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Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park – Basic Hotels/Queen Elizabeth Park Accommodation

Find Budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park – accommodation/Queen Elizabeth Park basic/cheap hotels abound in number, that a visitor can choose from to have an affordable Uganda budget safari.

Some of the Queen Elizabeth National Park lodges offer quality services at cheap prices. Hence, giving clients value for money in the most comfortable environment during Uganda safaris. Also, the serene ambiance of camping around a wildlife habitat thrills some visitors.

It does not matter whether you are going for a budget adventure or a wild camping holiday in a place where the sounds of the Uganda wildlife are the lullabies in the night. Queen Elizabeth National Park thrives with some of the best lodges in Uganda for the best safari in Uganda!

Below is a list of the budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park

  1. Pumba Safari Cottages
  2. Bull Bush River Camp/@ The Ishasha River Camp
  3. Tembo Safari Lodge
  4. Irungu Forest Safari Lodge And Campsite
  5. Simba Safari Camp
  6. Kazinga Channel View Resort
  7. Mweya Hostel
  8. Topi Lodge
  9. Engiri Game Lodge And Campsite
  10. Forest Hog Safari Camp
  11. Elephant Home
  12. Kitandara Hippo Hill Lodge
  13. Craters Campsite And Country Lodge
  14. Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp
  15. Lake Chibwera Camp
  16. Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge
  17. Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp
  18. Kabatooro Guest House
  19. Kyambura Tented Camp

Let us explore each of these lodges in terms of their location, environment, accommodation varieties, and amenities.

  1. Pumba Safari Cottages

Location And Environment


Pumba Safari Cottages

Pumba Safari Cottages are in Kyambura, along the rim of the Western Rift Valley.

This accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park is cozy, with welcoming staff and beautiful views because the cottages overlook the park. From the cottages, you may view Elephants coming to drink from the waterhole, thus showing the beautiful nature as you safari Uganda.

The interior of these cottages was designed with local craft materials to give you the experience of a true safari lodge in Africa.

Accommodation At Pumba Safari Cottages

  • There are five comfy cottages at Pumba Safari Lodge, each with comfortable beds. The cottages can be set up as twin, double or single rooms according to your preference. Four of the cottages can be set as triple bed options.
  • Each bed has a mosquito net to protect you from mosquito bites.
  • The rooms also have hangers and luggage stands for storing your bags.
  • All the cottages are self-contained with warm water for showering. The lodge uses solar to warm the water or firewood when necessary.
  • There is also electricity in all the rooms for light and for charging your gadgets.
  • The outside roofed verandas with cozy seats will enable you to relax under nature after your adventures. Read More
  1. Bull Bush River Camp

Bull Bush River Camp, formerly called @ The River Ishasha Lodge is another of the budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Location And Environment



Being one of the Queen Elizabeth National Park hotels in the quite rustic and serene heart of the Ishasha sector, it offers special experiences on your safaris in Uganda. The lodge welcomes every visitor on a safari to Uganda at affordable rates.

It is just a few minutes outside Queen Elizabeth National Park and covers over 60 acres of land.

Accommodation At Bull Bush River Camp

The Cottages

  • There are 6 spacious en-suite cottages for two families with beautiful views of the river.
  • They also have flush toilets, a sink, and a hot shower with an outside view.
  • 2 large beds with mosquito nets, a towel, and a bottle of water are other facilities of the cottages. Read More.
  1. Tembo Safari Lodge

Location And Environment

Tembo Safari Lodge

Tembo Safari Lodge is an accommodation in Queen Elizabeth National Park overseeing the Kazinga Channel. Its strategic location makes it one of the most popular budget hotels in Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda.

Accommodation At Tembo Safari Lodge

Tembo Cottage

  • It has a wooden varnished floor.
  • The cottage has 2 self-contained rooms with 2 cozy beds in each room.
  • There is also a large working desk and a lamp.
  • The bathroom is properly tiled and has stone floors.
  • Its balcony overlooks the Kazinga Channel, hence giving you one of the best views on a safari in Uganda.

Double | Twin Rooms

  • Each twin room has a big comfortable bed for 2 people.
  • There is a second smaller bed for 1 person.
  • Fun to keep the room cool.
  • 24/7 electricity and water supply.
  • Clean white bathing towels and warm water. Read More
  1. Irungu Forest Lodge And Campsite

Location And Environment

This is among the Uganda lodges bordering the Kazinga Channel. It also has a matchless setting, surrounded by the sounds of unique wildlife.Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

Irungu Forest Lodge and Campsite is among the Eco-lodges in Uganda promoting Eco-tourism. The lodge likewise ensures that clients on a Uganda safari tour obtain maximum privacy with a serene ambiance.

Accommodation At The Irungu Forest Lodge And Campsite Includes

Double Safari Cottage

  • This budget lodge is good for both couples and families.
  • Amenities in this cottage are WI-FI, toiletries, a wide balcony, and extra on a special request and a veranda.

