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Best Rwanda Tour Companies, Safari Agents & Travel Operators

Best Safari Tour Companies In Rwanda | Rwanda Tour Operators

Are there the best safari tour companies in Rwanda that you can choose from? There are various tour companies in Rwanda that will make your tours memorable.

The “Land of a Thousand Hills” is one of the ways in which the outside world recognizes Rwanda’s unique beauty. These hills are part of what makes Rwanda a habitat for the endangered Mountain Gorillas that roam in the Virunga ranges.

Additionally, Rwanda boasts of a rich cultural heritage and countless wildlife in the protected areas.  Hence, promoting wildlife safaris like Mountain Gorilla trekking, Golden Monkey trekking, and cultural tours like visiting the Iby’iwacu Cultural Village.

Also, for travelers who love Mountain Gorillas, visiting the grave of the most important primatologist of the 20th century will add meaning to your Rwanda tours. Dian Fossey devoted her life to studying Mountain Gorillas, made them famous, and advocated for their protection against poaching.

Organized tour operators in Rwanda will thus lead you to these tourist destinations and many others depending on your itinerary. The Rwanda companies will also take care of the important details like accommodation and transport.

Therefore, as you consider which tour company in Rwanda is the best, you can choose through various alternative considerations. For example their experience, the itineraries that they make and sell, reviews from previous travelers, and many others.

Let us, therefore, look at all you should know about travel companies in Rwanda.

Is There Anything Like Top Rwanda Tour Operators?

Rwanda has many tour operators that will handle your safaris with satisfaction. Below is a list of the tour companies in Rwanda.

  1. Prime Safaris And Tours Ltd
  2. Wild Gorilla Safaris
  3. Gorilla Safari Rwanda
  4. Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Safaris
  5. Gorilla Tracking Rwanda
  6. Africa Safaris Tours

The above list of tourism companies in Rwanda contains experienced companies in Rwanda tours and travel. Therefore, you are free to inquire with them and then choose the best travel company for Rwanda safaris.

Who Are Tour Operators?

Tour operators are individuals or organizations that make tour packages and travel itineraries that suit the interest of tourists. Then, they guide the travels of the tourists.

How Do Tour Operators Differ From Tour Agents?

Tour operators are based on making tour packages, creating itineraries, and planning tours for clients. On the other hand, tour agents are based on selling tour packages on behalf of the tour operators.

Let us look at the differences between tour operators and tour agents.

They sell tour packages directly to tourists and travel agents to market for them.They only sell tour packages to tourists on behalf of tour operators.
They design tour packages.They do not design tour packages but only sell them.
Tour operators plan for services concerning travel like accommodation and transport.They do not operate tours but only sell holiday packages on the tour operator’s behalf.
They have a trading license.Tour agents usually depend on the tour operators to cover for them regarding their license.


Hence, both tour operators and travel agents work in the tourism sector. However, their areas of operation are quite different. The tour operator works directly with both consumers and tour agents by selling tour packages and organizing safaris. A tour agent on the other hand gets tour packages from the tour operators and sells them to the clients.

When Should A Tour Operator Work With Tourism Agencies In Rwanda?

The various instances for which a tour operator can work with a tour agent include;

  1. When the tour company is selling international tours.
  2. Tour operators can also work with tour agents when they are specializing in a specific travel niche.
  3. When they are dealing directly with the traveler’s money.

Types Of Tour And Travel Companies In Rwanda

There are majorly five types of tour operators in Rwanda. They include

  • Inbound Tour Operators
  • Outbound Tour Operators
  • Domestic Tour Operators
  • Ground Tour Operators
  • Receptive Tour Operators (RTOS)

Tourists or travelers can easily connect with and use Inbound Tour Operators, Outbound Tour Operators, and Domestic Tour Operators.

  • Inbound Tour Operators In Rwanda

Inbound Tour Operators also called Incoming Tour Operators are tour operators that organize tours in their country for foreigners.

For example, if a tour operator in Rwanda markets and organizes tours for tourists from the Netherlands, then it is an Inbound Tour Operator.

Most tour companies in Rwanda are Inbound Tour Operators, therefore, are available and experienced for your Rwanda tours.

You can use Rwanda Inbound Tour Operator while going on your safaris in Rwanda. This is because they are more familiar with the safari destinations in Rwanda and will therefore serve you better.

  • Outbound Tour Operators In Rwanda

Outbound Tour Operators are tour operators that market and organize tours to foreign destinations for their native travelers.

