting responsible tourism also includes supporting the local communities for example employing them as guides and drivers or buying them items.

  1. Should You Only Use Congo Travel Agencies In Kinshasa Or Any Other Part Of Congo?

Tour companies are spread throughout the whole of the Democratic Republic of Congo and many are good at what they do.

Therefore, choosing one does not depend on where they are located, but rather what they can do. Hence, you can either choose a safari company in Kinshasa or upcountry.

  1. Is It Viable To Use One Or More Congo Travel Agencies For Cross-Boundary Tours?

When for cross-boundary tours, it is advisable to do tours with one Tour Company. This is because it will be way cheaper to organize a cross-boundary itinerary with one company than using different operators in different countries.

More so, the companies have handling agents in different countries so it will be easy for them to make your cross-boundary safaris memorable.

  1. Is It Better To Use Specialized Congo Travel Agencies Or General Companies For Congo Tours?

Specialized tour companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo organize specific tours for example wildlife tours, cultural tours, or wild adventures. General tour companies conversely offer different packages in a single itinerary.

Therefore, using either of them depends on the type of tour that you are planning to have during your holidays.

Most companies, however, offer general tours and it is rare to get those that specialize in specific tours.

However, both companies have advantages as seen below.

  • Advantages Of Using Specialized Safari Companies

    • Because of their expertise, they will give you unique and unforgettable experiences for your tours.
    • They will provide you with the needed knowledge, especially because they are widely knowledgeable about their products.
    • Specialized tour companies will save time since they easily know what to do and give you the best experiences.
  • Advantages Of Using General Safari Companies

    • They will give you different packages in one itinerary hence giving you a lot of adventures and experiences.
    • It is cheaper to have different activities in one package than to have separate tours for separate activities.
    • The tour companies have extensive knowledge about the tourist destinations and hence will give you proven experiences and lively tours

When Should You Use Specialized Companies Or Generalized Companies In Congo?

It is ideal to use specialized companies when for a study or a research tour as they will give you amazing safaris.

General tours are for adventurous spirits doing wildlife, cultural, mountain climbing, birding, cruising, and others in one package.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is an important destination for tours and Africa safaris. With the best safari company, you will enjoy the best of Central Africa. Therefore, inquire and book today with your safari company for the best African tours.