Executive Family Cottage

  • This cottage lodges a maximum of 6 people in 2 bedrooms.
  • The amenities include a desk, 24/7 electricity, a wireless internet connection, a wardrobe/closet, 2 balconies, night guards, an Indian cotton duvet, and air conditioning.

Deluxe Single Cottage

  • They are rose white in single spacious rooms.
  • Amenities here include mosquito nets, WI-FI, a double bed, toiletries, towels, and a hot shower.

Deluxe Double Cottage

  • The cottages are spacious and good for couples who would like to experience the nature of the park on their Uganda tour.
  • The amenities include WI-FI, toiletries, toilet, and towels. Read More
  • Simba Safari Camp

Location And Environment

Simba Safari Camp is one of the safari lodges in Western Uganda sitting on a hill. It overlooks Lake Kikorongo on the rim of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The lodge has beautiful panoramic views across the wide Savannah plains, Lake George, and the famous Kazinga Channel.

More so, it is the nearest accommodation to the Kasenyi plains at the rim of Lake George. Therefore, supporting Uganda safari tours for visitors on Uganda wildlife safaris.

Accommodation At Simba Safari Lodge

  • There are 9 twin or double rooms.
  • Also, 2 triple en-suite rooms exist in this lodge.
  • Simba Safari Lodge has 2 family cottages with each having 2 bedrooms (one king and another twin), but a shared living room, a shared bathroom, and one extra bed.
  • The lodge has 3 dormitories with 3, 5, and 10 double-Decker beds. The dormitories share a bathroom and a private campsite. Guests are advised to bring their camping equipment. Read More

Kazinga Channel View Resort

Location And Environment

The Kazinga Channel View Resort is in Rubirizi, Katunguru and as its name suggests, it gives spectacular views of the Kazinga Channel.

Since the lodge is near the Kazinga Channel, it is common to have Elephants, and Baboons come around as they light up your Uganda wildlife safari. You will get to see them at a very close range in a quiet environment while on your Uganda tours and safaris.

Accommodation at Kazinga Channel View Resort

The lodge includes,

  • Self-contained and spacious block houses, bandas, and cottages that are comfortable, well-furnished, and contain twin/double beds.
  • Also, there is a camping ground for visitors with their camping gear who would like to spend their time outdoors. Read More.

Mweya Hostel

Mweya Hostel, also known as the Mweya Institute of Ecology also falls under the budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park.Mweya Hostel

Location And Environment

This Queen Elizabeth National Park accommodation is near the famed Mweya Safari Lodge and it is run by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The lodge has a lovely setting that gives a stunning view of the Kazinga Channel. This commonly comes with sceneries of the wildlife of Uganda including Elephants and Warthogs at the shores. Still, there are marvelous views of the sunrise that will spice up your Uganda safari holidays.

This environment favors those who would love to take a launch trip on the Kazinga Channel. One can also encounter the game drive safari activity both at the Mweya Peninsular and at the Kasenyi plains. Read More.

Topi Lodge

This is one of the best budget lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park where you can get comfortable accommodation at a cheap price. Topi Lodge

Location And Environment

Topi lodge is among the hotels near Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, standing by the Ishasha sector at the rim of the park. It is just five minutes from the Southern gate to the Ishasha sector.

The lodge is within a Savannah territory surrounded by birds. Its architectural setting covers an African art that is grass thatched roof, banana leaves, and kitenge materials on beds and chairs. This makes it one of the best safari lodges in Uganda. Read More

Engiri Game Lodge And Campsite

Location And Environment

Engiri Game Lodge and Campsite is among the Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda hotels lying in Katunguru. It is 300m away from the Mbarara-Kasese road on the shores of the Kazinga Channel. The lodge is surrounded by beautiful savannahs, volcanic grass-thatched huts, and a camping ground.Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

This lodge’s environment covers a wide grand scenery, beautiful wildlife viewing, and tasty meals. It emanates an exclusive accommodation within a wildlife-rich Savannah conservancy for experiencing wild Uganda safaris.

Accommodation/Cottages At Engiri Game Lodge

  1. The family room; has 2 twin beds and 1 queen bed which accommodates over 4 people.
  2. Family cottage with a balcony;
  • This has three twin beds and 1 and it can accommodate over 5 individuals.
  • There is a master bedroom inside it.
  • Every cottage is private, luxurious, and spacious. They are self-contained with a flushing toilet, mosquito net, electricity, laundry, and room service.
  1. Budget Double/Twin Rooms; has two twin beds for two people.
  2. Deluxe double room with a balcony; has one queen-sized bed for two people.
  • 4 of the double cottages have 2 single beds. Read More
  1. Forest Hog Safari Camp

Location And Environment

In your Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda safari, you will find Forest Hog Safari Camp 2 km away from Katunguru Park Gate.Forest Hog Safari Lodge

Rooms Available At Forest Hog Safari Lodge

  1. A standard room with a private bathroom; Facilities here include towels, toiletries, shower, fan, desk, and ironing facilities
  2. Standard double room with private bathroom; this has a full double bed and facilities include a shower, towels, fan, desk, and ironing facilities. Read More.
  1. Elephant Home

Location And Environment

This is one of the budget community-run lodges that you will find close to nature as you safari Queen Elizabeth National Park. There are sometimes sounds of Hyenas and Lions at night, but in the morning, you are guaranteed the peaceful calls of birds. The Elephant Home

It is 21 kilometers on Kasese-Mbarara Road around Kikorongo and Katunguru areas.