For example, if travelers in Rwanda are traveling for a tour to the Netherlands, then the tour company planning for them the travel, accommodations, and experiences in the Netherlands is an Outbound Tour Company.

Rwanda also has tour operators that operate as Outbound Tour Operators that you can use for your safaris. They are favorable to partner with when you have frequent travels and tours internationally, but can also be used for infrequent safaris.

  • Domestic Tour Operators In Rwanda

These are tour operators who plan and organize tours for travelers in the very destinations where they are located.

For example, if a tour operator in Rwanda is organizing Rwanda safaris for natives in Rwanda, then it is a Domestic Tour Operator.

You can use Domestic Tour Operators in Rwanda when for a safari within Rwanda because they are often cheaper and more affordable.

  • Ground Tour Operators In Rwanda

Ground Tour Operators, also known as “Handling Agencies” are tour operators that organize tours in another destination on behalf of Inbound Tour Operators or Outbound Tour Operators.

When Inbound Tour Operators or Outbound Tour Operators do not have an office or agents in another destination where their tourists are going, then they can rely on the ground tour operators to handle the tours.

For example, if a tour company in the Netherlands is organizing a tour for travelers in Rwanda, but they do not have an office or agents in Rwanda, then they can depend on ground tour operators in Rwanda to guide their tourists for them. The ground tour operators will therefore work as the company in the Netherlands and make sure that the safari in Rwanda goes on smoothly.

  • Receptive Tour Operators (RTOs) In Rwanda

Receptive Tour Operators are tour operators that sell tour services to tour operators in a business-to-business relationship. They earn by adding a price to the one that a tour operator charges their clients.

They usually sell services like hotels and lodges, transportation services, act as Destination Marketing Agencies, and many others.

Receptive Tour Operators do not deal with clients directly but work with the tour operators to sell their products to tourists.

Qualities Of Good Rwanda Tour Operators

What makes a good safari company in Rwanda? Below, we look at the various things that make the good qualities of tour operators in Rwanda.

1. Good Tour Operators In Rwanda Build The Best Tour Packages And Travel Itineraries

A tour package and a safari itinerary should suit the interest of the tourist going to Rwanda.

More so, the tour operator ought to be flexible enough to adjust the tour packages to get the required changes that the tourists prefer.

Consequently, the tourist will have unforgettable experiences in Rwanda.

2. The Good Tour Operators In Rwanda Have Effective Communication Platforms

Dependable tour operators always have communication platforms where they communicate what they are all about and what they do. Most importantly, clients can reach them through these platforms to inquire about or book a safari.

These platforms include websites and social media platforms.

3. They Also Avail Up To Date Information About What They Do And Their Destinations

Right information through blogs, social media posts, or inquiries will give the clients the ability to build trust with the clients. Hence giving them the experiences that they expect to have during their Rwanda safaris.

With the right information, tour operators will also be able to advise tourists appropriately about their safari. For example travel tips like general knowledge about Rwanda, ultimate accommodation options, the weather and climate of Rwanda, and other important travel tips.

4. Having The Vital Necessary Skills Is Another Quality Of Good Tour Operators

Tour operators require a lot of skills to work effectively in their field of operation. Therefore, a good tour operator in Rwanda will have multitasking skills, computer skills, public relations skills, time management skills and public relations skills, and interpersonal and communication skills.

Multitasking skills will help them deal a lot with especially different inquiries at the same time and also handle the clients’ booking schedules with different service providers.

Computer skills are as well important in making sure that the tour operator markets their goods online and communicates effectively with the clients.

A tour operator needs public relations skills to make a good relationships between the public and the company. On the other hand, time management skills will help will allow tour operators to handle timely arrivals and departures, bookings, check-ins, and maximum experiences by the travelers.

Consequently, they will have better service delivery routines for their clients while on their safaris.

5. Good Tour Operators Provide Add-On Services To Travelers

Add-on services help to supplement the tour packages that the travelers buy from a tour company.

Consequently, the tour operators will provide transport, make both safari activity and hotel bookings for the clients, and give other customer service necessities for the betterment of the tour.

6. They Have Knowledgeable And Experienced Tour Guides

Tour guides work with travelers directly during their Rwanda safaris and tours. Therefore, knowledgeable guides will give the tourists the experiences of a lifetime as they guide them with the rich knowledge of Africa.

An experienced and knowledgeable guide are all that a traveler needs for their Rwanda safaris. Therefore, a tour operator will consider this and also employ local guides who are more familiar and can offer the best safari experiences.

