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Best Gorilla Trekking Companies in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Top Tour Companies for Gorilla Trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

If you are on the quest for Mountain Gorilla trekking, top tour companies for Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo will make this dream come true.

Gorilla trekking is an amazing adventure that entails tracking the great apes on foot.

In Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, you can meet these gentle giants that are endemic to the Virunga ranges and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda.

Almost half of the Mountain Gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park while the rest are spread through the Virunga ranges in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Hence in Uganda, you will meet the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Thus, have an ideal Uganda Gorilla safari.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is done in Volcanoes National Park while Gorilla Trekking in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is done in Virunga National Park.

In this article, we shall look at everything that you need to know about the best tour operators for your Mountain Gorilla safaris. From their exceptional qualities to their importance, why you must use them, and the right criteria for choosing a Gorilla tour company.

Below, we look at the various list of tour operators that you can use for your Gorilla trekking tour in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

Which Tour Company Is the Best for Your Uganda Gorilla Safari, Rwanda, And Congo Gorilla Trekking Tours?

Let us look at the African safari companies with the best Gorilla trekking experiences.

  1. Prime Safaris and Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Africa Safaris Tours
  4. Gorilla Safaris and Tours
  5. Gorilla Trekking Uganda
  6. A Uganda Safari
  7. Safari Uganda Safaris
  8. Gorilla Safari Rwanda
  9. Gorilla Tracking Rwanda
  10. Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Safaris

Qualities Of Organized Tour Companies for Mountain Gorilla Tours and Travel in Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

Many qualities make the best safari tour companies for your Gorilla trekking tours in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo as discussed below.

  • Good Gorilla Tour Operators Create Good Tour Packages and Itineraries

They will make experienced tour packages that suit a traveler’s interest in Gorilla trekking safaris.

Even if the packages are a combination of Gorilla tours and other safaris like wildlife, or cultural tours, the operator will endeavor to make the very best.

They will also consider the best destinations for the Gorilla trekking tours.

  • The Tour Companies Have Functional Communication Platforms

Communication builds engagement between a client and the top safari companies easily.

Searchers will find important blogs, tour packages, company profiles, and contacts. Hence, your companies should therefore be engaging on their platforms for example on their website, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and other platforms.

  • The Gorilla Travel Companies Give Reliable and Up to Date Information

Dependable information helps to build trust between the organization and the travelers who would like to book travels with a given company.

The operators should therefore be able to bring about the best information even as they give travel tips like how to dress when going Gorilla trekking, how to behave around them, important healthy tips, and general information about a given country.

  • Good Gorilla Tour Operators Have the Necessary Skills for Operating Safaris

Expert skills are required for a successful Gorilla trekking tour operation. Some of them include organizational skills, time management skills, interpersonal and communication skills, public relations skills, computer skills, and multi-tasking skills.

These skills will enable the tour operators to handle the travels of the tourists successfully and professionally for a satisfactory tour.

  • Gorilla Travel Agencies Also Give Add-On Services to Tourists

Add-on services are extra facilities top African safari tour companies provide to make a successful tour.

For example, booking permits for various activities, accommodation, and transportation.

  • Good Tour Companies for Gorilla Trekking Have Knowledgeable and Experienced Tour Guides

Travel guides are in charge of sharing extensive knowledge about the tourist attractions in the tourist destinations as they guide the tourists.

Therefore, they ought to have a wide knowledge of the safari destinations that they sell and the activities that are done there.

It is one of the reasons why many tour operators employ local guides that are well acquainted with the tourist destinations so that they can offer tourists the best experiences.

  • Gorilla Tour Operators Provide Value for Money for The Safari Companies

They will select from various options and then come up with the best safari options to give travelers value for money while they have great Gorilla adventures.

Value for money also comes in when the tour operators give their travelers financial tips and services or when they select for them good accommodations and transportation options.