The Rooms At Elephant Home

  1. Self-contained twin.
  2. Self-contained double.
  3. None-self-contained tent.
  • The room packages are either full board, bed and breakfast, or bed only.
  • There is a picnic area outdoors and a balcony with furniture for nature views.
  • The beds have mosquito nets to keep you safe from mosquito bites. Read More.
  1. Kitandara Hippo Hill Lodge

This lodge is suitable for birders on a budget Queen Elizabeth National Park safari tour to Uganda. This is because you will see many Uganda birds in the lodge area.Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

Location And Environment

This Queen Elizabeth National Park lodge is in Katwe town on a hill above the Katwe crater. The lodge overlooks the Kabalazimu and the Kitako Islands. It is positioned near the beautiful crater lakes that you can see during a drive in the Katwe-Kikorongo Area.

The beautiful crater lakes give unmatched views of the flamingos and other birds, the peaceful sunset, plus Lake Edward.

Accommodation At The Kitandara Hippo Hill Lodge

The lodge has 10 tents that offer luxury services at a cheap price. They are grass thatched and self-contained with, Read More

  1. Craters Campsite And Country Lodge

This campsite and country lodge gets its name from the 52 craters lakes in Bunyaruguru. It is one of the lodges in Uganda that will give you unforgettable crater lake tours in Uganda.

Location And Environment

Craters Campsite and Country Lodge is one of the best campsites near Queen Elizabeth National Park, offering a peaceful camping ground.

The surrounding of this safari lodge in Uganda has mosquito-repelling trees, fig trees, acacia trees, and beautifully managed lawns. Most times, only the sound of the birds wakes you in the morning.

Accommodation Facilities In Craters Campsite And Country Lodge

  1. Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp

Location And Environment

Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp is strategically suited in the Kyambura escarpment with beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains. Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

It has an African architectural touch to its design; that is papyrus thatches and also a very welcoming staff. More so, it is affordable for visitors since it is among the budget lodges of Uganda.

Some animals like Elephants and Warthogs can also be seen moving in the vicinity. Read More

  1. Lake Chibwera Camp

Location And Environment

Lake Chibwera Camp is a camp run by UWA and located on the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Katunguru. It is built in an African traditional style with well-furnished African materials.Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

The camp is adjacent to River Chibwera and it portrays unmatched views of the beautiful shores, the extensive savannah vegetation, and the riverine forest.Read More.

  1. Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge

Location And Environment

The lodge is on the Western edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park, 4km from Kasese Town. The lodge is surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere, which you can tour with a lodge guide.

Accommodation In Queen Elizabeth Safari Lodge

  • A standard single room with a single bed for one person.
  • Deluxe double room with one extra-large double bed that accommodates two people.
  • A deluxe twin room with 2 single beds for two individuals. Read More.
  1. Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp

Location And Environment

This lodge is strategically positioned to face the Ntugwe River, giving beautiful views of this serene water body. There is also an elephant track for viewing some Uganda wildlife. Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

Accommodation In Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp

There are two types of accommodation units in this lodge, that is, the raised tents facing River Ntungwe and the other five luxury tents that are more distant from the river.

  • The tents give beautiful views of the Ishasha River Camp.
  • These tents also have private viewing decks and en-suite bathrooms built from riverine stones.
  • There is a camping area as long as you bring your camping gear. The bathrooms and toilets in the campsite are shared. Read More.
  1. Kabatooro Guest House

Location And Environment

The Kabatooro Guest House is a beautifully set lodge with amazing traditional African designs and is just a 5 minutes walk away from the Kabatooro gate.Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels

This lodge is suited to a quiet environment with only the trumpeting of Elephants and the sight of the many animals that loiter around it. Not just the animals, but the birds too are plenty.

The lodge is near the Katwe salt lakes and just a few minutes away from the Kasenyi Game drive tracks. Read More.

  1. Kyambura Tented Camp

Budget Lodges in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Cheap Accommodation, Hotels
Kyambura Tented Camp

Queen Elizabeth National Park is a home away from home! The various budget lodges guarantee this experience because each lodge comes with a peculiar taste to its visitors.

You can either choose one depending on what you would like to experience or better still, have your Uganda safari company book you convenient Uganda safari packages.