As a result, he will also help to support the local communities.

7. Good Tour Operators Offer Value For Money

Best tour and travel companies in Rwanda will strive to ensure that clients have the best experiences at an affordable price.

They will give value for money by suggesting the best services like accommodation and transportation that suits a traveler’s budget.

Also, they will offer important financial tips for tourists in Rwanda like enlightening them on how to exchange their money.

8. Good Tour Operators Support Local Communities

Since tourism is one of the greatest sources of income for the local people, tour operators should support them and likewise encourage tourists in the same course.

The tour operators can thus support these local communities in various ways like;

  1. Suggesting safaris to indigenous tribes.
  2. Donating to the local people, especially toward their projects.
  3. Advising visitors to purchase souvenirs from the locals to crown their safari experiences. This way, they can contribute to the well-being of the local people.
  4. Also, the safari companies can employ experienced native guides who are more familiar with the information on the land.

As a result, tourists will be able to experience the positive effect of their safaris to Rwanda with supporting the local people.

3. They Also Promote Eco-Friendly Tourism

Good tour operators mind the principles of Eco-tourism. They support sustainable tourism to preserve the environment and help it to develop.

Some tour operators have adopted these principles by keeping the destinations litter-free, using Eco-friendly tourist vehicles, water bottles, and packaging bags.

What Is The Responsibility Of Safari Companies In Rwanda?

Rwanda tour operators, in the course of promoting tourism, have many important responsibilities in developing the tourism industry in Rwanda. The importance of these responsibilities cut across both to the traveler and the company.

1. Safari Companies Generate Tour Packages And Itineraries For Their Clients

The safari companies in Rwanda will create tour packages and make sure that they are available for tourists on their website or social media platforms.

The safari companies therefore ought to have wide knowledge of the destinations in Rwanda to create suitable itineraries for the safaris.

Also, they should carry the flexibility to adjust to a client’s preferences while on the safari.

2. They Organize Tours For Tourists

When a tourist confirms a safari to Rwanda, the safari company has the responsibility of planning the tour and arranging it. This is with the intent that the planning process of the client is made easy so that they can have a memorable adventure.

While planning for it, they will handle bookings, logistics, and change in the itinerary in case the tourist needs it and many others.

3. Safari Companies Give Advice To Tourists About Their Travels

Giving travelers some travel tips is another responsibility of the tour operators. They should prepare the tourists for the different situations while they visit Rwanda so that they have the best of their experiences.

For example, they can give them advice on the climate and weather, health tips, what to pack, important things to carry, and general knowledge about Rwanda and its people.

They can also suggest for tourists some service options that will give them the value for money.

4. Tour Operators Also Make Bookings For Clients

Making bookings in hotels or lodges in the different destinations that the traveler is going to is another of the responsibilities of the safari company.

This consequently makes the booking process easy and seamless for the tourist.

5. Safari Companies Also Do Travel Management

Travel management is the criteria that the tour company uses to improve their service delivery toward clients by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their previous safaris.

For example, wrong accommodation options can be handled by looking for fair ones. In case of high prices, the company can find ways of giving clients their value for money. Many other mistakes can be handled and improved for future travelers through travel management to bring about better safaris.

6. Safari Companies Market And Sell Travel Products And Services

By doing marketing, the tour operators increase their chances of inquiries and bookings for safaris to Rwanda.

They do this through their websites, social media platforms and travel agents to increase their market scope. They will also encourage travelers to recommend them to other travelers to Africa, therefore, creating unforgettable safaris.

7. The Safari Companies Assess Service Options For Tourists

To give the clients better services that add value, Rwanda tour operators evaluate and choose the best accommodation options, transportation services, and places to have healthy meals.

Most times, the client is also involved in this process so that they can choose, based on their interests.

What Is The Importance Of Tourism Companies In Rwanda?

Tour operators are famously recognized as agents of environmental conservation. However, they do more than the environmental benefits of tourism. They likewise bring about change to even the locals, the government, and the travelers.

Let us look at them.

Importance Of Rwanda Tour Operators To The Environment

Tour companies have benefited the environment in various ways including;

  1. Advocating for Eco-tourism
  2. Protecting the biodiversity of the tourist destinations
  3. Following Eco-friendly guidelines during their safaris
  4. Using Eco-friendly items for their safaris
  5. Donating toward environmental conservation

Advocating for Eco-tourism; tour companies have fought for this cause by writing about the importance of Eco-tourism, sensitizing the locals, and teaching the tourists how they can protect Rwanda’s environment.