  • Good Gorilla Tour Operators Support Eco-Friendly Tourism

Eco-friendly tourism nourishes the environment and its inhabitants and does not put them at risk. Good safari companies promote Eco-friendly tourism by using reusable bottles, and organic packaging bags, advising tourists not to litter, and following other rules and regulations that promote Eco-friendly tourism.

  • They Support Local Communities

With the many local communities living around Gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo, good tour operators also make sure that they support them in various ways.

The communities will employ the locals as guides, porters, and drivers, or even purchase their goods and services like handicrafts, fruits, and sleeping in their accommodation areas.

What Do Tour Operators Do? | What Is the Responsibility of Gorilla Travel Companies in Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo?

The Gorilla tour operators perform various responsibilities as discussed below.

  • They Create Tour Packages and Itineraries for Tourists

They make professional and enjoyable tour packages which they make available on their media platforms like websites, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so much more.

Therefore, to make the best tour packages, tour operators ought to have wide knowledge about the tourist destinations that they sell.

  • The Gorilla Tour Operators Are Responsible for Marketing and Selling Tour Services

Marketing makes the company to be known widely and therefore attracts Gorilla trekking tourists around the world.

They market through their social media platforms and websites, tour fairs and so much more.

  • Gorilla Travel Agencies Also Make Bookings for Clients

The safari operators help travelers to book Gorilla trekking permits to the places where they are going to do Gorilla trekking.

They will also give a hand in booking their transportation, accommodation, and the various services that they will need.

  • Gorilla Safari Companies Provide Travel Advisory to Tourists

Gorilla travel tips and general travel advisory is an important factor in making successful Gorilla tours.

Hence, the tour companies will make the tourists comfortable during their safari activities by giving them the following guidelines.

The clothes to wear for the tour.

Things to pack for a safari.

Knowledge about a given country and the people.

Learning people’s cultures and how to respect them.

The necessary documents to come with for the trip.

Health travel tips

Safety precautions

  • Gorilla Trekking Companies Gauge Service Alternatives for Travelers

Depending on the interest and the experiences a client expects to have, an operator will weigh the available options to come up with the best safari services.

Tour operators will know how to balance the various activities so that they come up with the best tour package for a traveler.

  • They Handle the Tours of the Travelers

With the help of other service providers in the tour company like drivers, porters, and guides, the tour operator will make sure that a safari is successful from the beginning to the end.

  • Gorilla Travel Agencies Are Also Responsible for Travel Management

Travel management involves a company making their services better for the tourists by correcting their past mistakes.

By doing this, they create new experiences for their operators.

What Is the Importance of Gorilla Travel Agencies?

Gorilla safari companies are important to the environment, the tourists, locals, and the government at large.  Let us dive into how these companies are important to the above bodies.

  • Importance Of Gorilla Tour Operators to the Environment

Gorilla safari companies contribute to the environment in the following ways.

The companies use Eco-friendly materials and services for their tours; these include reusable water bottles, organic packaging bags, using Eco-friendly accommodations.

They also advise tourists not to litter in any destinations that they visit to avoid affecting the environment and its inhabitants.

The companies also follow rules and regulations in the Gorilla trekking destinations; these rules and regulations are meant to protect the Gorillas and their environment from risks and also protect the tourists and locals from any harm from the wildlife.

Some of these regulations include not littering, minimizing noise, driving on the correct tracks, and so much more.

Gorilla tour operators support Eco-tourism; they do this by using Eco-friendly services and products, sensitizing both through their blogs, social media, and physical interactions.

The Gorilla tour operators also donate toward environmental conservation; Donations assist in supporting the various conservation projects that stimulate the protection of the environment from hazards and other factors.

  • Importance Of Gorilla Safari Companies Toward the Local People

Locals likewise reap from the tour companies doing Gorilla trekking safaris as seen below.

They inspire cultural tours; they will add cultural tours in the Gorilla trekking tour packages so that the tourists can have a treat of what cultural tours feel like. This will make cultural tours support the local communities and spread their way to the rest of the world.

The tour operators market the local products and services to tourists; the travelers purchase local tour products for example bangles, baskets, bracelets, or clothes as souvenirs to remember their tours.

The tour operators, therefore, sell the products of the tourists in their itineraries, social media pages, or blog posts on their websites.

Gorilla tour operators likewise donate to these local communities; these donations support the lives and the projects of the locals so that they are pushed to better standards of living.

Also, tourists love to do impactful tourism, and this is why some of them donate to these communities.

They employ the locals as tour guides or as drivers; hiring the locals as guides, porters, drivers or private chefs gives them jobs and enables the locals to live improved lives as their economy raises to greater levels.

  • Importance Of Gorilla Travel Agencies to the Tourists

Gorilla trekking agencies are of great support and importance to tourists as seen below;

They professionally reply to inquiries from tourists.

This helps to give the tourists the right information that they will use while booking, preparing, and during their tours.

Replying to the tourists also increases the chances of them booking a tour with the right Gorilla trekking company.

Hence, travel agencies give tourists important information about their travels and what they should expect during their tours.

They book tour services for the travelers; for example, safari lodges, transport services, or permits for the different activities of the tour operators. Therefore, they make bookings and safari operations easy for tourists.

The tour operators likewise guide the travelers for their Gorilla tours; while leading them to the Gorilla trekking destinations, tour companies also guide the tourists on how to do the activities. Hence, the wisdom and knowledge that they receive from the guides enable them to have an easier tour.

Besides, the operators provide travel advice to tourists; Travel advice prepares travelers for successful tours and travels. They include health, safety, community knowledge, and important documents to carry among others.

  • Importance Of Gorilla Safari Companies to the Government

The Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo governments likewise benefit from the big tour companies in the following ways as discussed below;

Tour companies boost the governments’ economy in the respective countries; this is through the revenue that they pay and through the tourists, the foreign exchange they bring to the country.

Tour companies are sources of employment; in employing natives, tour companies help the respective governments in the different countries to fight the high levels of unemployment. They employ people in different fields like reservations, IT, guides, drivers, porters, and many others.

The safari companies improve infrastructural growth; they majorly do this to provide the best services to travelers when they contribute to building roads and lodges. However, this is an improvement on the side of some government projects.

The tour operators equally market their respective countries to the outside world; Mountain Gorilla trekking is only done in the Virunga ranges and Bwindi Uganda. Therefore, it is a peculiar activity with a high market, especially in the outside world.

Therefore, in marketing the safari activity, the tour operators also market the countries in which to do them, which are Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

This welcomes visitors from near and far and thus promotes the countries’ resources and tourist destinations to both travelers and investors.

Why Should You Use Gorilla Travel Agencies for Your Gorilla Safari Holidays?

While others may think of having self-Gorilla tours, some have proven the importance of using Gorilla safari agencies and the various reasons why you should use them.

  • Tour Operators Are Knowledgeable About the Gorilla Trekking Tour Destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

Their knowledge and experience come from their long work in the field of Gorilla trekking tourism and their qualifications.

Your guide will give you knowledge about the various places and attractions that you meet along your tours.

The tour operators will likewise give you wide knowledge about the things to expect and prepare for in your destinations like Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

  • Tour Operators for Gorilla Tours Will Offer You a Fair Price for Your Tours

Value for money is one of the core values of many Gorilla trekking safari companies.

Hence, they will endeavor to give you value for money so that you enjoy the best experiences at a convenient price.

  • The Gorilla Tour Operators Deal with the Hard Time

Let’s say, you urgently need a Gorilla trekking permit, and it is hard for you to get it immediately, your tour operator will help you with getting it, sometimes on even short notice.

This is because of the license and the ready contacts that they have. However, tour operators will always make sure they deal with your preparations early so that certain emergencies are avoided.

  • Gorilla Tour Operators Help with Time Saving

They organize fast safaris faster than you probably could have, especially if you are traveling for Gorilla trekking for the first time. Their experience, knowledge, and easy connections give them this advantage.