Protecting the biodiversity of the tourism destinations; Tour operators usually participate in environmental activities like afforestation, re-afforestation, and other activities that bring about environmental protection.

Following Eco-friendly guidelines in their safaris; the tour companies have followed Eco-friendly rules and regulations in their tourist destinations that help with protecting the environment. These include not littering and driving on the right track. They have likewise encouraged the tourists to do the same during their tours in Rwanda.

Using Eco-friendly items for their safaris; tour companies in Rwanda are also important to environmental conservation when they use Eco-friendly materials to operate their tours. They use Eco-friendly bottles, vehicles, packaging bags, and many others.

Donating toward environmental conservation; the safari companies donate toward environmental conservation projects. These projects help to bring about change and preservation of the environment.

Importance Of The Safari Companies In Rwanda To The Local People

Tour companies in Rwanda have also helped to develop the local people, especially those who stay near the national parks.

They have done this by;

  1. Encouraging cultural tours in Rwanda; the cultural tours in Rwanda have helped to develop the local communities and their projects. By visiting the local tribes, the Genocide site, the King’s palace, and the Museum in Butare, tourists and local tour operators help to develop these places.
  2. Marketing the goods and services of the locals; Locals near national parks in Rwanda provide different goods and services to the people in the national parks. Tour operators while writing about the people, also write about their goods and services hence promoting them to the tourists. Consequently, the tourists are encouraged to buy goods and services from the locals to make their Rwanda safaris more memorable.
  3. Employing the locals as guides and drivers; Tour operators have also supported local communities by employing them as guides and drivers. The locals, therefore, find sources of income through the tourist services that they give to the tourists.
  4. Donating to local communities; Tour operators of Rwanda have also donated to the local communities that they visit. Research shows that tourists are becoming more conscious about the impact that they leave during their travels. Subsequently, they also contribute to donating to the local communities in their regions.

Importance Of The Safari Companies In Rwanda To Tourists

Safari companies in Rwanda are the easiest portal for which tourists can have memorable safaris. However, they do more than just operate your safari as seen below.

  1. Answering their inquiries correctly.
  2. Making bookings for the tourists like accommodation and transportation.
  3. Guiding the tourists while they are in the national parks or other tour destinations. By doing this, they avail the tourists with knowledge about destinations, wildlife, and the people to make their experiences more authentic.
  4. Tour companies also give the tourists the necessary information that they need while on their safari. This could be in terms of tips for travel in Rwanda, and information about the tourist sites.

Importance Of The Tour Operators In Rwanda To The Government

The tour operators, like any other institutions of Rwanda, also contribute immensely to the development of the government in many ways as seen below.

  1. The tour companies in Rwanda have contributed to boosting the government revenue of Rwanda. The companies pay taxes and also promote foreign exchange.
  2. Tour companies have promoted the development of infrastructure for example building roads and accommodation facilities.
  3. Safari companies in Rwanda have created jobs for many individuals hence helping the government to reduce the unemployment rate.
  4. Rwanda tour operators have also helped to market Rwanda to the outside world. Thus, they invite tourists from near and far to come to Rwanda. This sometimes leads to partnerships and therefore helps to grow the country’s businesses.

Why Should You Use Safari Companies In Rwanda For Your Rwanda Safaris? | Why Do You Need The Services Of A Rwanda Tour Operator When Planning For Your Rwanda Tour?

Using tour operators in Rwanda will guarantee you a successful safari and safe travels. The safari company will cover up for any inconveniences that come with self- travels and also give you advice about the many other important things during your safari.

However, there are many other reasons why you need tour operators as seen below.

1. They Are Extensively Knowledgeable About Tourist Destinations-H3

Rwanda tour operators are widely knowledgeable about the destinations of Rwanda through their long experiences in the country. So, they will be able to not just share this knowledge with you but to also use it to suggest the best places and make the best experiences for your safari.

They know about the rich wildlife, the habitations, the cultures, and the people around during the safari. This will help to give you the necessary knowledge at the appropriate time for your tours and safaris.

Thus, you will avoid the long processes of doing research and booking for yourself the safaris.

This is therefore one of the reasons you need a safari company for your safaris.

2. They Have Fair Prices For Their Safaris

Tour operators in Rwanda are also ideal to use because they are not as expensive as many people think they are. This is because they usually set competitive prices suiting an itinerary to bring affordability to the clients and create value for money.

A tourist will therefore be moderately charged for their services.