They will also handle your bookings quickly so that your tours go on successfully.

  • Gorilla Travel Agencies Are a Security Guarantee for Travelers

Many have favorable booking and cancellation policies in that they can either refund a percentage of your money for a canceled trip or help you reschedule the safari.

Tour companies also have safe payment options and safety guarantees during the tours.

  • Tour Companies for Gorilla Trekking Will Give You Access to the Best Tour Destinations

The experiences that you wish to have will determine the destinations that you will go to. Therefore, your tour operator will choose the best places for such experiences so that you get the best out of your Africa safaris.

They will thus lead you to the best Gorilla trekking destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Gorilla Tour Operators Provide the Needed Travel Information for Trips

Travel tips are vital for the best safari experiences while on a Gorilla trekking tour. Therefore, your tour operator will equip you with the best information on safety, health, culture, and so much more to make you comfortable and reliable for the tours.

This will enable you to prepare for your tours and know what to expect during your Gorilla trekking safaris.

  • Gorilla Safari Companies Provide After-Sales Services for Gorilla Tours

After-sales services provide hospitality during Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

For example, your tour operator will be available for you after working hours, they may organize a simple surprise for your birthday or anniversary or anything else to show how much they love and care for you.

Is It a Must to Use Gorilla Travel Agencies for Your Gorilla Tours?

While others prefer to use a tour company for their trips, some tourists will prefer to do self-tourism, and this is also okay.

As long as they are familiar with the area and have a simple itinerary, they will have an easy tour through the experience. They will nonetheless be required to get tour guides in the places where they go.

However, those who are first-time travelers, those with long itineraries, and those that want well-organized travel are advised to travel with a tour operator.

Additionally, a tour operator will give you the best experiences during a safari and give you better experiences than what you could have had on a self-tour.

  • Is Self-Tourism Cheaper Than Using a Tour Operator for Your Gorilla Tours?

Self-tourism is low-priced than using a Gorilla tour company. With a good itinerary and online booking, you will have a cheap Gorilla trekking experience.

However, for authentic, safe, and more beautiful experiences, using a tour operator for your Gorilla trekking tours in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo will be a better option.

Do Gorilla Travel Agencies Support Responsible Travel or Sustainable Tourism?

Gorilla travel agencies do support sustainable travel so that they contribute to protecting the environment and its inhabitants of it.

Let us look at how the different Gorilla safari companies promote sustainable tourism in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo.

  • What Is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is tourism that is done while taking care of the environment and its inhabitants in it including the locals, and the tourists.

Therefore, individuals and organizations that do sustainable tourism will mind protecting the wild animals, the vegetation, the local communities, and the tourists from the harm that risks their safety.

  • What Are Gorilla Travel Agencies in Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo Doing to Promote Sustainable Tourism

There are many roles that these companies do in promoting sustainable tourism and they include,

    • Gorilla Tour Operators Do Safaris Even in the Low Seasons

The low travel seasons are usually rainy and so few tourists come for tours.

However, some days are sunny and so the tour operators will encourage tourists to come for tours in even the low period.

There is a lot of food in the low season, therefore, the Gorillas will have to be fast to find since they do not move to distant places to look for food.

More so, the low season has beautiful vegetation hence a beautiful scenery for the tours.

Organizing tours in the low season helps to reduce the stress and impact that the high season brings on the wildlife due to a high population.

    • The Operators Use Eco-Friendly Products for Their Safaris

Eco-friendly materials to use during a tour include,

Eco-friendly packaging bags

Reusable water bottles


Environment-friendly transport

The products above that these tour operators use are not risky to the environment.

    • Tour Operators Follow Rules and Regulations in Tourist Destinations

Following rules and regulations in the Gorilla trekking destinations enables the tour companies and the travelers to contribute to keeping the animals and environment safe from the risks of environmental destruction.

Hence, the Gorilla trekking safari companies will also encourage the tourists to follow the respective rules and regulations.

    • The Gorilla Travel Agencies promote Safaris in Remote Destinations to Stimulate Sustainable Tourism

Promoting safaris in remote destinations decreases the stress of the high population in the cities and it also exposes travelers to the rich and peaceful cultures of the countryside.

    • The Tour Companies for Gorilla Tours Donate Toward Sustainable Tourism

Donations are an important part of supporting the projects that promote sustainable tourism in safari destinations.

By giving a hand to these projects, tourists and Gorilla safari companies participate in promoting tours with great impact.

    • The Tour Agencies for Gorilla Tours Support Local Businesses in the Tour Destinations That They Go To

They do this by buying the products of the local people for example baskets, beads, belts, and clothes for their safaris.

The tour companies also buy fruits, food, or snacks and use the services of the locals like their Eco-friendly lodges.

Expert Guide on How to Choose the Best Gorilla Travel Agency

To experience a beautiful tour and Gorilla trekking experience, you also need a great tour company to guide you through the process.

Hence, below we look at the various ways how you can choose the best Gorilla trekking tour company.

  • The Gorilla Tour Company Should Be Knowledgeable About the Tour Destinations They Visit

Knowledge of the various Gorilla trekking places and how visitors can have the best trekking experiences enable the company to create the most memorable experiences.

Tour operators should therefore be knowledgeable about these places both theoretically and practically by visiting the places and also doing the activities.

This will make them make the best tour packages for their clients and take them to the best places.

  • Know The Payment Method the Mountain Gorilla Tour Operator Uses

The Mountain Gorilla tour operator ought to give safe and comfortable payment methods for the tourists.

They should make travelers pay in a bank account that is registered in the name of the company. This is the safest way to pay for your travels.

Other methods of payment like Western Union or money gram can be possible to use but they are risky, time-consuming, and not recommended.

  • Consider The Booking and Cancellation Policies of the Gorilla Trekking Safari Companies

Booking and cancellation policies are part of planning for your tour in case anything that requires you to cancel the tour happens.

Other companies will refund a percentage of your safari deposit while others will organize your trip in the future. Therefore, this will help you to make plans accordingly.

  • Consider The Authenticity of the Top Gorilla Safari Companies in Uganda, Rwanda, And Congo

A company’s authenticity in its registration as a licensed company, its affiliation with other tour associations, and its experience in the tourism industry.

Therefore, the company is supposed to be registered with a nationally recognized body so that it carries a license to operate its tours in various destinations.

  • Consider The Time That They Take to Respond to Inquiries

The first time the clients are shown value is when they are inquiring about a tour. How fast and effectively the operators respond will determine how the clients feel about the company and the services that they give.

The tour operators should thus be fast and accurate in providing reliable information to the tourists whether it be through email, the website, WhatsApp, or any other pages.

They should inform the tourists of the time that they will be able to get back to them in case they do not have immediate answers.

  • The Gorilla Travel Agencies Ought to Have a Business Profile on Their Communication Platforms

A business profile provides a brief to the clients about the company and what they do, the packages that they sell, and the itineraries that they handle.

This will consequently make the travelers know what to expect during their travels.

  • Know The Experience of the Company

A company is experienced by their years of experience or their qualifications in making tours. Their experiences will guarantee beautiful tours and great services for the tourists.

Hence, you should feel free to know the experience the companies carry before confirming a trip with them.

  • Consider The Cost of the Tour

The cost of the tour is equally important as the safari experience itself and should be one of your guidelines in choosing the best tour company for your Gorilla trekking tours.

A tour company should therefore consider providing value for money for their clients.

  • Read The Reviews of the Previous Clients

The reviews that a tour company receives on its trip advisor platform, or its media pages are equally important when choosing the best tour company for Mountain Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When tourists comment about good experiences then it is highly possible that you will get the same experiences.

  • Consider The Seamless Booking Experience of the Gorilla Safari Companies

The booking process for a tour should be easy for the clients no matter the platform that they use to inquire and also book.