3. Tour Operators Make It Possible To Deal With Even The Difficult Time

You need Tour operators in Rwanda because of the last-minute operations during your tour. For example, you may need a last-minute Gorilla trekking permit which your tour operator will gladly get for you.

This is easy because they are licensed, therefore allowed to operate tours to different destinations in Rwanda. It could be more challenging on your side as you are alone and sometimes, inexperienced in this field.

They will most importantly guarantee you safe travels in Rwanda.

4. Tour Operators Will Save You A lot Of Time

Self-tourism is quite challenging and time-consuming. However, there is a lot of time saved when you use a tour operator for your Rwanda safaris.

The knowledge that they carry about the tourist destinations of Rwanda will quickly help with the bookings and the purchasing of permits without the try-and-error procedures.

They have ready contacts to different places, and easier access to different tourist services like transport, lodges, and many other important destinations.

5. They Will Give You Security Guarantee For Your Travels

While for a tour with a tour company, the Rwanda tour operators are your advocates in the destinations that you go to.

Therefore, they will have the best resolutions in the case of emergencies. Also, when because of unavoidable circumstances you miss your safari, many tour companies will not cancel the trip but help you reschedule it.

This is contrary to when you personally make bookings in which most service providers do not refund the booking fee.

The safari companies will give you free consultations and fair policies upon cancellation of the safari.

With this as an assurance, you will feel safe using a tour operator for your safaris.

6. The Safari Companies Will Also Guarantee You Access To Top Tourist Destinations

Because the tour operators are more knowledgeable about the destinations, they will give you access to the best authentic places for experiencing your preferred safari activity.

If one does not have such knowledge about a place or a destination, they may, out of ignorance choose substantial tourist places, accommodations, or other services.

7. The Tour Operators Will Give You Necessary Travel Tips For Your Safari

Through their experiences and travels through the different places, tour operators will also give you prime knowledge that you will require while on your safari.

Travel tips and the things to take caution about are some of these important aspects to take note of. For example among the travel tips, your tour operator will give you advice on what to pack for your travels, the important documents to carry, the general knowledge about the country that you are going to, the weather and climate, and many others.

This way, they will make your travels more comfortable and you will find yourself avoiding uncalled-for inconveniences.

8. Safari Companies Will Also Give You After Sales Services

The fact that most tour companies treasure after-sales services is a plus on your side. Tour companies will cater even to the smallest details of your safari and make sure that you are at the comfortable end.

Many of them even go out of their way to be available after working hours and are always there in case of any emergencies.

Do You Have To Use A Tour Operator For Rwanda Tours?

It is not a prerequisite to use a tour operator for your safaris in Rwanda because various travelers have had safaris on their own while on their safaris in Rwanda.

Self-tourism is possible and it comes with many benefits like cheaper costs and having the adventure of traveling on your own sometimes. This is however ideal when you are accustomed to the place that you are going to visit and also have a simple itinerary for the start.

Nevertheless, a tour operator will be a better option for your safaris as they take care of many things, even the smallest details!

They will also deal with the bookings faster than you could do alone, be your advocate, be your closest friend in a foreign land and also help you with many other things.

Thus, self-tourism is great, but using a tour operator for your safaris will help you with a lot of things that you would have found time-consuming doing alone.

1. Is Self-Tourism Cheaper Than Using A Safari Company?

Yes, self-tourism is cheaper than using safari companies. You can book online for your accommodations, transportation services, and flights and also make a simple itinerary for your travels. This will have you saving some money.

However, travelers should make sure that they are cautious to know about the destinations that they are visiting and better still if they have been there before. This will prevent you from having obstacles like fraud, being cheated, or getting a poor experience.

So, a safari company is worthwhile to use for your tour even though they are slightly high in price. They take care of the details that would have bothered you and also help you prevent the risks of traveling alone in an unknown place. Therefore, they provide value for money by simplifying your travels and making them more memorable.

They are also professionals in the tourism industry and will provide you with better deals. Thus, the value for money that you will receive from planning your safari with them will give you the best experience.

  1. Do Safari Companies In Rwanda Promote Responsible Travel Or Sustainable Tourism?

Yes, safari companies in Rwanda promote responsible tourism. They are engaged in eco-tourism, sustainable tourism, and environmental protection.

Eco-tourism by the safari companies in Rwanda stimulates sustainable tourism to benefit the environment, the locals, the government, the tourist, and future generations.

These tour companies work in sync with Rwanda’s environmental conservation policies to bring about responsible travel and sustainable tourism.

Bodies like the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and the Ministry of National Resources of Rwanda (MINIRENA) are some of these bodies that promote environmental protection, climate change, and projects toward environmental protection.

Safari companies in Rwanda, therefore, work toward the same course as these bodies put in place by using Eco-friendly accommodations to host their guests, water bottles, and transport means.

A percentage of their trips consequently go directly to the conservation of the environment. They alert both tourists and locals about the importance of preserving the environment and also support the various developments that put the tourism sector to greater heights.

What Is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable tourism is simply tourism that supports the well-being of wildlife and cultures without putting them at risk. With sustainable tourism, tourists will enjoy their experience as they fight to reduce the situations that risk the safety of wildlife and increase the conditions that promote the protection of the wildlife and the people.

Responsible travel or sustainable tourism, therefore, stimulates the advantages of Rwanda tours and safaris on the wildlife and the environment. Thus, sustainable tourism goes hand in hand with responsible travel.

What Are Safari Companies In Rwanda Doing To Promote Sustainable Tourism

With the help of government bodies and principles that govern the different tour operators for the wellness of nature, safari companies in Rwanda are doing various things to promote sustainable tourism. This involves different ways of protecting both wildlife and communities.

Let us look at them below.

  • They Are Inspiring Rwanda Safari Tours Even In The Low Seasons

The low season is described as a season with a low number of tourists going for tours in the tourist destinations mainly because it is a wet season.

However, these seasons, filled with lush green vegetation and also a high chance of viewing some wildlife are also fair for tourism.

The peak seasons of the dry months are the best for wildlife tourism. However, due to the high influx of tourists, they usually stress the wildlife.

Therefore encouraging tours in the low season will keep the balance and preserve the wildlife.

  • Tour Operators In Rwanda Use Eco-Friendly Gears For Tourism

In the effort to protect the ecosystem, Rwanda tour operators use Eco-friendly gear for operating their safaris. For example Eco-friendly packaging bags, water bottles, accommodations, and vehicles.

This has therefore reduced environmental degradation and the risk of affecting the nature of Rwanda during Rwanda safaris.

  • The Tour Operators Also Encourage Tourists To Abide By The Rules And Regulations Of Tourist Destinations That They Go To

The rules and regulations in the different tourist destinations are for the sake of protecting both the tourists and the wildlife.

Some of these rules are driving on the right track, not littering, wearing dull-colored clothes, driving at the recommended speed, and many other regulations.

Protecting both tourists and wildlife through the rules and regulations is vital. This is because tourists contribute to the conservation of tourist destinations through their safaris.

Likewise, the wildlife of Rwanda is important for conserving the environment and nature that avails various opportunities to tourists.

  • Tour Operators Have Taken Tourists For Tours In Remote Destinations

The tour operators in Rwanda have also promoted sustainable tourism by taking the tourists to the village places for their tours. This way, they have promoted cultural tourism and helped the locals around the tourist destinations to grow.

The tour operators suggest ideal cultural sites and people to add to the itineraries of the travelers. Tourists, therefore, are exposed to the ways of the local people and they consequently learn to appreciate it through their safaris.

Hence, this reduces congestion in the cities and promotes tourism in the indigenous destinations.

  • Safari Companies And Tourists Donate Toward Supporting Sustainable Tourism

As travelers, tourists visit places with also the need to promote travel with impact. They strive to make sure that wherever they go, they leave a positive input on the destinations and among the local communities.

There are various organizations to where these tourists donate and this helps to bring about development in various places.

Safari companies donate to local communities and people in the communities and they also encourage other tourists to do the same.

Tourists and safari companies donate to schools, local projects, and organizations. They, therefore, strengthen the values in the communities in the different destinations.

  • Tour Operators In Rwanda Support The Local Businesses

The tourists through the Rwanda tour operators are encouraged to support the businesses of the local communities of Rwanda as they go for their tours in those places.

Consequently, they buy various items from the locals like souvenirs, handy crafts, and fruits, and use their services like lodges. This also promotes sustainable tourism and responsible travel as the locals are sustained by their businesses.

  1. How To Select Good Rwanda Tour Operators For Your Safaris In Rwanda?

There are many ways how to choose the best tour operators for your safaris to Rwanda. Below, we look at them.

  • Your Tour Operator Should Have Knowledge About Your Tour Destination

Tested knowledge about your tour destination is an ideal element to consider while choosing a tour company for your safari.

Also, it helps to lead tourists to the right places, based on the experience of the operators.