This experience should also be with booking other services like accommodation.

  • Take Note of the Tour Packages of the Safari Company

Gorilla trekking packages for those interested in activities either in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo will be the first thing to consider for the various tour companies.

These tour packages can also have other safari types like birding, culture, and other wildlife explorations.

Tour companies will always provide good packages but choose one with the most appealing packages. However, the company should be able to make adjustments to suit the experiences that a client would like to have.

  • Do The Gorilla Travel Agencies Give Necessary Travel Information and Tips for Their Tours?

The information and the necessary travel tips will help the travelers to have the best experiences as they are equipped with some tips for being in a new destination and meeting a new kind of people.

Some of these travel tips that the operators give tourists include

Knowing the basic geography of a given country

Health precautions

Having a travel plan

Safety precaution tips

How travelers can choose the best tour operators for their safaris

Carrying important documents for their Gorilla tours

Safety precautions for their female and sole travelers

How the tourists can dress for their safaris and tours

Advising clients on other important things to consider for their tours.

  • Inquire With Various Tour Operators for Gorilla Safaris

This is another good way to choose the company that appeals to you from many people.

Take note of how they deliver their services and various other customer care factors.

  • Consider The Maximum Number of Tourists They Travel with

This is important to know in case you plan to travel with either your family or a group of friends.

A company that organizes tours with many travelers will therefore be a better option to choose than those that travel with few people.

  • Select A Tour Company That Makes Their Own Safaris

A tour is more authentic when the company that you booked is the same organization that delivers the tour service by taking you to the fields.

It shows how the company is authentic in operating its own safaris.

  • Choose The Tour Operator That Has a Traceable Physical Location

A physical location is one of how you can prove the authenticity of an organization. This is because it is one of the requirements for registering a company for a trading license.

The location also enables you to visit the office in case you need to.

  • Does The Company Have Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance guarantees medical coverage in case of any medical emergencies while on a tour. Nonetheless, it is advisable to have travel insurance in case your operator does not have one, so you are on the safe side.

  • Does The Tour Company Follow Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures?

COVID 19 Standard Operating Procedures are still followed in some Gorilla trekking destinations. Therefore, the companies should make sure that they enlighten the Mountain Gorilla trekkers about all this and how they can prevent getting other diseases in tropical.

  • Does The Gorilla Tour Company Do Responsible Tours?

When a tour company does responsible tourism, they aim to explore nature as they do not expose it to harm.

They will make sure that the wildlife, the plants, and the people are kept safe.

Likewise, the companies do responsible travel by making sure that they live an impact on the local communities that they visit.

Is It Viable to Use One Or More Mountain Gorilla Travel Agencies for Cross-Boundary Tours?

It is more convenient and cheaper to use one tour company for your Mountain Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Is It Better to Use Specialized Mountain Gorilla Travel Agencies or General Companies for Gorilla Safaris?

Tour companies specializing in Mountain Gorilla tours do only Gorilla safaris while those doing general tours combine Mountain Gorilla safaris with other types of safaris like cultural tours, wildlife safaris, or birding tours in the same tour package or itinerary.

Even though specialized companies are rare to find, let us look at the advantages of using each of them.

  • Advantages Of Using Companies That Only Do Mountain Gorilla Tours

Due to the specialization, they have long and more accurate experiences, therefore, can be used in case you want to have a detailed study of the Mountain Gorillas.

They can save time as they always know what to do and how to quickly prepare for you a tour.

  • Advantages Of Using General Safari Companies

They offer different types of tours in one tour package, hence maximizing your experience.

Various tours in one package are usually cheaper that doing one type of safari at a time.

These tour operators are widely knowledgeable about the best tourist destinations and activities in their different countries and so they will be able to suggest the best places for your safaris.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo is an amazing adventure that you ought to do in your lifetime. Thus, getting the right tour company to prepare you and then guide you for this experience is one of the most careful procedures for your successful tour. Book with your tour company today for an amazing Gorilla trekking experience.