You should always confirm the experience of the tour operators before planning a trip with them.

  • Consider The Method Of Payment Used By The Tour Operator

The method of paying for your safari is also an important aspect to consider while for your safari.

A responsible company most likely has a bank account that is registered in the company name. This is safer than using Western Union or Money Gram. You can only consider using the latter sources of payment if you are familiar with the tour company even though we do not recommend this option.

The methods of payment should prove authentic and favorable for you.

  • Take Note Of The Booking And The Cancellation Policies Of The Safari Company In Rwanda

Every tour company has a booking and cancellation policy which they consider for handling their bookings.

For some, there is a percentage of refund they give back when you cancel the trip and for others, there is no refund, but they can help you reschedule your tour.

Taking this into consideration before booking your tour will help you to plan for your travels and know your fate in case of unavoidable circumstances.

  • Consider The Authenticity Of The Safari Company

The registration of a tour company, its license, and its affiliation with any government body are some of the things that prove its authenticity.

  1. A Tour Company In Rwanda Should Be Registered With The Rwanda Development Board

Registering a business with the board deems the company as a legally independent organization hence promoting trust, a good reputation, and prestige.

This, therefore, helps you to use a trustworthy safari company comfortably.

Also, the company should be certified under the Rwanda tourism Act, so that it operates legally. This makes them recognized by the Rwandan authorities.

  1. The Tour Operator Should Have An Association To A Government-Recognized Body

There are a number of tour associations that a tour company can affiliate themselves with to prove their authenticity. For example,

  1. Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA)
  2. Rwanda Community Tourism Association (RCTA)
  3. Rwanda Association of Travel Agencies (RATA)
  4. Rwanda Safari Guides Association (RSGA)

By adding legitimacy to a safari company, the travel companies in Rwanda can be trusted with a safari when they are affiliated with government-recognized bodies.

  • Consider The Time At Which The Tour Operators Respond To Inquiries

The response time is important in making the customer feel valued as they inquire about their safari. A tour operator should respond to inquiries as soon as they can and in case they do not have the necessary answers, they should inform the tourist when they hope to get back to them.

Apart from valuing the customer, it also gives the operators the chance to keep the clients.

  • The Tour Operators Should Have A Reliable Business Profile On A Website And Information On Social Media Platforms?

This is one of the ways in which you can easily access the operations of a tour company. Then, you can learn about their tour packages and itineraries and choose which is favorable for you.

More so, you can learn about their profile, the bodies that they partner with, the performance of their previous tours, and other general information about them.

A tour company in Rwanda should therefore update its information and profile on its platforms.

  • Consider The Experience Of The Tour Company

The more experience a tour company has, the more perfection it carries in organizing amazing tours. This is because they have possibly gone through the process of realizing their past mistakes and working on them to create better future tours.

Therefore, it can be one of the strategies to use when choosing a good tour operator in Rwanda.

  • You Should Likewise Consider The Cost Of The Safari You Are Going For

The Rwanda tour operators will charge you fairly for a tour based on the tour package that you have chosen and the itinerary that you will use for the safari.

They should strive to give back value for money for your safaris in the services that they will offer like accommodation and transport means. Therefore, this is an important inquiry when going on a Rwanda tour.

  • Take Note Of The Reviews And The Recommendations From Others

How other people who have had tours with a company speak about it is one of the most important aspects to consider. This is because they had a live experience of the company’s services and how they operate.

A testimony from them could be one of the best things to consider when choosing the best tour operators.

Therefore, inquiring from tour operators recommended by friends, families, or other people in reviews is another aspect that you can consider.

  • Is Their Booking Method Seamless?

One should also consider the ease at which the safari company makes the booking process.

Even though it is through calls or emails, the booking process should be comfortable for a client as much as possible.

It should occur through direct platforms and the operator should consider that timely delivery is well-considered.

The seamless booking process should not just be with the clients, but also with the service providers like the transportation and booking the accommodations.

  • Also, Note The Tour Packages Being Offered

Depending on the experiences that you would like to have, going through the tour packages will determine which tour operators you will book with.

The tour packages and the itineraries also have the places where you will go. Therefore, make research about the places too to have an idea of the things to expect.

  • Does The Safari Company Provide Important Information For The Tours?

While going for a tour, tour operators ought to equip travelers with important knowledge for their tours. This includes sensitive details and preparation strategies that will help the tourists have better experiences. For example, operators can advise the tourists on the,

  • Important documents to carry and other things to pack
  • The people and cultures in Rwanda
  • The health tips
  • How to dress for the tour activities
  • And other important things to consider
  • Inquire With A Number Of Tour Companies

Inquiring with many tour operators for a safari will give you the chance for choosing from many capable operators.

This will help you to pin down the best tour company, therefore increasing your chance of enjoying a memorable travel experience.

  • Take Note Of The Maximum Tourists The Tour Company Travels With

This will help you when you either want to travel as a group or as a family. Therefore, considering the maximum number of people will save you from disappointments at the end of the day.

  • Choose A tour Operator That Runs Their Own Tours

Unless they are working with ground-tour operators, it is better to use a tour company that does not outsource tours.

Using a company that you inquired from and booked with proves authenticity as they understand your need better than other companies.

  • They Should Have A Traceable Location

Authentic tour companies most times operate from a physical office from where clients and other business partners can access them.

This also helps in case of any emergencies where the company needs to be located physically.

  • Does The Safari Company Give Travel Insurance To Travelers?

Travel insurances guarantee safety when on a tour so that the travelers are easily helped in case of an emergency.

Note that if your company does not have travel insurance, then you are advised to travel with your own to guarantee safety.

  • Does The Tour Company Abide By The Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures?

Covid-19 is still a concern for many tourists on Rwanda safaris even if the rate of the virus has reduced. With some destinations still following the Standard Operating Procedures, tour operators should therefore take note and help the tourists follow these guidelines.

Likewise, they should advise the tourists on important ways to prevent other diseases like malaria and diarrhea.

  • Does The Tour Operator Support Local Communities?

Supporting local communities is another way of promoting sustainable tourism. Therefore, a company that supports local communities brings better experiences for travelers who get engaged in the various cultures in Rwanda.

They also uplift these communities when travelers buy their goods and services or donate to them.

  1. Should You Only Use Tour operators in Kigali Rwanda Or Any Other Part Of Rwanda?

Rwanda tour operators are commonly located in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. They are therefore the most commonly used operators for Rwanda tours. Your goal is to however use the most favorable tour company regardless of where they are located.

Rwanda also has upcountry tour operators that make tours and travels within the country.

  1. Is It Viable To Use One Or More Safari Tour Companies For Cross-Boundary Safaris?

Cross-boundary safaris require that you travel within more than one country. Therefore, would you rather travel with one company in all the countries or would you make independent tours with different tour operators in the different countries?

We recommend that you use one safari company that will take care of all your tours within the different countries. There are safari companies that have itineraries in different countries, therefore they can best work for you. Some have ground tour operators in different destinations and therefore it is easier for them to handle your safaris in different countries.

More so, booking with different tour operators for your cross-boundary tours is time-consuming and even expensive.

  1. Should You Either Use Specialized Tour Companies Or General Tour Companies For Rwanda Tours?

Specialized tour companies pursue a specific type of tour. For example, there are tour companies that do only primate safaris. Others specialize in adventures, some do honeymoons, others cultural tours while others specialize in birding safaris.

General tour companies do every tour that their safari destinations offer.

Using either of the two depends on the type of safari that you want to have. Almost all the tour companies in Rwanda do general tours since many tourists to Rwanda do general tours. However, let us look at the advantages of both companies below.

Benefits Of Using Specialized Safari Companies

  • They are experienced in the field of the tours that they arrange for clients. Hence, you are guaranteed an authentic experience while on your tour.
  • The specialized companies will give you fair prices for your safaris.
  • Specialized tour operators provide the best travel advice for their clients because they are well-informed in their craft.
  • They will save time as they are skilled in the business that they specialize in.

Benefits Of Using General Safari Companies

  • Going for many types of tours with one Tour Company can make you enjoy a lot of experiences at a fair price.
  • They can give you various experiences in one itinerary.
  • The general tour companies have wide knowledge and experience about tourist destinations. Therefore, they can get you the best tour deals.
  • They also have a variety of tours that clients can choose from.

Thus, both companies can work conveniently as you travel in and around Rwanda.

When Should You Consider To Use Specialized Companies Or Generalized Companies?

Specialized companies are ideal to use when your safari includes a specific activity. For example cultural tourism, medical tourism, wildlife tourism, and beach tourism.

Travelers going for a tour that has different kinds of adventures in a single itinerary can use general companies.

Rwanda tour operators are the middlemen that are available for your best tours in and around Rwanda. They will walk with you from the time you inquire, through the bookings and during the real adventures that await. Therefore, book with one of the Rwanda tour operators today and have the best Rwanda experience.